Ciceley Motorsport BTCC 2017 1.0

Ciceley Motorsport BTCC 2017

  1. TheFlakey777
    Ciceley Motorsport BTCC 2017

    This skin is a recreation of the Mercedes Benz A-Class raced by Adam Morgan in the 2017 British Touring Car Championship for the Mercedes AMG A45 Touring Car in Project CARS 2.

    The car isn't 100% Accurate due to differences between the BTCC A Class and the and the AMG A45 Touring Car in pCars 2 but it's pretty close!

    Front.jpg Rear.jpg Curb.jpg

    • Open the archive downloaded and drag the file into:
    :Steam Games\steamapps\common\Project CARS 2\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries

    Be sure to overwrite the file when prompted.

    Happy Racing!​

Recent Reviews

  1. happy_racer
    Version: 1.0
    Would it be possible a tiny update with "33 Morgan" on the windows?....and "WIX filters" on the side next to rear windows perhaps a bit bigger. :-)
  2. madotter
    Version: 1.0
    Great again, loving the BTCC 2017 cars you've done so far. I made a video on the first one (see my YT - and I may have to do another one on this!
    1. TheFlakey777
      Author's Response
      That's really awesome to see, thanks for featuring my car!
  3. rubencer
    Version: 1.0
    Nice, Thank You!!!!!
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