1. pCars2 - VRC - Pavey Longhood S

    pCars2 - VRC - Pavey Longhood S

    pCars2 - VRC - Pavey Longhood S ============ Note: Cars: Pavey Longhood S Link: https://www.vrc-modding-team.net/ Racing Wheel: Fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base ...
  2. SunDancer74

    Simhud Overlays

    Hi all hi. iv been working on simhub overlays all night but got a problem to get overlay traction control components to work same for KRES/DRES (Hyprid for the LMP1 2016) hope some one can assist tyty
  3. 5 GREAT Project Cars 2 Classes that aren't GT3

    5 GREAT Project Cars 2 Classes that aren't GT3

    Are you sick of racing GT3 in Project Cars 2? Check this video out and find the hottest classes that should be played instead! Support the channel by using t...
  4. Razzy

    RazZyRacing Ferrari 488 GT3 24h Spa-Franchorchamps look 2019-08-04

    Hey, we are Team RazZyRacing. You can download our skin for the Ferrari 488 GT3 in a 24h Spa-Franchorchamps look. It is selfmade. We hope you like it and don`t forget to subscribe us on YouTube and leave a like;) See you
  5. M

    Come join Me on a Epic journey of every car A-Z by Brand at Bathurst TT

    This is a series i recently started driving every car starting with Acura and doing TT at Bathurst i am currently on car #27. Please come check it out as it is only getting started Link to Playlist:
  6. Dr1K727

    PCars2 Polo RX Lotus Camel Senna 87 1.1

    My homage to the eternal legend, Ayrton Senna! First of all, never forget to back up the original file! Extract the dds file in the game folder at: ... \ Vehicles \ Textures \ CustomLiveries
  7. Dr1K727

    PCars 2 - Pack VW RX with 28 Fictional Paintings based on RBR 1.2

    Package with 28 variations of fictional paintings, with the Red Bull theme, for the VW Polo Rallycross car! First of all, never forget to back up the original file! First, extract the rar file into a folder! Then, remove the number of the chosen dds name (leaving it as...
  8. RFocnnn

    SimHub Ferrari F355 Challenge Overlay 1.0

    ProjectCARS2 Ferrari Essentials Pack DLCの F355Challenge 専用です。 ProjectCARS 2 Ferrari Essentials Pack DLC It is exclusive for F355 Challenge. SimHubが必要になります。 SimHub is required https://www.simhubdash.com/ Steamの起動オプションで -windowed -borderless With Steam's launch options -windowed...
  9. Soichiro Mizuno

    Momentary Info Dashboard for PCARS2 // SimHub 0.1b

    This is my first attempt to create a simhub dashboard, and I featured "momentary tyre temperature-like" information with Project CARS 2. The parameter "Tire Temperature middle" shows some kind of behavior like "melting tyre surface", however, it's maybe not what it should be referenced for...
  10. RyokoMaruyama

    Audi 90 GTO Ridge Racer Type 4 Micro Mouse Mappy 1.0

    I tried to get as close as possible to the MMM liveries with this car. I think it fits the aesthetics of the 90 GTO due to the color palette and the 8 bit mice on the car!
  11. CivElox

    BMW M3 e30 Safety Car 2018-11-11

    Hi Guys, I will show you my Safetycar skin for the BMW M3 e30, it is an ficitonal Design and isnt there in real life. It was used for the SafetyCar in the RedOps GT3 league you can tell me some bugs and i will fix it So I hope you enjoy it^^...
  12. CivElox

    RedOps Porsche 919 Skin 1.1

    Hi Guys, today i will show you my Porsche 919 skin for the endurance online championship by RedOps. you can tell me some bugs and i will fix it So I hope u enjoy it^^ _______________________________________________________ Hallo, heute will ich euch meinen Porsche 919 Skin für unsere RedOps...
  13. nicsos123

    Project Cars 2 FFB Custom Settings v1.8 for T300/TX 1.804

    Project Cars 2 FFB Custom Settings v1.8 for T300/TX 1. Download the txt file 2. Rename the file to ffb_custom_settings.txt 3. Replace the default one in [My Documents/Project CARS 2] My personal FFB settings Thrustmaster Driver Rotation/Angle: 1080 Gain: 100 Constant: 100 Periodic...
  14. M

    Project Cars 2 doesn't hold ASW forced ON (Oculus Rift)

    Hi all, I have read some hints on this but didn't find any solution, so sorry if I'm repeating the topic. I'm facing a problem when trying to use forced ASW on, in pcars 2. I bought the game on Steam but use Oculus VR mode. Using Oculus debug tool performance hud, using forced ASW, I start the...
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    Spirit of Le Mans Now Available for Project CARS 2

    Slightly Mad Studios have released the latest Project CARS 2 DLC pack to the game - welcome 'Spirit of Le Mans'. Perfect timing considering the proximity to the real life Le Mans 24 Hours, the new DLC pack and update for Project CARS 2 on PC and console has arrived! As was expected follow news...
  16. AbeWoz

    Black Falcon AMG GT3 - Nurburgring 24 - 2018 v1.0

    #4 SAP and #5 Bilstein Liveries for Team Black Falcon from the 2018 Nurburgring 24H race. The cars finished 2 and 3 overall as shown on the position indicator on the windscreen. Credit to Ryan_Lee for the fog light texture. Enjoy!
  17. AbeWoz

    R Motorsport Aston Martin GT3 BES 2018 #62 v1.3

    R Motorsport Aston Martin Vantage GT3 for the 2018 Blancpain Endurance Series. Car #62 I will release the sister car (#76) as well as update this one with driver names after more photos of the car in race-trim surface. Thanks to those who helped out with logos (Reiche and Gambit74) Please...
  18. S

    Project CARS2 BFF Renaming tool 1.0

    Project CARS2 BFF Renaming tool is designed to allow renaming of unpacked files automatically with a provided file name index that is obtainable from the memory of PCARS2 process. When SMS stops patching Project CARS 2, a version which doesn't require the index file will be released, thus...
  19. S

    Project CARS2 Cockpit BIN tool 1.0

    Project CARS2 Cockpit BIN Tool is designed to open, edit and export cockpit files using a simple UI. Additionally it supports exporting to xml. If you have suggestions on how to improve the tool, feel free to contact me at melbardism@gmail.com. I would like to thank: - JDougNY for testing...
  20. derick_pereira

    Volkswagen Polo RX Supercar 2017 1.0

    Installation instructions Extract the 'Volkswagen Polo RX Supercar 1.0' rar file Go to: Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'vw_polo_rx_livery' DDS file If you like and appreciate my hard work, please support. Thank you.