Pinewood 0.9

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Pinewood has all I learned to like about my favourite tracks - Nordschleife, Road Atlanta, VIR and others like that. It has "Eau Rouge" type corner, a bumpy concrete carousel at the end and many corners over the hills that are hard to learn but fun to drive when you know them.

Track has 46 pitboxes, which I can not even use, but if you feel like you want more then that, I can do it. There is plenty of room left.


Length: 6077m
Width: 10m-15m
Pitboxes: 46
Replay Cams: 2 (for now)
Elevation change: 116m


* 3D grass
* Entrance building
* Roof over pitlane
* More billboard trees in forest
* More replay cameras
* etc.

File size
238.6 MB
First release
Last update
4.88 star(s) 49 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Pinewood GP 0.9

    * New more advanced Grass FX - CSP 0.1.46 or above recommended. If you update CSP, make sure you...
  2. Pinewood GP 0.8

    * Grass FX * Road bumps added * Drone replay camera * More visual details
  3. 46 car version

    Need more testers with powerful setups. I only get 30-40fps with full grid, and 100% CPU load...
  4. Version 0.6

    * 3D trees optimized, treeline texture improved * Barrier poles added, barrier optimized *...

Latest reviews

Great fun to drive
A really fun layout to drive/race on. I think it just needs a bit more off-track ambience to complete the feel of this place. Nice job!
big thanks
Excellent track! I downloaded it yesterday and enjoyed all of it. Mainly it's variety and layout. Really a good one for fast cars to test your skills apex to apex without lifting foot. Non forgiving if you do it wrong at high speed. I think I did cut some of your trees in the long curve after the pits straight going wide with a Mazda 787b. Sorry about that. Will replant double. I swear :-) In a Mazda ND cup it's fun also. Great work! Keep it up!
превосходная лесная дорожка. запах сосны и елок меня вдохновляет ;-)
цепкое дорожное полотно. (тоета труено) с ветерком=)
Спасибо, рад, что тебе понравилось!
Fantastic work!
What a fun to drive here! Thanks! Really good work. :-)
REALLY fun to drive, nice job and thanks. Could use a BOX HERE sign.

So North or South Carolina? Those mountains are WAY too awesome for either so I placed the track in Dubois Wyoming (just up the road from here) and called the track "Carolina in the Pines" after one of my favorite songs, hope you don't' mind :)
Location is just my guess. I wanted a place with landscape like in Lord Of The Rings with pines and tall, dry grass, so might as well be New Zealand. But in Google maps I found that Carolina has pine tree forests like these. Not sure about the high mountains in the background though...
love the lay out. nice job
Amazing layout, very fast and fun! I tried it with the Ferrari F40 S3 and Mclaren 650 GT3.
The grass graphics however needs improvement.....
Very nice!)
Great track!
Great. Thank you.
one of the best. keep up the good work. really fun drive
now i'm very new to assetto corsa but, this is quite possibly the best track i've played so far, the whole time i thought "oh wow i love stuff like this!" this track is better than most real tracks i've driven in this game, keep up the good work!
This is a BLAST to drive. :D
And that rolling replay camera really brings Assetto Corsa to life!
Raced on this track once so far, will race on it many more times, love the track well put together, I will be encouraging my other racing friends to do the same well done.
All around just an excellent track. It has a unique feel to it: secluded, almost like it's part of a private race resort owned by the player, and as a result, track days here have a unique vibe to them, almost like you've just invited a few friends out for some fun at your private track. The layout is demanding, yet flowing and rewarding once you get to know it. And that final turn is divine because of how you have to handle it - tip the car in, slide it through, wash out onto the curb on the outside. It's quite unlike anything else I've driven.

Sure, perhaps it could use some more trackside detail, but not much. I love the secluded feel almost as much as the layout. Well done and definitely worth a download.
Fun track. Has a nice rythm to it when you get used to the track.
The road itself, the layout, the curbs... WOW! 5 stars for sure imho!
It is totaly awesome to drive this track, a lot of fun! (Shorttail<3)
The concrete carousel is super epic!

But i hope for some more details beside the track... it looks nice, but it's a lil bit monotonous.
It deserves 5 stars but compared to other HQ mod tracks i can only give 4 now.
Would rate 4,5 if possible... forgive me and thx for this track! <3 :D
Thanks! Details are coming for sure, when I get around to work on this track again. Though it my be a couple of months since I want to finish another project.
The last update mad it even more excellent. A mini Norschleife. Great job!
Excellent job
No pb on race with 19 AI.
I stumbled upon this track yesterday....This is in my 3 top tracks! What a fantastic layout! The track in VR is the best I've experienced in AC HANDS DOWN! A blast with the F2004 and other formula type cars. Thanks for the hard work, keep it up!!!!
Thanks! GRASS FX update coming up!
it working well with content manager and it's a beautiful track!
well done!!!
Excellent track, looking forward to any updates you do. Thanks so much!
I plan to release Grass FX update for my 3 tracks - this one, Old Spanish Trail and Roller Coaster Race Circuit. You can see the test lap for Pinewood in discussion thread.
Great track! Good scenery and elevation. Works well with historic cars all the way up to modern. Keep up the good work!
This is a wonderful track. I have been having a problem with AI not coming out during practice sessions. Maybe you got it fixed. Thanks.
Yes, it's fixed. I re-recorded pit lane. Right now the biggest problem is AI crashing in 46 car race. But I imagine online race with people would be even bigger mess.
Brilliant, love the elevation changes.
Wow! Good job. This is a very welcome addition to AC. Thank you. I'm actually getting very good FPS, but have a very beefy gfx card.
The AI needs a bit of work (but I think that's been mentioned) and there's some tiling on the trackside texture. I'm looking forward to racing on this track and its upcoming updates. Thank you for sharing thi with us. A lot of people are going to get a lot of enjoyment from it.
Trackside will have some runoff drawed in, and I will try to find a better dead grass texture that doesn't look so tiling.
About AI - this type of track is more difficult to record (at least for me), because I can go much faster through that chicane. AI tries to do that in a race and someone will definitely fly somewhere. So I made them slow down with AI hints file in some places.

If there are better drivers out there that don't mind helping me with AI part, I'm all for it
I apologize, but I don't know English. So I use the Goolge translator. I recorded a video where is recorded the CPU usage, GPU and memory. The FPS are in the upper left corner. My processor is an AMD 7 2700 3.2 GHZ. 16 GB RAM memory. 1070 ti video card. I hope the video can help you. The FPS found it very low compared to other tracks. I usually play at 90 FPS. Thank you for your work. The track is very good to play.
Thanks! That's a lot of cars. Right now for me on 1060 the track has the same performance as Kunos Nordschleife, 1 car 80-90, 20 cars 60fps.
Gran Muchas Gracias =)
Excellent track, really good fun! Although there was a slight mishap during my race. A Lister Storm was chasing me hard, but suddenly he wasn't in my rearview mirror anymore, so I checked the replay to find out why....
Heh, used to happen in OSTH circuit too, at first chicane. Probably will have to put invisible roof over there.
Absolutely lovely.. Like a lot the Pines. Did you make them by yourself? Also the route is cool.. Nice speedtraxxx... :)
It was a lot of searching before I found these trees. They are from a pack called "T4Ever_V8". It has 13 GB of high resolution .png textures of 3D tree models, different species, each model rendered from 3 sides, in 4 different lightings. I use those textures for my Roller Coaster track too, very useful. Just google the name, the pack is free.
you gotta finish this track man perfect width for high speed cars corners good , perfect for the bmw judd V8