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Poligon 0.1

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This is literally less than 24 hour project, I threw together assets from my other 2 tracks and made training ground for my mom to learn driving snakes around cones, taking correct line in corner, braking etc.
I just find myself enjoying it too, so if any more people are interested, I might polish the track up and add more layouts - possibilities are infinite.
Think of this as Top Gear test track - it has snakes, chicanes, and fast sections.

There is very small lap in a shape of 8, for really small cars like Mini Cooper, and a large circuit, where I can place obstacles in 1,2,4,and 8 meter radius each. Large lap currently has 2 layouts - Snakes and Fast, names are self explanatory:

You can even make a suggestion of layout you would like to see, draw a scheme from the screenshot above.

Here are laps from each layout.
Layout 8:
Layout Snakes:
Layout Fast:
  • Screenshot_ks_porsche_911_rsr_2018_poligon_24-8-119-19-41-5.jpg
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Omg it's so fun, I didn't expect that !
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Cool Quality (road and trees). Maybee some grass? ;) Realy enjoying..
That will all come. I plan to completely make it over with better texturing, terrain, verticality, obstacles, pitlane etc. Only the layout map of tarmac surface will remain. I just need to find time for it. I have most of assets and textures ready in my other tracks, just a matter of putting it all together and making a terrain.
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This literally is the most wholesome track ever
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