1. T

    Sell Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition Racing Wheel (load cell Ricmotech mod installed) for sale

    Hi all im selling the following. T300 servo base. T3pa pedals (kit stronger springs brake and gas, Real feel load cell Ricmotech). Ferrari Alcantara Edition Racing Wheel 599xx Replica. I have it sitting in the closet for a while since i upgraded to tspc/fanatec pedals combo. want to make some...
  2. toastz124

    Pedal issue

    Hello, I've had my Thrustmaster Tmx for about a month now and my pedal has broken already. I think it's a broken throttle spring since the brake still works fine and the throttle still registers but it doesn't stay upright, I would love if I can get some help from you.
  3. T

    How to fix a clicky Thrustmaster T-GT (fan upgrade / lube video tutorial)

    Hey all, I recorded this video a few weeks ago and have only made it public now because I wanted to thoroughly test the wheel and make sure there are no issues with it. This is actually my second TGT, it's a warranty replacement for the first one that died after developing this 'clickiness'...
  4. SOLO59

    T-LCM Pedals Upgrade From T3PA Pro's w/Conical Brake Mod

    Hello all! Here is something I put together, sharing my own experience with the Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedals with the conical brake mod installed and upgrading to the new Thrustmaster T-LCM Pedals. PRICE & PLACE OF PURCHASE I preordered mine on sale for $269.99 CAD plus taxes from a nearby...
  5. O

    Setting up my PS4. What Wheel and Game/Sim to choose?

    Hey hey, Always been into racing games but never had a wheel and never raced online, but now it’s time to join in. I have a PS4 so want to use this. Wheel: First step is choosing a wheel. Not sure what wheel to go for. Logitech G29 seems common and better than both the Thrustmaster T150 &...
  6. D

    Keybind Thrustmaster T300rs buttons?

    Hey everyone, For some reason I'm not able to keybind any of the secondary controls (look left/right/back, etc) to the buttons on my wheel. Am I missing something here?? -Michael
  7. D

    An improvement from G27 that will not break my hand?

    The problem with the G27 is two: 1) The dead zone is very noticeable. I mean, when im on a straight line, I feel literally nothing, it's like im floating. There has to be a minimum of turning to feel anything. Big inmersion killer. 2) The rotation angle lock is a joke. You can easily get past...
  8. H

    Sell Racing Sim Bundle

    Bundle contains: GT Omega Racing Pro Sim/Cockpit (red & black) £340 new - £280 open to offers Thrustmaster T300RS (PS3, PS4 &PC) wheel includes original T3PA pedals costs £345 new - £150 open to offers Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedals costs £140 new - £80 Thrustmaster TH8A Shifter...
  9. 3

    Windows doesn't detect axes (Thrustmaster Ferrari GT 2-in-1 Rumble Force)

    Windows 10 PC doesn't detect neither X, Y or RZ axes (No steering, accelerator or brake), no matter which version of FFB (from 2006 to 2018) drivers is installed. Is there a possible solution assuming it's not a hardware issue, which I hope it's not.
  10. M

    Sell Thrustmaster TG-t

    Thrustmaster TG-t for sale, with Thrustmaster Sparco wheel. I would like to keep the original rim for another base. T3PA pedals with adjustable damper kit, as seen in the pictures. Price: 450 EUR
  11. Next Level Racing Challenger Entry Level Rig is Perfect! (Video 3)

    Next Level Racing Challenger Entry Level Rig is Perfect! (Video 3)

    We conclude the last of the Next Level Racing Challenger Trilogy videos with a full test drive using Gran Turismo GT SPORT. This is by far the best priced en...
  12. Philmm

    Fanatec - an absolute nightmare

    The absolute worst customer service in the world!! Horrible. I had an issue with FANATEC's Podium Racing Wheel F1 with DD1 from the first day I got it, instead of taking ownership of their defective product and replacing it (which every other company in the world would do), I got the run around...
  13. F

    Thrustmaster brakemod bracket and gas springs

    Getting a basic sim rig going, and for this I got myself the Trustmaster T500 RS pedals. I got them second hand and unfortunately the “realistic brake mod” bracket was nor included. If someone have this piece for sale, please let me know. I have also studied various brake mods, and I came up...
  14. JOSN

    Quick Thrustmaster question

    Hello fellow simracers, if you swap wheels on a T300Rs base do you need to remap the buttons? i recently purchased a Thrustmaster TM wheel add on, but when i swap from the Alcantara wheel to the TM wheel the button mapping is all wrong. When i press the shift up switch it thinks i’m pressing...
  15. T

    T300 Ferrari Alcantara Edition Questions

    Hello I'm considering buying my first proper racing wheel (I use a PS4 controller currently) and I've looked into a few options like the Logitech G29 and the Thrustmaster T300. From reviews I've seen that the G29 is great wheel but its lacking power and you will become used to the force...
  16. L

    Loadcell mod v.s new lc Pedal set

    Hello im very interested in Loadcell and i wanted to know is it better than a normal poti brake and what experienced you while switching. I have a t300 alcantara edition with t3pa pedals and wanna have loadcell is it better to buy a new lc pedal set or can i buy a lc mod? Link to a t3pa...
  17. Awittyusername

    Another TX/T300 calibration problem thread...

    Hey all, Came to this forum searching for a solution to my problems. Seems like there's some very knowledgeable users on here and apparently a lot of the advice given has worked for many people. Unfortunately I have continued to have issues and am now at a bit of a loss. I bought the wheel...
  18. S

    Wanted TS PC Racer

    Since I live in Macedonia, it's preferable if the seller is from Europe. Any offer is greatly appreciated.
  19. ltcars

    Looking to buy my second wheel

    Hello there, I currently have a Logitech G920 and am looking for replacements. I am looking for a complete set (wheelbase wheel and pedals) for 500€, my maximum budget would be 600€. I currently am looking at the Thrustmaster TS XW Racer. I want my setup to have stronger FFB than the Logitech, 3...
  20. mothabrain

    steering 1:1 transmission

    hey guys, perhaps someone knows how to set this one straight. i own a tm500rs and use it with 1080° steering on default. since ac or other racing games are able to pick up the right degree of steering i wonder why it doesn't work for dr2. for instance if u steer right for 90 degrees to the...