Whatever You Do.. Don't Crash! 2.0


  1. TemplarGFX

    The most brutal damage simulation you could possibly ask for, right in Dirt Rally!

    Installing these files will disable anything saving to your profile (such as campaign progress, and purchases) and should not be used online!

    Extract the Cars folder, and raceload.jpk file to your Dirt Rally installation (replace the files)

    Open the "Originals" folder inside the download, and copy the Cars folder, and raceload.jpk to your Dirt Rally installation (replace files)

    Overview :
    WYDDC for Dirt Rally creates a much more devastating damage system for custom races / matches that will have you sweating in no time!

    There are two components, the Mechanical Damage changes (inside the raceload.jpk file and the visual car deformation changes (inside the Cars folder).

    Mechanical Damage Changes :
    Base Major Damage ratio increased by 75%
    Base Minor Damage ratio increased by 25%
    All individual component Major Damage chance at 100%
    All individual component Minor Damage chance at 50%
    Impact damage area decreased to 0.5m
    Radiator durability increased (it was set to made-from-paper by default)
    driveshaft maximum friction when damaged increased alot
    wheel locking, steering disconnection, rotational friction and wobble significantly increased on wheel damage
    Effects of Engine and Gearbox damage significantly increased

    Visual Damage Changes :
    All vehicles have had the maximum allowed deformation per damage "pulse" increased to the full range of deformation.
    This means that one hit can crush the car with serious damage, and multiple hits will crumple the car beyond recognition.
    Due to the fact that the game is not intended for this to be done, and it is not soft-body things can look pretty funky at times!

    Because the visual car damage can become so extreme, the offsetting of the wheels triggers mechanical damage which will bring the car to a halt in realistic fashion. While "terminal damage" might not pop up, you won't be limping to the finish line!


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    10. 2016-01-09_00010.jpg

Recent Reviews

    Version: 2.0
    I liked this mod at first, but then found myself wishing for a way to tone it down. I totaled my car just from literally hitting a blade of grass (okay a small bush). And, I would get into situations where I would be off the road, but the 'reset car' option wouldn't pop up, so I had to further destroy my car trying to slide further down the mountain so I could reset it. It's mostly from deformation messing up your wheels. I wish there was a damage mod that would fulfill the goal of enhancing the suspense but not end your race so easily. There is a need for some middle ground.

    I ended up going back to original damage, and was going to give the mod 3 stars, but I am giving it 4 because it is useful as a practice tool.
  2. Tyler Proudfoot
    Tyler Proudfoot
    Version: 2.0
    Brilliant, Makes the hardcore damage mod 2.0 look like a fairy tale world. This is the best mod I have downloaded for this game, cheers!
  3. Sk3ptik0n
    Version: 2.0
    I have a question: Would it work if I were to duplicate the DIRT RALLY folder and install this on the offline version, but keep a copy for the online? I realize it would be a nightmare to keep the two versions in sync with any update, but maybe there is a better way to have our cake and eat it too?
    1. TemplarGFX
      Author's Response
      Your best bet is to use the Dirt Rally Mod Manager (in the downloads section)
  4. astro83
    Version: 2.0
    Just awesome! Now its a true sim!
  5. GoodOldBakes
    Version: 1.0
    Brutal and uncompromising. Just the way it should be. A must have mod if you want realism.
  6. porridge
    Version: 1.0
    It is brutal, no two ways about it. Takes it up a notch from the old Hardcore Damage Mod. What's not to like?
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