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Mods IMPACT Force Feedback 7.0

Completely Custom Force Feedback Setup file for Dirt Rally 1.02

  1. TemplarGFX submitted a new resource:

    Impact Force Feedback - Completely Custom Force Feedback Setup file for Dirt Rally 0.45

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    Custom Samples, Rebalanced Frequences and more!

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  3. So we moved from Nerve to Impact for good?
    I'll go test this one asap.
  4. That depends on the community, and which one everyone says is better. Im fixing up Impact as its new, but its pretty balanced at 2.0 so I might see what the feedback is like
  5. After some adjusting the ingame FFB values, It is really good. I like!
    The Rev scale is way too high though, I dropped it to 0.08 and 0.10 which was ok, but it may also be wheel dependant.
    T500rs settings with Impact FFB:
    SAT - 51
    WF - 30
    TF - 75
    Sus - 80
    TS - 37
    Col - 100
    SL - 100
    I'm gonna keep this file as my go to FFB. More testing to come...
    Good job Templar :thumbsup:
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  6. I like this one too and tested it in Wales again. I tried your suggested settings, but I couldn't quite get on with the limited wheel rotation, so I set my wheel back to 900.

    Here are my test settings:
    Logitech Profiler:
    Overall effect strength = 100%
    Spring effect strength = 0%
    Damper effect strength = 0%
    Center spring enabled = Yes
    Center spring strength = 0%

    In game settings:
    S.A.T. = 100%
    Wheel Friction = 100%
    Tyre Friction =100%
    Susp = 95%
    Tyre Slip = 95%
    Collision = 100%
    Soft Lock = 100%

    So my observations. As Golanv says, the rev scale is a little too high. The vibration that you would feel through the wheel when you're waiting at the start line would be much more subtle. I don't know if it's my imagination, but the G27 'deadzone' feels a little more pronounced with this one, that could just be me though. And finally, I'd like to feel just a little more vibration as the car goes sideways and perhaps a little more bump steer at low speeds.
    Other than that it feels very good, I really like it and will be running this FFB for the foreseeable future. No sim is ever going to be 100% accurate, but this is pretty close to my experiences of gravel as I remember them, good job! Going to go and test it on tarmac now, I'll let you know my thoughts on how that feels later in the day.
  7. That feels pretty good around Monte Carlo, handles nicely and you can feel the road really well. Good work!

    Some additional info - I tested the Stratos at Monte Carlo then tested the Stratos available for Assetto and although we're talking different physics engines, the handling and feel was quite similar.
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  8. The slight deadzone increase you mentioned @Dom2611 is not necessarily in your head. I tested that with the SAT, and raising it slightly, made it practically go away.
    Of course we have different wheels so milage may vary. :)
  9. Thanks Golanv, I'll give that a go. As I'm already running the SAT on 100% though I thought there'd be a high risk of introducing clipping if I pushed it much higher. We could really do with a talented coder to build us a clipping monitor like they have in AC and rF2.
  10. I pushed the SAT up to 110 and that's sorted it out - thanks for the tip
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  11. Hi guys! Can you tell me what clipping means?
    And what does SAT means? Is that saturation in advansed wheel settings? isn´t the limit 100% ?
  12. Arne Dopudja

    Arne Dopudja
    Leader of the infamous Chevy Gang.

    Clipping occurs when the FFB exceeds the threshold of the steering wheel and shuts off/relaxes the ffb in intervals. Kinda like traction control in cars.

    Self Aligning Torque. You notice it when the rear of the car steps out and the wheel starts to turn in the same way. It is realistic, so the percentage only means how hard the wheel will pull in such situations.
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  14. TemplarGFX updated IMPACT Force Feedback with a new update entry:

    Tyre and Suspension work!

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  15. Well what can I say, from some preliminary testing, that to me, is pretty much spot on!
    Excellent work!!! For someone who doesn't drive you certainly have an intuitive knowledge of how a car should feel. G25/27 users you must follow the set-up guide to get the most out of this mod, but I'll add a few comments / tips of my own for anyone new to one of these wheels that might help, not only here, but across all your racing sims/games.

    Here are my settings, for my G27 Global Profiler:
    Wheel Rotation = 900
    Overall effect strength = 100%
    Spring effect strength = 0%
    Damper effect strength = 0%
    Center spring enabled = Yes
    Center spring strength = 0%
    Allow Game to adjust settings = Yes

    The reason I set it like this is that this is how I understand it works after about 5years of G27 ownership. The two really important bits are Overall effects strength and allow game to adjust settings. These should always be set to 100% and yes respectively. The reason is this: Overall Effects Strength tells your wheel how much of the game/sim's physics/FFB output the wheel should read. If you set it below 100% it will start to reduce some of that output and you won't be feeling all the physics/FFB the game is trying to give. Put it above 100% and it starts to multiply the physics/FFB. So in both cases, your wheel and therefore you are not receiving a clear picture of what the game is trying to tell you.
    Allow game to adjust settings is really important if the game has a soft-lock option for wheel rotation. Set your wheel to 900, enable the games soft-lock option and the game will sort out the car's steering wheel degrees of rotation. It also means that if there are options to tune FFB from within the game that it interprets these correctly. Spring Effects Strength, Damper Effects Strength and Center Spring Strength are all 'canned' effects as far as I know and should be avoided. I do, however, enable the Center Spring. It's debatable whether this actually has any effect, but it's my belief that it tells the wheel to interpret the self aligning torque effects that the game sends it. The spring strength slider then adds to these effects if you are not feeling enough from the game. I could be wrong on that one though, so I'll stand corrected if anyone has a better explanation.
    Oh another really important point on the G25/27, if the sim has an in-game calibration tool, RUN IT! Your lovely new G25/27 might well have 900 degrees of rotation when you first get it out of the box, but as the years go by and you pile on the sim miles, you'll find that it looses some along the way. My G27 currently reads 850 degs in Dirt Rally and 855 degs in Assetto Corsa. So make sure you do this if you want the game to read your steering inputs correctly.
    So that's it on the Logitech Profiler. I'd be happy yo hear if I got any of it wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works.

    Here are my in-game settings. Like I say, I've had my wheel about 5 years and have put more sim miles on it than I care to admit to. So it's a bit old and worn with quite a pronounced 'deadzone' and doesn't register at a full 900 degrees.

    In game settings:
    S.A.T. = 105%
    Wheel Friction = 100%
    Tyre Friction =100%
    Susp = 92%
    Tyre Slip = 70%
    Collision = 100%
    Soft Lock = 100%

    You'll notice the SAT is quite high, thanks to a tip from Golanv, I've found this reduces the deadzone. But don't just copy my settings though, follow the steps TemplarGFX recommends in his setup guide and you will really get the best out of this excellent FFB mod.

    Good work Templar.
  16. Awesome work Templar, this release transforms the game when using Fanatec clubsport wheel.
    Now the wheel has good force feed back.
  17. I agree.
    With my CSW v2 it's simply AMAZING!!!
    Now I feel all the bumps and all the load transfer of the car. It's another game, even the tarmac feeling is absolutely realistic.
  18. Feels amazing on Germany :thumbsup:
  19. Does that mean Tarmac Terror has no FFB update?
  20. No FFB update.