Pinewood 0.9

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Pinewood has all I learned to like about my favourite tracks - Nordschleife, Road Atlanta, VIR and others like that. It has "Eau Rouge" type corner, a bumpy concrete carousel at the end and many corners over the hills that are hard to learn but fun to drive when you know them.

Track has 46 pitboxes, which I can not even use, but if you feel like you want more then that, I can do it. There is plenty of room left.


Length: 6077m
Width: 10m-15m
Pitboxes: 46
Replay Cams: 2 (for now)
Elevation change: 116m


* 3D grass
* Entrance building
* Roof over pitlane
* More billboard trees in forest
* More replay cameras
* etc.


Latest updates

  1. Pinewood GP 0.9

    * New more advanced Grass FX - CSP 0.1.46 or above recommended. If you update CSP, make sure you...
  2. Pinewood GP 0.8

    * Grass FX * Road bumps added * Drone replay camera * More visual details
  3. 46 car version

    Need more testers with powerful setups. I only get 30-40fps with full grid, and 100% CPU load...

Latest reviews

This one doesn't get enough attention. What a great track. Elevation, flow, detail... just great. Works well with everything from vintage to GT3.
This I like a lot fast twisty banking.
Thanks for all the hard work an time you put into this.
what an amazing track!
Really nice flow, and very exciting to drive on with the elevation, twists and turns. Very visually pleasing.
Insanely fun track, racing with GT3 and faster cars is honestly scary when going full attack. Really hope to see this track progress it truly tests your limits as a driver!
I was inspired to open a second Youtube channel only about AC. And Pinewood is really great, the flow of the track makes it really nice, here is a video of Pinewood with CSP+SOL+RainFX, the track is great:
Bram Hengeveld
What an amazing track eg01st <3
Great job, thank you!
Great and fun track, awesome :D
Great fun to drive
A really fun layout to drive/race on. I think it just needs a bit more off-track ambience to complete the feel of this place. Nice job!
big thanks
Excellent track! I downloaded it yesterday and enjoyed all of it. Mainly it's variety and layout. Really a good one for fast cars to test your skills apex to apex without lifting foot. Non forgiving if you do it wrong at high speed. I think I did cut some of your trees in the long curve after the pits straight going wide with a Mazda 787b. Sorry about that. Will replant double. I swear :-) In a Mazda ND cup it's fun also. Great work! Keep it up!
превосходная лесная дорожка. запах сосны и елок меня вдохновляет ;-)
цепкое дорожное полотно. (тоета труено) с ветерком=)
Спасибо, рад, что тебе понравилось!
Fantastic work!
What a fun to drive here! Thanks! Really good work. :-)
REALLY fun to drive, nice job and thanks. Could use a BOX HERE sign.

So North or South Carolina? Those mountains are WAY too awesome for either so I placed the track in Dubois Wyoming (just up the road from here) and called the track "Carolina in the Pines" after one of my favorite songs, hope you don't' mind :)
Location is just my guess. I wanted a place with landscape like in Lord Of The Rings with pines and tall, dry grass, so might as well be New Zealand. But in Google maps I found that Carolina has pine tree forests like these. Not sure about the high mountains in the background though...
love the lay out. nice job
Amazing layout, very fast and fun! I tried it with the Ferrari F40 S3 and Mclaren 650 GT3.
The grass graphics however needs improvement.....

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