Macmillan AMR GT3 & GT4 2017 1.0

Macmillan AMR GT3 & GT4 2017

  1. TheFlakey777
    Macmillan AMR 2017 GT3 & GT4

    These skins are a recreation of the Macmillan AMR Aston Martins raced in the 2017 British GT Championship by James Littlejohn and Jack Mitchell in the GT3 Class and Jan J√łnk and Will Phillips in the GT4 Class.

    Neither car is 100% accurate, but they are both pretty close!

    Default Project CARS 2 Number Plate and Windscreen Banner has been used so neither car looks out of place​

    AMGT3F.jpg AMGT3R.jpg AMGT4F.jpg AMGT4R.jpg

    Installation: Drag and drop one or both files in the .zip file into:

    :Steam Games\steamapps\common\Project CARS 2\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries

    Or wherever Project CARS 2 is installed on your PC.​

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