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  1. A

    AC:CM with DD2, lost in settings, thanks for reading

    Hey guys! After a few weeks of testing with DD2 in AC, i'm totally lost with the settings. AC and CM FFB and FFB tweaks settings. Give me an advice: Should i change asetto.ini GYRO ENABLE to 1? Should i use FFB Clip app? Experiment Gyro? FFB Post Processing? I dont feel the right settings, so...
  2. prceurope

    When steering is too light @100% FFB, what to do? (SC2)

    Hello, I have been trying the Adelaide circuit mod (really enjoy it in AMS2 especially with open-wheel single seaters). I drove some single-seaters at a Michelin Challenge event many years ago and the steering was "heavy" and precise (like the Brazilian F3 series in AMS2 feels). You really have...
  3. paokkerkir

    T300 FFB tweak for R3E v1

    Custom FFB tweak for Thrustmaster T300. It also adds a new "canned" road rumble FFB effect. The wheel will slightly vibrate along straights. It is a very subtle effect that counteracts that very smooth feel you get on some tracks. Based on ravey1981 file from sector3 forums. WARNING: Some...
  4. L

    Logitech G29 FFB problem/question

    Hi. I bought Logitech G29 for Assetto Corsa. I'm trying to learn how to drift. But i don't know if my Force Feedback is working good. Here is preview of my LOG2 from Wheelcheck. Is it good? Should i just apply LUT and go with it?
  5. L

    Strange pull to left & right - FFB

    Hi all, I'm having some very strange FFB in RE3 at the moment. Haven't been on it much recently until the last few day, been using ACC and AMS2. When driving the FFB will start out fine for a lap or 2 but then all of a sudden the wheel will start pulling left or right with out end for what...
  6. Goaqi

    FFB Gain in G920 is too weak

    Hello, as I say in the title of the post, I have set the gain from ffb to 100% and the FFB feels very weak. My steering wheel is a G920 and this is the only game where this happens to me. I have tried a thousand combinations and the one I have left is this (I jnow its for PS4/xbox, I play in...
  7. prceurope

    FFB Settings w T500rs - AMS2 feeling?

    Hey guys! I love RF2 and AMS2, and wondering how to get more road feel on a T500RS. AMS2 has some custom settings files from the community that do a great job with engine vibration, road textures and braking, which make RF2 feel a bit uncommunicative now, by comparison. Any tips would be much...
  8. D

    Logitech G29 Custom FFB

    Logitech G29 Custom FFB file, includes: - center dead-zone fix, - modified wheel response curve (more linear) for better balance of forces, works similar to AC/ACC lut file, - removed engine vibration while driving, - added subtle engine vibrations when revving (car parked), - added gearbox FX...
  9. R

    TMX Pro heavy FFB

    Hi guys, I have a TMX pro with some days, while I played AC or FH4 (the games I have to it) I feel so heavy my wheel to drive and I not know what I can do to feel more real. Only I can lower the generic FFB but then I will lower all the forces and I will not feel the sensations for drive. My...
  10. LogiForce

    Christiaan's Pure FFB 2.3

    LATEST RELEASE: Christiaan's Pure FFB v2.3 (Date 12-09-2020) Donations: Will go towards improving the file and support. See below header for more information and current goal, why this goal is chosen, as well as current level of donations towards said goal. Hi everyone on this wonderful...
  11. G

    G29 FFB settings (to solve two issues)?

  12. Tassos

    T300 SUPERB FFB SETTINGS 2020 (with CM)

    Hi Guys, After having the T300 for over a year now (which I love), I tried, as all of us, to find a superb FFB feeling to my liking, which is not brutal, but strong enough to feel even the slightest road / track anomalies, or when passing over a curb to feel it quite nicely. I tried all the...
  13. K

    FFB feeling with DD1 is so poor

    Hi, I have a Fanatec Podium DD1 since 10 days and I didn't yet find a decent set of settings for iRacing. I have installed last driver and last version of Fanalab, I have already tried to start from scratch, use other Podium users settings (from iRacing forum) as starting point, but I cannot...
  14. Darren George

    Quick guide to setting up FFB in rFactor 2

    So after a lot of questions about FFB in rFactor 2 from new members of our league races, I made them a quick video just to explain where to start. Maybe it's of help to others so here you go.
  15. U

    AMS 2 FFB - Fixed Lock-Stops & No Engine Vibration v3.0

    ********** Note: Please be aware that this mod has not yet been tweaked to take account of the latest FFB. Using it may lead to undesirable results. You have been warned! ********** This is a very simple mod which does two things: 1) AMS 2 uses a soft-lock force to set your wheel's rotation to...
  16. Miguel Batista

    For those underwhelmed with FFB, try the advice in this video.

    From SimRacing 604
  17. D

    Fanatec CSW 2.5 + Formula v2 Rim shaking while going straight

    Hello guys, i recently bought the Fanatec CSW 2.5 + Formula V2 rim. Overall im pretty happy with how the wheel works but on any straight or on any track the wheel starts shaking massively. It just appears on the straights. I configured the settings fanatec posted as recommended on their forum...
  18. alladridi

    FFB wheel mmos2014 DIY project

    hello this is my first post here i just bought all the required parts to build my own diy FFb wheel part list : stm32f4 discovery h-bridge bts7960 printer encoder from canon ip1800 dc motor and 12v power supply can any one hellp me with wiring please i've been trying to do it for 3 days but no...
  19. Shovas

    SHO Competition FFB for GTR2 v9

    SHO Competition FFB for GTR2 is a GTR2/PnG3 mod of various UserData User.PLR file force feedback configuration parameters to achieve an improved, more modern force feedback feel. *Please see "README SHO Competition FFB.txt" as it contains helpful details on install/uninstall, tips, questions...
  20. Huete_CR

    Fanatec Podium DD2 FFB Settings - After December Update

    Hi there fellow racers! I decided to create a little guide on Steam with the settings that I am using now in Raceroom. After the December update I have to re-do them all so it is a good chance to start tuning them up again from zero and to share them with you. For all the different sections I...