1. D

    Fanatec CSW 2.5 + Formula v2 Rim shaking while going straight

    Hello guys, i recently bought the Fanatec CSW 2.5 + Formula V2 rim. Overall im pretty happy with how the wheel works but on any straight or on any track the wheel starts shaking massively. It just appears on the straights. I configured the settings fanatec posted as recommended on their forum...
  2. alladridi

    FFB wheel mmos2014 DIY project

    hello this is my first post here i just bought all the required parts to build my own diy FFb wheel part list : stm32f4 discovery h-bridge bts7960 printer encoder from canon ip1800 dc motor and 12v power supply can any one hellp me with wiring please i've been trying to do it for 3 days but no...
  3. Shovas

    SHO Competition FFB 1.0.0-build3

    SHO Competition FFB is a mod of various UserData PLR file force feedback configuration parameters to achieve an improved, more modern force feedback feel. *Please see "README SHO Competition FFB.txt" in the download for helpful details on install/uninstall, tips, questions, known/open issues...
  4. Huete_CR

    Fanatec Podium DD2 FFB Settings - After December Update

    Hi there fellow racers! I decided to create a little guide on Steam with the settings that I am using now in Raceroom. After the December update I have to re-do them all so it is a good chance to start tuning them up again from zero and to share them with you. For all the different sections I...
  5. bozwellox

    Ariel Atom V8 mod - no FFB

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help. I've installed the Ariel Atom V8 mod, and the update from RD (I've followed the instructions correctly). It seems great, but I have basically no steering resistance at all. I get FFB from kerbs, impact etc, but the steering is incredibly light, when I'm...
  6. jakoman3

    Forcefeedback issues on my Formula Rapide

    On the Formula Rapide and other private projects of mine, theres always issues with the ffb. Meanwhile i know of the ffb multiplier in the car.ini, i can´t find out how to change the ffb settings like slip,road,kerb and abs. While i can of course change and save them in the ingame app, it...
  7. M

    CSL Elite Wheel Base wobbles back and forth when oversteering

    So i just got this wheel and i love it. except that the wheel has the issue stated above. I have a very decent rig and am not new to sim racing I just dont know whats causing this Issue. Here is a video i made of it:
  8. lemonbrahz

    FFB Question

    Hey guys, just a general/noob question about FFB. I just got AMS and instantly the FFB felt great on the Pure 360hz setting with my G25. Only thing is that I dont feel ANYTHING that tells me the rear wheels are spinning making it pretty difficult to catch any sort of accidental power oversteer...
  9. Raresch

    Logitech G29 snaps on turn exit

    Hi there, I have bought in late December a Logitech G29 and the Assetto Corsa game. I have set the game with FFB Clip and LUT generator and I played ever since. The FFB still felt a little bit odd, but this was my first wheel with FFB ever (the first one without ffb was 10-15 years ago). I...
  10. Mascot

    Sell (UK) Fanatec CSR-Elite wheelbase, wheel, mounting bracket. Boxed.

    *******SOLD******* Fanatec CSR-Elite FFB wheel for PC, PS3 & Xbox 360 in its original packaging. £100 plus postage (est £15-£20) This is a great FFB wheel and served me very well until I upgraded to a CSW v2.5 about a year ago. It had a new FFB motor block fitted about a year prior to me...
  11. Rex Racer 65

    Recommended Cars? FFB?

    I'm an avid sim racer. I mostly race AC & R3E. I have PC2, but I'm not crazy about how that one feels. A lot of the YouTube sim racers tout RF2 as have the greatest physics & FFB. I purchased RF2 a while ago, but so far, I've been kinda disappointed with the FFB when compared to AC or R3E. I...
  12. Noobiix007

    T300RS FFB Settings for Dirt Rally 2.0

    After hours of experimenting today, I finally found some settings that suits me and feels pretty good, not too heavy, not too soft, so I thought I might share it with you guys ! I'm using a T300RS with the GTE rim. First step is to go to your SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally...
  13. pocisk

    Automobilista - 720 Hz FFB - solution [ENG]

    Hi guys i want to share with you some solution for faster FFB in AMS (sorry for my bad eng.) Also pdf version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14ZUbl7QUmHjIVPZtzzAlOMZJ85HqdieW/view
  14. Janke

    Need some help with Fanatec CSL Elite

    Just got a CSL Elite wheel base with the P1 rim for PC/XBone two days ago, but I can't quite get the feel right. Whether it's Assetto Corsa or Raceroom, I feel like the FFB is either way too heavy, or way too light near the center and I can't quite feel when the wheels understeer. Also, when I...
  15. hvaillancourt89

    ULTIMATE Custom FFB - NEW update 3.1 with 2 BONUS files!!! 3.1

    The Perfect Force Feedback files for PC2. Choose a file, install it, play. In-game ffb menu, start with Gain 100, volume 35, tone 50, Fx 25. Then adjust depending on the car and preferences. Turn down to 0 any damping or spring effects on the wheel interface if available and set your wheel...
  16. nicsos123

    Project Cars 2 FFB Custom Settings v1.8 for T300/TX 1.804

    Project Cars 2 FFB Custom Settings v1.8 for T300/TX 1. Download the txt file 2. Rename the file to ffb_custom_settings.txt 3. Replace the default one in [My Documents/Project CARS 2] My personal FFB settings Thrustmaster Driver Rotation/Angle: 1080 Gain: 100 Constant: 100 Periodic...
  17. Mortal

    PC2 FFB H-ExtremeAC (Feel the all) 2018-07-20

    PC2 ExtremeFFB Profile Mod for Project Cars 2 by Mortal Check Wheel sliders config for TMX/T300 G25/G29 https://docs.google.com/document/d/14EXW0cscs03MZ4bPcviFetxqIBsSNICGNb6N0ExXKkY/edit?usp=sharing Profiles: H-ExtremeAC: (Warnning Keep your hands firmly), this is a very high detail and...
  18. By-Tor

    G29 FFB for Assetto Corsa. Am I doing this right?

    Hello there. Here's another post about FFB settings... I've followed this guide [ https://www.reddit.com/r/assettocorsa/comments/5l64g8/this_is_how_the_ffb_worksand_how_to_set_it_up/ ] and this is how my FFB settings look like [ https://i.imgur.com/02Gl9jm.png ]. I've also set up a LUT and I'm...
  19. D

    Dodd's T500 force feedback tweaks 3.0

    What is this? This is a force-feedback configuration for T500 users. It will not affect your button mappings - or any other RFactor settings. It improves the dynamic range of the wheel - maximising the power of the motor and more accurately replicating the forces output from the game. Feel...
  20. FJBH10

    Logitech Wheel Motor Upgrades?

    Hello all, I've had a Logitech G920 for a few years now and I reckon the ffb motor is on it's way out as it is barely as strong as I remember, let me know if this is completely impossible but say if I were to buy a new motor with the same specs as the one in the G920 or even one with a higher...