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NERVE Enhanced FFB for Dirt Rally 0.45 2.2

Codemasters updated FFB tweaked for increased feedback and realism

  1. TemplarGFX
    NERVE is now outdated and here for those who prefer it over the newer Impact (if that's anyone at all!)
    Head here :

    Changes :
    Alignment-Torque strength lowered (very slightly)
    Alignment-Torque velocity influence increased
    Alignment-Torque grip influence increased
    Alignment-Torque surface influence decreased
    Over-all Lateral Forces Decreased
    Base Friction level increased
    New samples for Suspension Feedback
    New expanded suspension functions with very-soft,soft,medium,hard and very-hard, Impact, Extreme Impact thresholds
    New samples for Tyre Slipping
    New expanded tyre functions with very slight, slight, strong, very strong, powerful, extremely powerful thresholds

    Set ALL in-game feedback settings to 100% (see about Soft-Lock below) and then test out the game as it is. It is likely that it will be overpowering at 100%.
    Use your Wheel's Config/Profiler to lower the over-all strength of the feedback instead of modifying the in-game settings initially. Do this until you find a good balance of centering torque that suits you. Now modify the Suspension, Tyre Slip and Collision values to taste and you should be right to go!

    If you have Soft-Lock enabled, set it to 100% and leave it. However it you have Soft-Lock disabled, take the Degrees Of Rotation you have set on your wheel and devide it by 9. \
    Set ingame % to this value.

    What it actually feels like :

    There are 3 main areas I focused on when trying to get a better balance of effects. Alignment, Suspension, and Skidding.

    Alignment forces felt too strong at low speed, or too powerful at high speed. Surface type seems to make little difference to the strength of forces I was feeling.
    This is no longer the case. At low speed aligment is almost non-existant. As speed increases the force increases. Surfaces like gravel create additional resistance on the wheel that tarmac does not. On the flip-side tarmac creates a different resistance (grip) that gravel does not. This feels (to me) much more realistic.

    Suspension forces suffered from the same thing most game components do. Too little.
    I expanded the suspension to have 7 levels of feedback scaled according to the amount of travel experienced. Lower suspension movements translate into the tiniest amount of resistance on the wheel (barely even noticeable) and DO NOT cause the wheel to turn on its own.

    Skidding or Tyre Slip gives an almost constant additional surface feedback through the wheel with that feedback changing according to how much grip (or lack of) you have. Combined with the Suspension this tightens the wheel up and really makes you feel the bumps and undulations in the surface.

    The over-all effect is a much more realistic feeling. Now Im no expert and obviously this feel realistic to me, but it might not be. Regardless of realism, I think this is a great improvement over the updated FFB. I only rebalanced things this time around, its not a re-write.

    My Personal Preferences are currently :

    Dirt Rally
    Self Aligning Torque = 100%
    Strength at which wheel turns to face car momentum direction
    Wheel Friction = 100%
    Resistance on the wheel caused by pressure on the wheels and surface type / angle
    Tyre Friction = 100%
    Resistance on the wheel caused by the level of grip on the tyres
    Suspension = 90%
    Amount of vibration felt from suspension compression (surface feedback)
    Tyre Slip = 70%
    Amount of vibration felt from skidding
    Collision = 100%
    Collision forces and vibration

    Logitech Profiler
    Over-All Strength : 70%
    Spring Strength : 70%
    Damper Strength : 0% (I found the wheel to be more responsive)
    No Centering

Recent Reviews

  1. AadHofman
    Version: 2.2
    For T300, this is defo better than "Impact", which is too noisy and inaccurate for the wheel, IMO.
  2. Msportdan
    Version: 2.2
    Codemasters need this as the default FFB, simply that good!
  3. Dave McMillan
    Dave McMillan
    Version: 2.1
    Defo an improvement over the standard FFB after the update. Feels more alive on gravel anyway, haven't tried tarmac yet.
  4. Vladimir Antic
    Vladimir Antic
    Version: 2.1
    It made the game much much better!
  5. Dom2611
    Version: 2.1
    Great mod, I have blisters, well almost! Cars feel a lot better especially over the bumps. Good work.
  6. HeavyHarris
    Version: 2.0
    My times improved immediately and I feel like I can actually tell what the car is doing now. Great stuff.
  7. Dave R
    Dave R
    Version: 2.0
    Total Gamechanger. Excellent Feedback now
  8. MonsterS48
    Version: 2.0
    Thanks a lot, now I can play this game! Great
  9. quakeguy
    Version: 2.0
    nothing short of a game changer for me. Had to tweek some minor stuff (personal preference I guess) but it's a very solid start to build on.
  10. Igniited
    Version: 2.0
    Fantastic. Game feels so much better now :D
  11. Matt Orr
    Matt Orr
    Version: 2.0
    This has totally transformed Dirt Rally for me, to the degree that I actually smile while driving a tarmac stage. That's gotta be worth at least 6 stars, but the system only allows 5.
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