1. XilefHD

    Audi F3 Fantasy Team 1.5

    My first serious car skin. Audi Blank: Lucas di Grassi: Rene Rast: Car used is the Formula RSS 3 V6: To install the skins you need to copy the folders to assettocorsa\content\cars\rss_formula_rss_3_v6\skins
  2. beowulfp

    Formula Hybrid 2021 Mclaren Mission Winnow 1

    This is a fantasy livery for the RSS Formula Hybrid 2021. It is inspired by the classical Malboro Mclaren liverys. Helmets not included and suits might be updated in the future. Please leave a rating if you like the livery! Credit: Tires on the Preview...
  3. Audren Lavenerable

    Fantasy McLaren Mercedes 0.1

    Hey guys. My first skin since F1 2014. Definitely not a pro and its definitely not perfect (I already saw a couple of issues. Working on them for another version). Hope you like it. I have not managed to do a Copy/paste version sadly as my McLaren erp is a combination of other modder's mods...
  4. K

    Hulligan Karting 1.1

    Small go-kart fantasy track in a forest. Up to 20 drivers, AI working (some crashes expected in narrow sections). First ever track made for AC, I used Race Track Builder. Feel free to give advices! Cockpit: view; Track cameras view:
  5. krissboo

    British Racing Green Mclaren F1 GTR 1.0

    Made a fantasy British Racing Green and grey (with a splash of gold) livery for the Kunos Mclaren F1 GTR. This includes some huge improvements over the standard Kunos mod with new textures including head and tail lights, brake calipers, rim textures and a huge amount of PBR and paint work...
  6. theGunner

    Cognizant Aston Martin Livery | ACFL 2020 2021-02-20

    Cognizant Aston Martin #5 Fantasy Livery That's my very first attempt trying to make a custom skins. Very plausible and unpretentious livery. P.S. I'm not trying to cadge donates! The only thank I need is subscribe on me)
  7. GoYobYx

    GoyoDK 0.8

    Bienvenidos a GoyoDK, Es un circuito ficticio con curvas amplias y rápidas para drift, ideal para tandems y muy técnico para completar todos los cliping-points en runs de clasificación. Welcome to GoyoDK, It is a fictional circuit with wide and fast corners for drift, ideal for tandems and very...
  8. GoYobYx

    Goyo Palace - Autocross Circuit 0.8

    ESP: Bienvenidos a mi primer circuito creado de tierra, Goyo Palace. Es un circuito ficticio situado entre montañas con mucha vegetación, ideal para coches no muy potentes con mucha gente. Espero que os guste! ENG: Welcome to my first dirt track, Goyo Palace. It is a fictional circuit located...
  9. pikafeu

    Nio Racing fantasy livery for RSS FH 2020 1.0

    Hi, new skin for the rss 2020 inspired of Nio racing formula Eteam, hope you'll like it. buy the car here : if you want to support me go on my discord for graphic stuff and trackmania...
  10. rod vion

    Euphoria Hillside park 1.0

    Track: Euphoria Hillside Park Length: 2700m Elevation: 107m Circuit mode 30 pits/starts place Replay camera Grass FX Lights Map Suggested cars: Drift, etc. The ai line is only basic The textures are free from the internet and redesigned Fictional, short hillside track The track was made in...
  11. T

    AMG_GT4_as_GT3 (fantasy) 2020-12-19

    Hi there , Since I personally like the sound and the graphics of the AMG GT4 from the guerrilla mod, but I much prefer to drive GT3 vehicles, I imaginatively tuned the AMG GT4 so that it is at the level of a GT3 vehicle, at least something like that :). If you want, you can try this out. I've...
  12. rmi_wood

    Troyton Raceway 0.99

    Troyton Raceway A scratch built fantasy track, Originally by Neil Faichney for rFactor conversion by RMi with permissions by Neil F. Set in Australia, the entire track follows the outline of the Troyton Racing logo (TR) featuring a banked, 180 degree turn and harbor scenery. Features: -...
  13. Whills

    Star Wars: The Landspeeder Racing for rFactor 1.0 beta

    PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO UPLOAD THE SOURCE FILE ANYWHERE ELSE! S T A R W A R S THE LANDSPEEDER RACING A GIFT FOR STAR WARS FANS For many years, the exciting LANDSPEEDER GRAND PRIX has been held around the galaxy. Only the most talented drivers could win the championship. The...
  14. F

    Aston Marting Fantasy Skin 2021 MyTeam By Zapp 1.0

    This is my first skin mod, feedback is appreciated, my take on next years Aston Martin Skin, hope you like it. i suggest replacing racenet for the car skin but any livery with "_d" should work. NO FLAG VERSION INCLUDED. (If you want a different flag DM me , im thinking on making a...
  15. Geckarbor5LP

    Gecki Racing Team - My Team Season 2 Livery 1.0

    Here you can find the skin + the logo of my F1 2020 My Team career, my self-made team from my YouTube-My Team career "Gecki Racing Team". It is the livery from season 2. If interested enough, I will also upload the season 1 livery.
  16. abrimaal

    Mr Beep for GTR Evo 202010

    A funny compact 1960s car to compete with VW Beetle, Trabant, Citroen 2CV, Renault Dauphine etc. 3D model by SQUIR Converted to GTR Evo by Carsay. It is a high poly model. It is possible to slow down the game, although 20 Beep cars at once go smoothly. Some small details...
  17. Schmuckiiii

    Norwich Autodrome 1.0

    Fantasy Permanent Road Course with 2 Layouts: Short: Distance: 2.614km Turns: 10 GP: Distance: 3.544km Turns: 20 Images:
  18. Legalestrauma

    Michelle Halder by L.T.Marcel 1.0

    Video Image
  19. Legalestrauma

    Back to the Furture by L.T.Marcel 1.0

    Video Fantasy Helmet Wish Helmet
  20. Legalestrauma

    Fantasy Career Helmet "One" by L.T.Marcel 1.0