Delivery Jobs

Delivery Jobs 1.2.2

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Randomly generated delivery jobs. Deliver stuff from teimo to other houses.

Every 3 days you can get delivery jobs from map outside Teimo shop.

Jobs are randomly generated, you can set how many jobs is generated in mod settings.
Every generated box has a name (same as on target mailbox) delivery ID and region.
Regions are shown on map. (Longer distance from teimo shop = more money)
Box can be damaged so less money if box is badly damaged.

After delivery press use key (F by default) on mailbox "sticky note" to claim your money

  • Random jobs (new set of jobs each 3 days)
  • Random box sizes: small, medium, big, large (big and large will only fit in van)
  • Damage system (fragille boxes can be easily damaged)
  • Payment is based on distance and damage.


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Latest reviews

Works as intended. If you get Void FBI, you either have to open via steam or you're a dick who refuses to support the game developer by actually buying the game on Steam. I used to get it because I always had a fear that steam will overwrite my save, so I kept opening it via steamapps/common/My_Summer_Car. There is no excuse for piracy. Either don't play or pay up. I don't care if you "don't think it's worth the price". The creator has already stated the reason why you're getting Void FBI you degenerate who can't even pay £10.99 for a game. I'm sorry if you're getting this because you own it on Steam but you're only using the .exe program.
Pirates: it doesn't work.
Me (Pirate too): 8)
Void FBI bug
Mod nie działa, wyskakuje błąd w konsoli, link do loga:
sabesa sadusa sububa lusagate.
Do you think I know every fuking language in the world?
Void FBI bug
Access to the requested resource is not authorized. in Void FBI()
output file
FBI open up.
Great, gives another option to make easy money...
I just think that the difficulty should be random too...
I set up the mode but I get an invalid mode error
Great work, thanks!
Wow nice mod!
Dont work!! Please, update it for latest MSC version!
Your review is invalid, please check your number.
great mod but i keep getting small size boxes for the shipments starting to wonder if there is any mediums or larges
check mod settings to increase difficulty, then you will get larger ones.
I used this mod as a main source of payment for the first two weeks in game and i was wondering if its possible for grandma and the uncle to be seperated with a MS. or MR. as this would be helpful but Really good mod!
also getting, error Void FBI()
Its not working, error Void FBI()
Its not working when i enter the game the map didnt spawned
The mod is nice and simple, but, Idk if it was only for me but I wasn't able to deliver Uncle's box because the mailbox didn't have the sign.
Remember that grandma mailbox has same name as uncle, so it may be grandma box.
un buen mod para conseguir dineros
i dont have a map like you on the screen so i dont know how to use this mod
Restore the dirt mod please