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  1. M

    G27 to T300

    Hi, first of all, sorry if my english sucks :redface: I've had my G27 for a long time now, something like 4 or 5 years. I'm a "casual racer", I drive once or twice a month, often alone. I would like to upgrade my config, my budget is 400 euros so i was thinking of buying a thrusmaster t300 rs...
  2. L

    Using Thrustmaster T300 RS pedals on F430.

    Hi! I have a Thrustmaster F430 but my pedals broke last month. My brother have a T300 RS pedals that he will not use. I saw that the connector of T300 RS pedal is a RJ12 with latch offset. Can I change the connector for a regular RJ12 to work with the F430? What wire color order should I keep...
  3. paokkerkir

    T300 FFB tweak for R3E v1

    Custom FFB tweak for Thrustmaster T300. It also adds a new "canned" road rumble FFB effect. The wheel will slightly vibrate along straights. It is a very subtle effect that counteracts that very smooth feel you get on some tracks. Based on ravey1981 file from sector3 forums. WARNING: Some...
  4. FJBH10

    Sell Full Thrustmaster Setup - 599XX Alcantara + T300 Base + T3PA Pro

    Selling as I have upgraded to a Fanatec setup. These would make a great affordable step up from something like a G29. I am located in the UK in Milton Keynes and I am open for collection though I would also be able to deliver in-person within about a 50 mile radius if you are okay with covering...
  5. Tassos

    T300 SUPERB FFB SETTINGS 2020 (with CM)

    Hi Guys, After having the T300 for over a year now (which I love), I tried, as all of us, to find a superb FFB feeling to my liking, which is not brutal, but strong enough to feel even the slightest road / track anomalies, or when passing over a curb to feel it quite nicely. I tried all the...
  6. Kulyamax

    potentiometer for t300 pedal

    Hello to all. The potentiometer on the 25k ohm pedal broke. If I replace with another 20 kOhm. Will it work the same? Sorry for the bad English, I wrote in Russian, and Google translated
  7. T

    Newbie Looking For Upgrade Path (G29)

    Hey everyone! Very new here and pretty new to sim racing! A little background; I got a Logitech G29 and Assetto Corsa to primarily learn how to drift. This is my main focus and will continue to be, however I'd really like to start a little bit of actual racing in the future as well. I've been...
  8. MeizerOne

    Problems drifting on Assetto Corsa PS4 (car snaps back)

    So i have been having this problem playing Assetto corsa. When I start the drift, everything works fine, but the problem starts mid drift or at exiting depending on the corner. So basically the car snaps back so hard and with such force that you cannot correct the car. Let me pause here to...
  9. T

    T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition Questions

    Hello I'm considering buying my first proper racing wheel (I use a PS4 controller currently) and I've looked into a few options like the Logitech G29 and the Thrustmaster T300. From reviews I've seen that the G29 is great wheel but its lacking power and you will become used to the force...
  10. Awittyusername

    Another TX/T300 calibration problem thread...

    Hey all, Came to this forum searching for a solution to my problems. Seems like there's some very knowledgeable users on here and apparently a lot of the advice given has worked for many people. Unfortunately I have continued to have issues and am now at a bit of a loss. I bought the wheel...
  11. dougmcd

    T300 desk clamp

    Ok, so today my T300 desk clamp kinda broke. I can´t get the wheelbase attached to my desk anymore because the screw gets loose every time I try to attach it in. I don´t know where can I replace either the clamp or the screw. Maybe it´s a problem with the wheelbase. My T300 is almost 3 years...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    WRC8 WRC 8 The Game

    Kylotonn Racing Games have confirmed this September will see the release of the next officially licensed World Rally Championship video game - WRC 8. Imaginatively titled as always, the eighth instalment to the steadily improving WRC franchise of games is set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation...
  13. A

    T300RS Mod from SimplyModF1 - Any feedback?

    Hello guys, I'm looking for a fairly simple and cheap way to get an F1 wheel instead of the original RS wheel for the Thrustmaster T300, and I found the one at the following link, which looks really nice: https://www.ebay.it/itm/183722103821 but before going for it, I'd like to know if...
  14. T

    Sell t300 base and t3 pa with loadcell richmotech 35 sell

    Im selling parts that i upgraded and will no longer use due to my new parts installed on my rig. shipping at buyer expense pickup available in dublin Ireland. t3pa with load cell 120 euro t300 servo base 120 euro if 2 parts sold together same buyer will do for 200eur so you can get a cheap...
  15. R

    logitech G29 to Thrustmaster T300 - "upgrade"

    afternoon folks! ive been pondering, im currently running a G29 with the NIXIM brake mod, im not totally happy with the feel of the g29 wheel, i think its got to the point that ive out grown it, if that makes sense!? now, in an ideal world, id love to splash out on a fanatec setup or even direct...
  16. nicsos123

    Project Cars 2 FFB Custom Settings v1.8 for T300/TX 1.804

    Project Cars 2 FFB Custom Settings v1.8 for T300/TX 1. Download the txt file 2. Rename the file to ffb_custom_settings.txt 3. Replace the default one in [My Documents/Project CARS 2] My personal FFB settings Thrustmaster Driver Rotation/Angle: 1080 Gain: 100 Constant: 100 Periodic...
  17. S

    FFB config (help)

    Hello dear Sim Racers!!! I´ve always loved cars and motorsports, so thaht being said i´ve been a sim racing enthusiast for a long time but only recently I was able to buy a racing wheel, t300rs ferrari GTE edition, but I need help to config the FFB because I dont have experience in these kinda...
  18. A

    T300 wheel not centered

    I'm trying to setup the T300 in rfactor, but it is off center by a quarter turn at least (is not happening in others games). How can I fix it without having to recenter the wheel every time I play rfactor?
  19. Large Style

    Sell T300 Alcantara with T3PA, TH8A Shifter, CSR Elite Pedals (Inverted)

    Selling all my sim-racing gear due to lack of use and I'm starting up a new business and need funds. Items included: Thrustmaster T300 Alcantara Edition with T3PA pedals: RRP £399.99 - my price £200.00 Purchased from new in September 2016. Fully functional, although the table clamp doesn't...
  20. Metalogic

    Recommended T300 FFB settings for current version of R3E?

    Hi - after over 9 months of not being able to use my wheel for various reasons, last night I finally got my Wheelstand Pro out of the loft and starting bolting on my (secondhand) Fanatec pedals and T300 wheel. I had also uninstalled Raceroom and think I lost all my FFB settings. With the current...