1. MergarGirgar

    Radio Subtitles [PL] 1.01

    [EN] This plugin was made by zamp, all credits goes to him. I only translated his plugin into Polish language. [PL] Plugin został stworzony przez zamp. Przetłumaczone zostały tylko pliki tekstowe z zawartością. Original plugin:
  2. N0tiC

    [GUIDE] How to make mods for MySummerCar?

    [GUIDE]How to make mods for MySummerCar? NOTE: This is a work in progress please let me know if anything is wrong, something feels like its missing or you have any questions. NOTE: Some of the code/snippets have been written on the fly and has not been tested. Some may be faulty but please...
  3. Chrome

    Enable Save Menu 1.0

    This mod allows a menu to save the game at any time, you no longer need to go to the bathroom ... The menu is an older menu used in early versions of the game and I reactivate it. The option to exit without saving still exists. Requirements: -Requires Modloader latest version.
  4. kunedo

    Fresh Water 9.3

    Description: =========== Hello! , today I bring you a new mod that adds a coffee machine! and the precious bottles of water! Coffee machine is in house, 3 coffe cups in kitchen , water bottle and pot coffee beans in store! Coffee machine has become obsolete and only keep the boxes and water...
  5. Chrome

    [Plugin] Mosquito Kill 1.0

    This plugin silence the mosquitoes and flies forever. INSTALLATION: 1: You need install first MSCLoader, CLICK HERE. 2: Extract the file in Mods folder.
  6. Chrome

    [Plugin] Trailer for Satsuma 1.5

    This Mod add a trailer to transport many itens with Satsuma OR Hayosiko (Van) This is my first 3D mod, and some bugs can be ocurrs. The Trailer can be found at side of Teimon. If some erro ocurrs, please, send me a screen shot on discord: Chrome#4899 INSTALLATION: 1: You need install first...
  7. V

    [PLUGIN] SetTachometerToPanel 1.0

    Esse mod/plugin faz com que o Tacometro sai do lugar original para do lado dos Extra Gauges, assim facilitando a visão do Velocimetro OBS: Pode ser que não funcione em algumas versões This mod / plugin causes the Tacometro to move from the original place to the side of the Extra Gauges, making...
  8. Kravity

    Dutch Subtitles and HUD 1.1

    A Dutch translation of MSC's subtitles and HUD! (Some liberties might have been taken with the insults and swears) This is just the subtitles.txt! Make sure to download the base subtitle mod by Chrome here...
  9. MergarGirgar

    [PLUGIN] Polish Subtitles 5.0

    [EN] Credits goes to: Chrome - for making ExtraTranslate.dll plugin jinnin0105 - for making LanguageFramework.dll base. [PL] Plugin składa się z dwóch części: Chrome - stworzył plugin ExtraLanguage jinnin0105 - za stworzenie całej podstawy do tłumaczenia UWAGA: Gra nie jest w pełni...
  10. natheo

    [Plugin] Texts in FRENCH (Subtitles, Status, Days) 3.0

    /!\ Il ce peut que la traduction ne soit pas parfaite /!\ [FR] Pour pouvoir utiliser la traduction française il suffit de télécharger le plugin de Chrome a cette page : une fois télécharger il suffit...
  11. Chrome

    [Plugin] Flooding 1.0

    This mod elevates the lake level and enables rapid movement. Important: In this first version, the water has no physical. I'm working on it. ** If it does not work, try disabling the "Detailed Water" option in the graphics settings How to install 0. You need have Mod Loader 1. Copy with...
  12. Chrome

    [Plugin] Texts Translation (Subtitles, Status, Days..) 4.0

    The translation of texts is performed by replacing in real time the original texts, in English, for their correspondents, as configured in the Subtitles.Text file that accompanies the plugin. The Subtitles.text file is set up for translation into Brazilian Portuguese. Spanish Translate (by...
  13. Chrome

    [Plugin] No Foliage 2.0

    This modification removes all the foliage from the game. Trees, shrubs, bushes, etc. CAUTION!. The map has several holes that are normally inaccessible. If you fall into it and go to the limbo of the game. If this occurs, return to the main menu. How to install: 0. You need have Mod Loader 1...
  14. A

    My Summer Car game save/load bot 2017-06-07

    ///////////// My Summer Car game save/load bot \\\\\\\\\\\\\ This application will help you if you want to avoid permadeath consequences or save multiple games. Download link:!gUMlELYK!NsikNNKh8Qmfymolptwh5CeRQu1IWaT27U3sVeK72Xs (UPDATED!) In order for this application to...
  15. piotrulos

    MSC Mod Loader 1.1.5

    >>> If you don't like launcher (or launcher doesn't work due to server problems), you can still download full package from github here Reviews tab are not for reporting problems due to one reply. Also include your output_log.txt to your post. >> Read FAQ before posting stuff << output_log.txt...
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