1. Peter Roche Racing

    2021 Renault Sport F1 Team - Fantasy Livery (Car) 1.00

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: New livery for Renault inspired by one of their most iconic looks from 2000's. The legendary french racing blue color returns after a very...
  2. ItzzAdr14n

    F1 2020 Season Mod 1.0

    Hello Everyone! Backstory: For the past few months I've been working on a this mod. At first it was only supposed to be a alternative livery mod for career mode, but it was taking too long so I decided to turn this into a 2020 mod. There are new liveries for each team, all on their existing...
  3. jajafrison

    Mclaren Coca Cola Skin 3.0

    Mclaren Coca Cola energy Fantasy Skin for the rss formula hybrid 2019 assetto corsa. More cars,tracks and skins here: and my YouTube channel:
  4. Peter Roche Racing

    2020 Red Bull Racing - Fantasy Camo Livery 1.01

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: It's that time of the year when the Red Bull wears camo again. A quick & fun livery that I made today. The plan is to release the rest of...
  5. itsDraik

    Sad Machines JTCC Fantasy Livery 1.0

    Hello, my name is itsDraik, and I present to you a new skin for the Nissan Primera GT BTCC. I make the Sad Machines JTCC Fantasy Livery originally made on a Nissan President with a custom body kit, now on the Primera GT, because it was the appropiate car for it. It comes also with custom gloves...
  6. Kriss047

    Fantasy Skins for Formula Agile 1.0

    I've made 2 fantasy liveries for the Formula Agile. Hope you enjoy. I am not a really good livery maker but i still hope its something you would use it haha. Liveries in the pack: CamoRacing and HomeMade Motorsports.
  7. Peter Roche Racing

    2020 Polaroid Alfa Romeo - Full Team Fantasy Package 1.01

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: Alfa Romeo reveals their new livery and the changes are massive all thanks to their new title sponsor Polaroid. It features the signature...
  8. Peter Roche Racing

    2020 Renault Sport F1 Team - Fantasy Livery (Car, Suits) 1.00

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: A new Renault livery for the next season. The car is moslty yellow with black logos and some small black elements like the shark fin and...
  9. Peter Roche Racing

    2020 Audi Sport Formula 1 Team - Full Fantasy Team Package 1.00

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: Speculations are over and the time has come. Audi will be in Formula 1. After years of domination in endurance racing Audi is hungry for a...
  10. eg01st

    Pinewood GP 0.8

    Hi! Pinewood has all I learned to like about my favourite tracks - Nordschleife, Road Atlanta, VIR and others like that. It has "Eau Rouge" type corner, a bumpy concrete carousel at the end and many corners over the hills that are hard to learn but fun to drive when you know them. Track has 30...
  11. Peter Roche Racing

    2020 Williams Fantasy Package (Car Livery, Driver Suits & More) 1.00

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: Back to black. Williams revealed the new car livery for the 2020 season. The team brings back the black and white colors from the 1969...
  12. kawa4saki

    Motogp Fantasy Red Bull KTM ( CUSTOM RIDER ONLY ) 2019-09-26

    This is a fantasy skin for the red bull ktm this is only for the custom rider. This was a request by GunnDawg Thanks buddy, to give me all my freedom. This mod replaces the CUSTOM RIDER for red bull ktm. Contains: bike livery and alpinestar suit. If you have any question's just send em a pm...
  13. themrsmeo

    [F2002] Prost Grand Prix "Fantasy" AP05 for F2002 1.0

    English Version What if Prost GP existed in 2002 F1 season ? This fantasy skin includes - Blue helmet (for Driver and Crew) - Custom suit (for Driver and Crew) - Custom - New Sponsors - Michelin Tyres skins The F2002 car mod can be found here...
  14. tommytengoku

    Tsukurimono Touge 1.0

    Tsukurimono Touge is a fantasy road located in Japan created by me in RTB to learn more about track creation for Assetto Corsa. Primarily this was designed as a drift course but has proven to be very fun for time attack/battles, especially in lower powered cars. Features: - Working AI - Replay...
  15. DarXtreme

    Porsche Flash Racing #64 2019-07-26

    Only a fanatsy livery with real brands logo, made for fun during this afternoon. Have fun! Install the skin at assettocorsa/content/cars/ks_porsche_911_gt3_r_2016/skins In the archive you will find also some screens for your desktop If you like this work, check out my Instagram profile (...
  16. E

    SimplyCOLA Toro Rosso 2019-07-10

    This is a simple recolour of the base Toro Rosso skin but it now pushes Red Bulls "Simply COLA" brand more. I think its ideal for season 2. Hope you enjoy. Simply drag and drop the folders included into your F1 2019 folder. Remember to back up your files first!
  17. Conguito_

    RSS 3 three extra skins 1.0

    these are three green skins for the RSS 3 V6, becuase there are now green premade skins. I tried to make them look a little bit as if they were made by RSS. 3 skins with own numbers and drivers are included: #66 Antonio Conguito from Cuba #67 Bruno Conguito from France #68 Chris Conguito from...
  18. DigiBric

    Lamborghini Fantasy Team Work in Progress

    Coming Soon
  19. LeSunTzu

    KTM X-Bow Soccer Aid 2019 2019-06-08

    A fantasy skin inspired by the 2019 Soccer Aid charity football match that will take place in about a week.
  20. Broxima

    RBR Fantasy Livery 1.0

    Here is my new mod, Its just a simple recolor of RBR for F1 2016
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