Project Cars 2 FFB Custom Settings v1.8 for T300/TX

Project Cars 2 FFB Custom Settings v1.8 for T300/TX 1.804

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Project Cars 2 FFB Custom Settings v1.8 for T300/TX

1. Download the txt file
2. Rename the file to ffb_custom_settings.txt
3. Replace the default one in [My Documents/Project CARS 2]

My personal FFB settings

Thrustmaster Driver
Rotation/Angle: 1080
Gain: 100
Constant: 100
Periodic: 100
Spring: 100
Damper: 100

Game Settings
Flavour: custom
Gain: 100
Volume: 50 (40 - 50) Steering Forces
Tone: 50 (30 - 50) Wheels Weight
FX: 50 (50) Road Textures

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Latest reviews

Best settings so far.
I just set gain in the tm panel to 80 instead of 100 and spring and damper to 0.
It's a great great config! Thanks!
Totally transforms the lackluster "odd" FFB of PC2 into basically being indistinguishable from a properly-set up session of Raceroom. Which is really high praise. I've been playing PC2 so much more thanks to this. Thank You!!
best i could find
I have a TS-PC Racer and have tried every custom set out there, seriously ALL of them, this one is the best I've found. Only changes I've made are as follows... in game Volume and FX both set to 40 and in TM Control panel I have spring and damper both set to 0 and Overall at 60. Many thanks for this set.
That`s absolut the BEST. Other custom files gives you the feeling to drive a car with Ebonite-Tyres and not with Tyres!!! Can`t understand the hype of "Ultimate......" ;-) - Keep it up your work!
Works great with the T150, many thanks!
I tried several custom files, but it is the best of them.
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