1. L

    Using Thrustmaster T300 RS pedals on F430.

    Hi! I have a Thrustmaster F430 but my pedals broke last month. My brother have a T300 RS pedals that he will not use. I saw that the connector of T300 RS pedal is a RJ12 with latch offset. Can I change the connector for a regular RJ12 to work with the F430? What wire color order should I keep...

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  4. Yeschristopher

    Question About Thrustmaster 488 Ferrari Challenge Rim With TS-WX base And Advanced mode (Not TS-PC)

    So I'm aware this wheel rim is only available officially if you buy the TS-PC Racer that comes with it. However, I acquired the rim online from someone who happened to be selling just that so I figured I'd pick it up for cheapo and use it on my TS-WX since they are basically the same base. I...
  5. Z

    3d printed pedal spacers for Thrustmaster T-LCM & T3PA

    Made these to help with heel toe on the T-LCM pedals. Sharing the files in case they're useful to anyone else:
  6. Spunge84

    Sell Thrustmaster TX (Servo Base, Rim and Pedals)

    Hi and Happy new year to all. The time has come to upgrade my rig to direct drive, so i am selling my Thrustmaster TX. The original unit went off to Thrustmaster at the end of last year and was replaced by Thrustmaster (Documents to prove). The servo is therefore brand new. The pedals and the...
  7. N

    Thrustmaster T-pedals Stand for Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals

    Does anyone know if the Thrustmaster T-pedals stand will also be compatible with the Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals? For 'reasons' I need an under desk solution to mount my pedals as they tilt backwards when I apply force to the brake pedal. Need to keep it as cheap as possible.
  8. actuallyasriel

    Driving Force Shifter for $80 CAD -- Worth It?

    Hey, I'm currently operating on paddle shifters and for rally that hasn't been ideal. I'd like to use a sequential at some point, but I found a Logitech Driving Force H-pattern on for $80 Canadian ($62 US, 50 Euro). I'm using a T300RS so I'd need to get an adapter for it, but would that all be...
  9. FJBH10

    Sell Full Thrustmaster Setup - 599XX Alcantara + T300 Base + T3PA Pro

    Selling as I have upgraded to a Fanatec setup. These would make a great affordable step up from something like a G29. I am located in the UK in Milton Keynes and I am open for collection though I would also be able to deliver in-person within about a 50 mile radius if you are okay with covering...
  10. Metalogic

    Sell Fanatec CSR Elite LC pedals, T300 base, TM Leather 28 GT Wheel, Wheelstand Pro + Basherboards CPX v2

    PRICES DROPPED (AGAIN)! Will also consider offers, especially if purchasing multiple items. I'm selling my complete sim racing setup, despite purchasing everything (except the Fanatec CSR Elite pedals) from new in 2016, it's in near mint condition, as has been barely used, due to personal...
  11. Thrustmaster T3PA DIY USB Adapter

    Thrustmaster T3PA DIY USB Adapter

    In this video we take a step by step look at making the Thrustmaster T3PA pedals (probably work with other Thrustmaster and potentiometer based pedals) USB, ...
  12. prceurope

    FFB Settings w T500rs - AMS2 feeling?

    Hey guys! I love RF2 and AMS2, and wondering how to get more road feel on a T500RS. AMS2 has some custom settings files from the community that do a great job with engine vibration, road textures and braking, which make RF2 feel a bit uncommunicative now, by comparison. Any tips would be much...
  13. ltcars

    New pedals

    Hello, I once again am asking for your financial advice. Jokes aside, my break pedals isn't working anymore as it should, so I'm looking for a replacement. My first thoughts were the Thrustmaster T-LCM, but I'm open to suggestions. Ideally they would be under 200€, but that seems to be a bit...
  14. Jason Chamberlain

    Sell (US) Thrustmaster T3PA with Load Cell

    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD I just got a set of T-LCM pedals, so I'm selling my T3PA (not pro) pedals. I have installed the Ricmotech load cell adapter on the brake. I just replaced the bushing and I will include a spare as well. I also will include the old worn-out one if you'd prefer to have a bit of...
  15. Unboxing and fitting an Acelith DTM rim for Thrustmaster TS-XW wheels

    Unboxing and fitting an Acelith DTM rim for Thrustmaster TS-XW wheels

    Check out Rich unboxing and fitting an Acelith DTM aftermarket Rim to his Thrustmaster TS-XW wheel base. To find out more about the rim featured in the video...
  16. D

    Sell Heusinkveld Ultimate Pedals

    Hi. Downgraded to Sprints so i would like to recover some money 930 not negotiable. Shipping not included Included baseplate,angled brackets and a set of softer rubbers.
  17. K

    Sell Thrustmaster TS-PC base with custom wheels and quick release system

    $800 Shipped to continental US Gently used Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer wheel base equipped with full functional quick release system and 5 additional wheels Equipped with a custom quick release system which is much easier and faster than traditional Thrustmaster mounting system. Works like a...
  18. Tassos

    T300 SUPERB FFB SETTINGS 2020 (with CM)

    Hi Guys, After having the T300 for over a year now (which I love), I tried, as all of us, to find a superb FFB feeling to my liking, which is not brutal, but strong enough to feel even the slightest road / track anomalies, or when passing over a curb to feel it quite nicely. I tried all the...
  19. Joecarlisle

    Sell Thrustmaster TS-XW, Sparco P310 amd pedals for sale. UK

    Hi, Selling my TS-XW as I have a clubsport on the way here. Good condition with strong feedback, all working as normal. UK based in Wiltshire. Thanks, Joe
  20. Raresch

    Logitech G29 pedals problem

    Hi, This will be a longer post, so please have patience and read it all :D I have the Logitech G29 wheel and some time ago, around 3 months ago, my true accelerator (you will see why "true" is relevant) started to spike on its own between 10-20%. So, after some research, I understand that...