#902 Keane Motorsport Seat Leon TCR & Cup 1.1

2 skins (one for each car) made for Irish driver Oisín Keane

  1. James Egan
    These skins were made for Oisín Keane who is an Irish racing driver for the 2 Seat Leon mods by Shaun Clarke. You can download these awesome mods HERE & HERE.

    If you like my work, please follow me on instagram @james.egan.designs (Click to go to page) & if you REALLY like what I do, feel free to make a donation by clicking HERE

    Please check out Oisín Keane through the following links:

    preview.jpg preview.jpg
    __custom_showroom_1522109225.jpg __custom_showroom_1522109094.jpg __custom_showroom_1522109871.jpg __custom_showroom_1522109700.jpg __custom_showroom_1522110482.jpg __custom_showroom_1522110547.jpg __custom_showroom_1522110607.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. ClaudioWRC74
    Version: 1.1
    thank you
    1. James Egan
      Author's Response
      thanks! You need to put it in one of your championships now hahaha
  2. Timekiller221
    Version: 1.0
    looking good , thank you
    1. James Egan
      Author's Response
      you're welcome
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