Cassette Tapes

Cassette Tapes 2.0.1

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Cassette Tapes for your radio!

If Cassette dissapears or falls through ground, please update MOP mod and check MOP settings.


This mod adds a working cassette tapes. You can put music on them.

  • Play, rewind, eject cassettes
  • Works with boombox and vehicles (stock radio, not cdplayer)
  • After eject cassette, music position is saved and will play where you end.
  • Multple format support (*.mp3, *.ogg, *.wav, *.aiff)
  • Just insert cassette into radio and enjoy.
  • Attach custom labels and arts for cassettes and boxes. (see \Mods\Assets\CassetteTapes\ for examples)
  • (there is no need to "import radio songs" in menu)
How to put music:
  • Go to existing "Radio" folder in MSC
  • Inside that folder create new folders (each folder will be a new cassette), name them whatever you want.
  • Put some files inside these folders, name doesn't matter
  • Run game and buy cassette from teimo store.
  • (Optional) You can also create file folders.txt in Radio root folder and in each line in text file add full path to music folders on your hard drive. Example:
Comming soon:
  • Cassette storage/rack (to grab more than one cassette)
  • And more ideas (give some)
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4.50 star(s) 66 ratings

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Latest updates

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  3. Cassette Tapes 1.4

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  4. Update 1.3 (mp3 update)

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  5. Update 1.2.1 (bug fix)

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Latest reviews

I have an idea for a mod:
Radio recording capability added. Buying empty cassettes from Teimo, and recording songs or broadcasts on cassettes.
This along side with "Delivery jobs" adds so much to game. I'm building my own Cassette collection, with original covers and all, and I listen to them while driving delivery jobs and it is awesome. Thank You!
Would be very good. But when i eject a cassette it just disappears. pls fix i want this to work.
I cannot reproduce that, give output_log when this happens.
great mod only suggestion would be to make it compatible with the second Ferndale mod
Where do my cassettes go when I eject them?
exelent mod! i can play my music in any car!
Good mod mate. One question, do i put the covers in the folder where i put songs for it or do i rename it as the folder name? Sorry to bother you, i didnt understanded the instructions. :(
you put it where you have songs (It works same as CD coverart.png)
Filename must be same as it is in assets folder (but you choose only between normal or -notext version)
Works great and is easy to use but when i eject my cassette it falls thru the world and dosent respawn on the shelf pls help
Works great.
Is it possible to integrate a random playback?
Would be 5 star, but the Cassette with my own music doesn't load anything, it just says 'end of track rewind' even though I haven't played any of the music. The files are mp3 and I don't know what i've done wrong.
This mod is just amazing! Only thing that bothers me is the UI which shows up when you fast forward or rewind the tapes. It's a bit immersion breaking, but I can deal with it.
mod is good.
can you change the way how add songs (maybe like in vhs mod)
it's same way as VHS mod (copy files to folder), how this can be change to same thing???
Exellent, this mod is very awesome. Now i can listen my favorites musics on the tractor, truck, van!
Mod is cool and all and im really loving it. However, If i leave my tape in the radio and save, tape goes back to the house. (Not too worried about that one) but if i save after take the tape out of the radio and save...Tape disappears to god knows were.
This mod is cool.You can make cases for cassettes and custom cover art.
Perfect ;d
very good mod no bugs glitches works perfect 10/10 awesome to be able to listen to custom music in other vehicles and boombox
5/5 works greatly! Finally i can listen to my own music while driving with something else than the Satsuma!
Awesome mod thanks. Also works in experimental.
Awesome mod. Should be a base game feature! I have some old 90s NYC Hiphop pirate radio recordings that I love to listen to in my room while tinkering with the engine!

It'd be awesome if there was a cassette rack, and cases for the individual cassettes! Maybe in the future. 10/10.