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VHS Player 1.2.6

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Blast from past, a vhs tapes.

  • Play custom videos on tv
  • Game and real clock on display (game clock is mess, so if it's not synced with any clock in game this is ok, not a bug)
  • One video per vhs tape
  • Replaced tv table collider to mesh, so shelves works
  • Power outage aware.
  • Buy VCR and VHS tapes on teimo shop.
MSCLoader 1.0 or later is required.
Shop Catalog - BETA 0.9.3 or later.
How to add videos:
  • Convert your videos to ogv format (ex. using this: link)
  • Put ogv files in \Mods\Assets\VHSPlayer\Videos
  • One file will be one tape
  • Load game and go to teimo to buy tapes.
Limitations and known bugs:
  • Also in this Unity version (5.0) there is a bug, when loading video files, audio will not falloff so you will hear audio from movie everywhere
  • Game clock is a mess, every clock in game (on walls) are not synced with main clock or each other, VCR shows main clock, so when it is off few minutes than wall clock, it is ok, this is not a bug. Switch to real clock if you want.
  • MSC is now 64-bit application, but if you are using 32 bit branch Remember to not load big video files (hundreds of MB or in GB), if MSC RAM usage go above 3GB game will crash.
  • Don't turn on tv, or VHS audio will be mixed with TV audio.

To reset mod delete save file from Mods\Config\VHSPlayer folder

Planned features:
  • VHS tape boxes
  • If you have any ideas, please post :)
Thanks for Kubix for some models (VCR Remote)

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File size
12.7 MB
First release
Last update
3.72 star(s) 116 ratings

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Latest reviews

When i put the casset in nothings playing... i hit start nothing
anti piracy in a mod???
wtf even
Don't download if you're a pirate. This guy is a judgmental loser
The videos doesn't work... How to fix?
This mod is good, but where do cassettes go after ejecting? Mine are just disappearing.
That's MOP issue.
Such a bad mod. Good in the sense that you can put a VHS player in your home. Shitty how you can't play youtube videos without a stupid Limewire Troll.
stealing games = bad mod. Easy as that.
i have found a bug where tape says error pls fix
you say the game need 9.2 shop catalog but game says in need 9.3 i can buy the cassett but not the player
why not working? it just error
The mod is very cool and is an excellent idea, I have read that several complain that the vhs tape falls through the ground when taking it out, it also happened to me and so that it does not happen do not turn on the television. The video will play without turning on the TV, that way you can take out and put your vhs without going to a parallel world.
The mod works great, just don't use it with the Modern Optimization Plugin as they don't seem to be compatible.
What if i don't have darn money to buy MSC and i'm want to use this mod ?
If you don't have 10 bucks I think is time to find a job instead of wasting time on games.
Good mod but the thing is, the pirate thing. I know its because the player didnt bought the game, but man, sometimes pirates have souls (and this is not a ginger meme reference) im a pirate myself but i still respect the creators and i want to buy the game, but i dont have any money in my pocket.
Are you going to remove the anti-piracy thing?
If not, its not a problem
I'm not playing a pirate, but again, that code is a joke game when you open the PC crashes
The mod is perfect but their is a little problem;when I put a tape in the VHS player the tape will make error please restart your printer please help
Это не работает!!! Постоянность ошибки!!!
Although This is a great mod but, The manual guide in the vhs box won't work and when I put in the vhs tape, it gives me an error. Is this a mod error or this is my problem? Please Reply.
Stuck loading at 0% and fps drops to 10 thereafter. Can't interact at all with manual. Using latest experimental branch.
I put a video called Skillet Legendary with the format OGV how it said there but,It said error on the vhs!wth help!
Sry but this mod is utterly broken. stable or experimental branch dosnt matter. Videos dont play despite the right ogv format. tapes falling thruw the map and dissapear,scat and player installment is buggy as hell and only works occasionaly. Have you ever bugtested this befor? dosnt seem like it. The Old VHS Player mod worked way better