1. TheMrLouis

    Aston Martin Fantasy 1.0

    this my fantasy Aston Martin i was made for my personnal carriere mod. based on the 2014 Mercedes, remplace Toro Rosso but you can change it enjoy
  2. angel1234k

    Fantasy Ferrari Formula E team | GIOVINAZZI #99 1.1

    fantasy Skin for Formula Lithium 2019 | Ferrari 2022 Driver is GIOVINAZZI who is currently himself is in Formula E
  3. L

    Lotus Fantasy Livery for F-Ultimate Gen 2 1.1

    Hey guys! I've been creating skins for myself for a pretty long time, but recently they turned out decent enough for me to share with you :) Since F-Ultimate Gen 2 have extra team slots, i decided to create a Team Lotus Classic livery. It's my first public work, so any feedback would be much...
  4. GreenMachine13

    Colorado 24 IMSA 2021 Skin 1.0

    Hi all! Here's a skin for Colorado 24 by Edobot, GTR2 converted by LaChub, AC converted by shin956. Found the track through the AC Tracks Listing 3.0 by Breathe. To update the track for modern IMSA, I re-did all of the billboards and trackside adverts, along with attempting to make the dirt...
  5. reflexp0000

    F1 tesla fantasy livery + (Japan special livery) 1.0

    These are 2 liveries I created as a request. Its a Tesla team livery + Japan special livery. All the sponsors are linked to tesla f1 team. Regular Livery: Japan Special:
  6. Spudknuckles

    Porknose Champion of Champions 1.1

    EVERY F1 World Champion for Pessio's RD1 Porknose. Imagine battling it out with every F1 World Champion at the same time. They're all in their prime and in equal machinery and you’re the wildcard in the most exclusive driver line-up ever assembled. They’ve brought their period-correct helmets...
  7. mkramer0820

    Career - Play as Guenther Steiner 0.1

    Ever wish you could play as this Foking legend? If so, now you can. If not, then pass. MyTeam / Career Face Swap. It replaces Jarno Opmeer in the myteam/career mode with the legend Guenther Steiner himself. Other principal face swaps found --> here Livery 1 can be found --> here FOM CAR SWAP...
  8. Slubbs

    Rexton & Trailbrake Park 1.1

    Important things to note: Everything is a little rough looking, planned updates include; some custom 3D models, more lights, bug fixes, and helper lines for the A.I.. The track now has 8 unique layouts; 5 for Trailbrake Park, and 3 for Rexton, with only one of the Rexton layouts being a...
  9. TheMrLouis

    Aston Martin fantasy 1.0

    this my fantasy Aston Martin i was made for my personnal carriere mod. based on the 2013 Lotus, remplace Toro Rosso but you can change it enjoy
  10. F

    Ukrainian Haas v0.7

    UKRAINIAN HAAS Hello guys! If you don't want to use the Russian colored Haas, you can use Ukrainian Haas instead. I replaced the Uralkali logos with anti war phrase. Enjoy and hope the end of the war! Important! This mod isn't supposed to be hate against Russia. It's for Ukrainian civilians...
  11. rmi_wood

    Death Valley Raceway 1.0

    features: 36 pit/grid CSP stuff American style and feeling credits: original track by @DDawg converted to AC by @rmi_wood grid, physical mesh, camera, extra details by @shin956 blimp by @rt_team testing and hints by @breathe_reprise
  12. markfelix_111

    Audi Sport GP (Alfa Romeo takeover) (Full Team Package) 3.75. New Revamped Livery.

    Welcome to the Audi Sport GP takeover mod. Included in this mod right now is: -Livery (white base option coming soon) -Custom steering wheel decal -Number changes for Kimi, Gio and additional #6 and #16 -Pitlight, Pitstop Gantry, Monitor, Monitor Screen, Monitor Stand -Driver Suits, Caps and...
  13. TheMrLouis

    Peugeot F1 Team 1.0

    hello everyone, i created a Peugeot F1 Team for my personnal carriere mod and i want to share it with you. The car was based on the Lotus 2013 Enjoy
  14. Southh

    Chicanery International Circuit 1.21

    A unique fantasy circuit built with the "Racing Kit 3D model" pieces by Kenny. Three layouts are included, all of them have the same racing layout but have different surroundings. The Sus Version features toto wolff billboards and amogus over the main straight. All aircraft used in the Sus...
  15. Southh

    Donut Circuit 1.11

    Update 1.11: Live Video Board Hotfix Update 1.1: Grass FX, Live Video Board, Fixed Pitlane AI, and more Update 1.0: Added Sopwith-Camel Plane If you've ever worked in blender, you've probably heard of Blender Guru's starter donut tutorial. I've used the models I created in that tutorial...
  16. Charlie Lockwood

    Alpine Fantasy WEC LMH Skin (WIP) 0.1

    Alpine-style Le Mans Hypercar skin for the URD Moyoda. This mod is a work in progress, and still quite rough around the edges. #35 #36 Will definitely tidy it up at some point, but thought I'd post the work in progress. Very happy for someone to take it as a basis and do something better than...
  17. Charlie Lockwood

    Acura Fantasy WEC LMH Skin (WIP) 0.1

    Fantasy Le Mans Hypercar skin for the URD Moyoda in an Acura Team Penske style This mod is a work in progress, still rough around the edges. Skin was inspired by the Team Penske Acura that was run in IMSA a couple of years back. Still hoping to finish it off, but thought I'd post what I had...
  18. StarGamer

    Formula RSS 3 V6 DTS livery 2021-07-19

    Hey, this is a DTS(Drive to Survive(not related to Netflix))livery for the Formula RSS 3 V6 that I created. The main color of this skin ist black and purple, with a bit of white. I used this livery in the Champion R League by ChampionJoe This Skin includes the livery, the steering wheel was...
  19. MikeR1D

    Ayeberian Munro Circuit 1.0

    I used to really enjoy driving on Iberian circuit in FM4 so I decided to try and make my own version for AC in the Caingorms National Park in Scotland. So I eyeballed the basic outline of the circuit from a youtube video and then built it near the top of Ben Macdui, the second highest mountain...
  20. rmi_wood

    Mount Stenth 1.00

    "Mount Stenth could be in an area near Gologóra, Poland. Relaxing in its picturesque scenery, roiling hills and country views, Mt. Stenth rewards the driver as you pass through several small villages and scenic farmlands. Unofficially the 10.75km road doubles as both a hill-climb and tarmac...