1. J

    Sell Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer base with wheel(Open Wheel) [NL]

    Hi all, I am selling this set of wheelbase and 2 steering wheels as I don’t use it anymore. It works perfectly and I have always been satisfied with it. The “Open Wheel” steering is great for driving Prototypes, Formula cars or modern GT cars, or any other car to your liking. T500RS steering...
  2. derick_pereira

    CoffeeRacer Kart 1.0 If you want to change the driver, open ext_config.ini and change the driver's name. steamapps/ assettocorsa/ content/ cars/ Coffeeracer/ skins/ Coffeeracer_Black Physics based on the RX7 FC3S DSG DESTROY Shout out to Downsyde Team. Make sure you leave a LIKE and...
  3. M

    Sell [UK] Thrustmaster SF1000 with T-Chrono Paddles and Quick Release Ring

    Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000 Edition. This wheel is as new, featuring Clear unmarked display, and is hardly used and comes fully boxed. This item includes the T Chrono Add On Shifters too (usually at an extra cost) At the bargain price of £220 (plus postage uk only) for quick sale.
  4. M

    Sell [UK] Thrustmaster TH8A H pattern shifter with Clix Beetle, short shift mod, and Gear Blockers

    Hi I’m selling my Thrustmaster TH8A H pattern gear shifter, the price is £110 delivered main land UK This Thrustmaster TH8A is the fully Monty with the Nolitto 3D Clix Beetle mod, short shift mod, and Gear Blockers. It come with the Nolitto 3D gear knob (red trim) and the short length gear...
  5. C

    USB Shifter with T150

    I am trying to make one of them cheap USB shifters work with my Thrustmaster T150 wheel, I have a PS4 so I can't simply plug it in, I need to "trick" the wheel into thinking the connected shifter is a TH8A. So far I've only seen these 3 things about this, they are linked here...
  6. Adam Farmer

    Sell (UK) Thrustmaster TS-PC / Ferrari F1 / Fanatec Clubsport v2 Pedals

    With a heavy heart I've decided to sell my sim equipment. RaceDepartment was a huge part of my life during a very difficult time and sim racing was really important to me. My focus has changed in recent years I've found sim racing harder to follow - it's a young man's game! I'm pricing these...
  7. Sliding skill boost by LFS

    Sliding skill boost by LFS

    Since so many people liked the last video, I thought it would be remiss not to release it in landscape format. Car setups: [hard track] + wheel alignment Logitech G29 900° / Thrustmaster T-LCM / DIY sim racing cockpit

    Thrustmaster pedal repair (with non-original potentiometers) and info for DIY (LONG post)

    !NOT for Thrustmaster T3PM and T-LCM, shoot, off you go, magnets how do they work?! I replaced potentiometers on my thrustmaster pedals (T3PA) with non-original potentiometers (cheapest, lowest quality ones I could find locally as per Thrustmaster standards). I want to share how. Why post...
  9. Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Wheelbase Revealed

    Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive Wheelbase Revealed

    Thrustmaster’s first direct drive wheelbase has been revealed on a Twitch stream after a long marketing campaign. After a long marketing campaign which gave sim racers only a trickle of teaser images, Thrustmaster’s first direct drive wheelbase, the T818, has now been revealed...
  10. Thrustmaster to Host Direct Drive Reveal on Twitch

    Thrustmaster to Host Direct Drive Reveal on Twitch

    Thrustmaster's first direct drive wheelbase offering will be revealed on November 22nd via a Twitch livestream. The wait to learn more about Thrustmaster's first direct driver system will continue for another two months. The racing and flight simulator hardware manufacturer has used a lengthy...
  11. T

    T300RS FFB stopped, and it's now not calibrating

    So I had this T300RS GT Edition for about 9 months now, and I was pretty happy with it, until I came across this problem that is worrying me a lot. So while I was playing F122, the FFB started feeling very light, and after a few seconds it just stopped working properly, sometimes I would feel...
  12. Ryan Gill

    Sell Thrustmaster TX + Ferrari 458 Italia Wheel & Pedals Set + GT Omega Classic Wheel Stand & Gear Shifter Mount Add-on (£200)

    Thrustmaster TX & Ferrari 458 Italia Wheel Set + GT Omega Classic Wheel Stand & Gear Shifter Mount listed for sale as I've now upgraded to a full alu rig from Simlab with Simucube Wheel Base. I used this setup for sim racing for almost 5 years and it served me well in that time, most of this...
  13. T

    affordable (max. 1000Eur) wheel/pedals/H-Shifter combination 2022 - recommendations/opions

    atm I own a Logitech G29, but it's Pedals are always getting wonky AND it's not that precise (gear driven) I'm looking at a Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition with the seperate/additional H-Shifter or the Thrustmaster T-GT II with the same additional Shifter, latter combination is at my upper price...
  14. 9

    Hall Sensor Upgraded Logitech Pedals on T300rs Base

    Hello all, first post here on racedepartment and I would like to help others research as I been researching as well for this question. How can I set the Logitech pedals to work with the Thrustmaster base (considering I already have the converter cable from Ricmotech and the Brake and Accelerator...
  15. Your Must Have Thrustmaster Quick Connect Mod

    Your Must Have Thrustmaster Quick Connect Mod

    Frustrated by Thrustmaster's screwy attempt at a secure quick connect? Check out this video for a mod I bought for my T300 on day one of owning it. This fixe...
  16. Thrustmaster T300 Unboxing - Upgrade Time

    Thrustmaster T300 Unboxing - Upgrade Time

    It's finally time to start upgrading. I was going back and forth between the Thrustmaster T248 and the Thrustmaster T300. Guess which one wins. It's just a s...
  17. doctorpyramid3

    Sell VRS Direct force pro with Thrustmaster Ferrari 599xx to OSW and SRC quick release FOR SALE

  18. R

    T3PM or T3PA Addon?

    Hello, I own a T 300 RS GT edition for some years now. Now, my brake pedal broke, the warranty is over for a long time now :mad: So I need to buy a new pedal set. But which one? T3PM or T3PA? The price difference is just 10 €, neglectable. I play almost only Rally sims. What pedal set do you...
  19. Heat338

    Software Advice for measurement of FFB consistency (Thrustmaster)

    Hi fellas, I have Thrustmaster TS-PC Ferrari edition, as most of you can know, the base does not have any power shutdown button so I am plugging off the power cable after playing session ends for long term durability( of course after the auto cooling fan stops) Lately, something becomes...
  20. What do you upgrade or replace next?

    What do you upgrade or replace next?

    When it comes to upgrading your sim racing equipment there are so many options, it can be daunting to decide where you should spend your money. Of course there are many people out there that don’t have to worry about where they spend their money. For the rest of us, we want to make sure we get...