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MK1 Ford Escort RS1600 Hermod Lunde 1.0

Hermod Lunde MK1 Ford Escort RS1600 skin

  1. James Egan
    Skin for the Kunos MK1 Ford Escort RS1600 based on a real MK1 Escort
    Please leave a rating so I can use your feedback in future and please report any issues with the skin in the support section. Thanks.
    If you like my designs, please follow me on instagram @je.car.designs (Click to go to page) and my Facebook page HERE if you REALLY like what I do, feel free to make a donation by clicking HERE.
    Screenshots: Screenshot_ks_ford_escort_mk1_thomson_9-7-119-11-22-32.jpg Screenshot_ks_ford_escort_mk1_thomson_9-7-119-11-27-49.jpg __custom_showroom_1562673640.jpg __custom_showroom_1562673686.jpg __custom_showroom_1562673708.jpg __custom_showroom_1562673719.jpg __custom_showroom_1562673726.jpg __custom_showroom_1562673744.jpg __custom_showroom_1562673757.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. JohnAnders
    Version: 1.0
    denna var jaggu gærfin. Hermod seems like a nice man
  2. Erikhlunde
    Version: 1.0
    1. James Egan
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