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  1. Noctam

    Tracks What breaks the checksum of a track for online compatibility?

    RD has some wonderful updates in the misc section to enhance some "old" tracks but I'm worried to run into checksum error when playing online. I would like to know what are the files that one should not touch to keep the mod online compatible? For example SRS is running some races in Algarve at...
  2. Das SCHNELLSTE Auto in Assetto Corsa?!? | AC Online #002

    Das SCHNELLSTE Auto in Assetto Corsa?!? | AC Online #002

    Es ist die größte Rennsemmel im Spiel! Da leg ich mich fest! Dieses Auto setzt neue Maßstäbe in Sachen Performance und ich habe mich damit für euch in ein Online-Rennen getraut. Viel Spaß!
  3. dahil

    Fiat Tipo Competizione #7 skins by dahil 1.0

    hello everyone, this is the first time I add a resource and I decided to share with you the skins I created to participate in the last season of the Fiat Tipo Competizione on SimRacingSystem. Inside the package there are two variants, gray and black. I hope you enjoy them! Preview:
  4. L

    How to define reflections in your car paint!

    Hi everybody! I made a little tutorial showing how you can improve or make your car paint distinctive for AC by adding custom reflections to your car. Im from Argentina, sorry for my not pretty fluent english and hope you find it usefull. Feel free to like or leave a comment. Thanks in...
  5. Fred S

    IER 2014 Corvette Daytona Prototypes Skin Pack SRS zerobandwidth Vs Jean Series 1

    Some skins for the upcoming simracingsystem's zerobandwidth vs jean challange series using the IER daytona prototypes. Each skin is less than 10mb. Dont forget to change the folder name if you want to use it on SRS and edit the ui_skin.json file.
  6. Fred S

    Audi TT RS (VLN) SRS zerobandwidth Vs Jean series 2019-09-22

    Two main skins with a few color alterations for the Simracingsystems zerobandwidth Vs Just Jean series running the audi tt rs vln. Complies with the SRS rules of being less than 10mb / skin, dont forget to edit the files with your name if you want to use them on SRS. Source PSD for the skins...
  7. Syndrami

    Tatuus FA01 BWT SRT DarkBlue 2k (SRS) 1.2

    BWT / Racing Point / Mücke Motorsport Skin for Tatuus FA01. Something different from the standard pink skins. Based on the dark blue merchandise based on the Racing Point Formula 1 team. Edited size to be used in Sim Racing System (Under 10MB) Follow me on instagram! bwt_srt Install...
  8. James Egan

    MK1 Ford Escort RS1600 Hermod Lunde 1.0

    Skin for the Kunos MK1 Ford Escort RS1600 based on a real MK1 Escort Please leave a rating so I can use your feedback in future and please report any issues with the skin in the support section. Thanks. If you like my designs, please follow me on instagram @je.car.designs (Click to go to page)...
  9. Matix

    Formula RSS 3 - McLaren Pack 0.5

    Hi, This pack is not ready, but decided to upload, 'cause going on holiday and I have no time to finish them very soon... Anyhow here you go.. MP4-20 MCL34 Shadow Project Hope you like them! Ps. Folders now less than 10Mb so you can use online too.

    SimRacingGarage - Sim Racing Studio ShakeKit Review

    mod-edit: can we add some content please
  11. Jordan Dion

    SRS APP - Cant see skins and track image in content manager ??

    Hi, I just changed the location (drive c to drive a) of my Assetto and i got this problem since today ?? Reinstalled Assetto didnt repair this ? See image below Using same document as before but some things didn't work. Any idea ?

    SRS Power Wind Simulator - Support Thread

    Here you can get help with "SRS Power Wind Simulator" issues and questions from Sim Racing Studio. The SRS Power Wind gives you a sensation of driving a real car. You can feel how quick you are going so you can better plan your braking and turning points. No need to manually configure any...

    SRS Bass Shaker Software - Support Thread

    Here you can get help with "SRS Bass Shaker Software" issues and questions from Sim Racing Studio. Simply download, install, configure the sound card and the number of shakers and you are good to race. Optionally, you can set volume of each shaker for comfort purposes. SRS bass shaking...