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NERVE Enhanced FFB for Dirt Rally 0.45 2.2

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Hi All,

Here is a small update to NERVE that fixes the Rev effect so it actually works, and lowers the tyre slip effect to be less aggressive!

Changes :
Rev effect sample fixed so that it can be felt on wheel
First skid function reduced significantly
Second skid function reduced slightly

You will probably want to increase Tyre Slip in-game a little once you apply this.

Please note that I have released a new mod Impact, which is a completely custom FFB not based on the settings created by Codemasters. Give it a try! I personally think it is a lot better!
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Here is version 2.1 for everyone!

I have tweaked both Suspension and Tyre Skidding to remove the feeling of it only pulling to the right, and being easier to turn right. I am pretty confident I have this working at last!

Suspension ranges were modified along with the samples and the over-all feeling is a smoother increase in feedback according to impact. Lands from jumps are now quite noticeable!

Skidding feedback has also been reworked to give its feedback via varying road surface feedback. Basically the amount of grip your wheels have directly relate to the strength and type of feedback you feel through the wheel. It is almost constantly present and is meant to blend into the suspension feedback to give a much deeper surface feeling on the wheel while also giving feedback on grip levels through how the surface feels as you lose grip. You still get the loss of stiffness on the wheel from the centering torque ontop and all up I think its quite a convining effect!
Another large rebalance on the effects from feedback received on the first version!

The Biggest change is I fixed 2 values that I incorrectly interpreted which control resistance on the wheel at speed!

Change List :
Alignment Torque Increased
Grip Surface Friction on AT increased
Non-Grip Surface Friction on AT decreased
Base Friction Increased
Rebalance of Suspension for more precise feedback
Rebalance of Tyre Slipping for faster feedback
Better Tyre samples