1. T

    affordable (max. 1000Eur) wheel/pedals/H-Shifter combination 2022 - recommendations/opions

    atm I own a Logitech G29, but it's Pedals are always getting wonky AND it's not that precise (gear driven) I'm looking at a Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition with the seperate/additional H-Shifter or the Thrustmaster T-GT II with the same additional Shifter, latter combination is at my upper price...
  2. 9

    Hall Sensor Upgraded Logitech Pedals on T300rs Base

    Hello all, first post here on racedepartment and I would like to help others research as I been researching as well for this question. How can I set the Logitech pedals to work with the Thrustmaster base (considering I already have the converter cable from Ricmotech and the Brake and Accelerator...
  3. Your Must Have Thrustmaster Quick Connect Mod

    Your Must Have Thrustmaster Quick Connect Mod

    Frustrated by Thrustmaster's screwy attempt at a secure quick connect? Check out this video for a mod I bought for my T300 on day one of owning it. This fixe...
  4. Thrustmaster T300 Unboxing - Upgrade Time

    Thrustmaster T300 Unboxing - Upgrade Time

    It's finally time to start upgrading. I was going back and forth between the Thrustmaster T248 and the Thrustmaster T300. Guess which one wins. It's just a s...
  5. doctorpyramid3

    Sell VRS Direct force pro with Thrustmaster Ferrari 599xx to OSW and SRC quick release FOR SALE

  6. R

    T3PM or T3PA Addon?

    Hello, I own a T 300 RS GT edition for some years now. Now, my brake pedal broke, the warranty is over for a long time now :mad: So I need to buy a new pedal set. But which one? T3PM or T3PA? The price difference is just 10 €, neglectable. I play almost only Rally sims. What pedal set do you...
  7. Heat338

    Software Advice for measurement of FFB consistency (Thrustmaster)

    Hi fellas, I have Thrustmaster TS-PC Ferrari edition, as most of you can know, the base does not have any power shutdown button so I am plugging off the power cable after playing session ends for long term durability( of course after the auto cooling fan stops) Lately, something becomes...
  8. What do you upgrade or replace next?

    What do you upgrade or replace next?

    When it comes to upgrading your sim racing equipment there are so many options, it can be daunting to decide where you should spend your money. Of course there are many people out there that don’t have to worry about where they spend their money. For the rest of us, we want to make sure we get...
  9. Greg Latty

    Mod TH8a or Clubsport shifter.

    Im thinking of upgrading my shifter as a part of my rig overhaul. As of now i have my old trusty TH8a shifter which is fine. It just lacks the shifter feeling i want. I want a little more mechanical " clunk " and resistance. Especially when in VR. Since i have a CSL DD now ( possibly...
  10. retroplay

    Problem with Thrustmaster t300 rs gt

    Hello I have a problem with the Thrustmaster rs T300 gt steering wheel - the steering wheel makes characteristic sounds when i turning (when it is connected to the console). I also need to help turn with hand when its calibrate on the start. I thought it was the belt tension but it didn't help...
  11. Thrustmaster Direct Drive confirmed for 2022

    Thrustmaster Direct Drive confirmed for 2022

    Thrustmaster has confirmed that their direct drive wheel base will be revealed and launched in 2022. Back in December 2021, Thrustmaster started to tease their followers on social with #STARTINGLIGHTS The first image they shared claimed that all their add-ons will be compatible with the new...
  12. Insert Coin

    DIY: using Thrustmaster wheels with QR and working buttons on DD wheelbase like VRS DirectForce Pro / MiGE 130ST

    I’m using Thrustmaster wheels for years. Until recently on a T300 wheelbase, but now I have moved on to a Virtual Racing School DirectForce Pro direct drive wheelbase. A direct drive wheelbase is quite an expense, I did not want to buy new wheels as well. Since I had already added a quick...
  13. D

    Thrustmaster T300 ghost button press issues

    So I've had this issue with my T300 before, but it got really bad recently. My wheel is basically detecting non-existing button presses all the time, making it borderline undrivable. Currently, I've had to stop playing rFactor 2 altogether, because there when the two shifter paddles get pressed...
  14. G

    Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer 488 Challenge Edition Wheel with T300 Base

    Does anyone happen to know if the 488 Challenge Wheel works with the T300 base without any issues or modifications? Thanks!
  15. B

    New Thrustmaster T300 RS GT, is the "clicking" noise normal when rotating the wheel?

    My new Thrustmaster T300 makes that "clicky" noise when i'm (quickly) rotating the wheel, is that normal or should i return it?
  16. Eight Things I Learned When I Switched to a Permanent Rig

    Eight Things I Learned When I Switched to a Permanent Rig

    Their rig is every sim racer’s pride, no matter the shape, size or form. It may not be an absolute necessity – you can be fast even at your desk – but a proper setup can improve the experience immensely. After years of using a combination of a wheel stand and an IKEA Poäng chair, I recently...
  17. Heat338

    Thrustmaster TS-PC Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition attachment screw holes ?

    First of all hi to all, I am into sim racing for a while and decided to upgrade my wheel past week and just bought a brand new Thrustmaster TS PC 488 Challenge edition well with mail order, But I am supposing that might be not a brand new one at least some parts of it, first I recognized there...
  18. Thrustmaster eSwap pro controller upgrade

    Thrustmaster eSwap pro controller upgrade

    Rich needed to upgrade his Thrustmaster eSwap Pro Controller so decided to do so with the eswap LED Orange Crystal Pack.Patreon:
  19. Support for SF1000 Wheel and DLSS Support Coming to Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Support for SF1000 Wheel and DLSS Support Coming to Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Thrustmaster's feature-rich SF1000 wheel will soon be officially supported by Assetto Corsa Competizione, and a video released by NVIDIA shows that DLSS support is also coming. Developer Kunos Simulazioni has been somewhat quiet with their plans for Assetto Corsa Competizione since their press...
  20. N

    Thrustmaster T300 "Pre-Calibration not Found" problem

    Hello, Ive got a problem with Thrustmaster T300 servo base. Before wheel was calibrating properly and all seemed to be fine, but to make sure that all is good I started recalibration process with "Angle Motor Calibration" app. After a few minutes of moving in all directions there was an...