Lego Speed Champions Raceway.

Lego Speed Champions Raceway. 0.1

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This is a fantastic track! We're driving it for Two Drink Tuesday next week, and I'm looking forward to the carnage!
This is a brilliant track with a lot of time and effort put in. Interesting layout with a bridge and heavily banked turns, with a very faithful LEGO aesthetic that really does feel like the Forza Horizon expansion. LEGO bricks you can drive through are a fantastic touch.
This looks so cool in VR... i am very impressed. :)
As this is unique and so far very well done i rate 5 stars!
"I SAID LEGO RACERS!!!! NOOOOO!" - Vargskelethor, 2019
In all seriousness this track is a fantastic laugh and a fun novelty track. Love your work!
Had to try this in VR, what a laugh we had, brilliant.
This and the Lego Hot Rod car is the perfect combo. Thanks for creating this Tyrone!
Genius, amazing in every way. I usually do not download or use fantasy track, too many great real tracks in Assetto to waste anytime with those, so at first I was going to pass, I am glad I did not, there is fantasy and there is this track, that is fantasy on a brand new level. We already had the brilliant lego car, not sure why, but I feel at home on this track. A must for AC. Thank you for sharing your fantasy.
superb track the blue section is really hard to drift but cant wait for the full version keep up the work
heres a vid i made of drifting the track
Really fun track with MX5 cup and nicely optimized.

However I can collide with other drivers in the pit stop during trackday and the lights can be a bit too bright at night. (Although it could be the Sol HC PP filter that could be causing that.)
Una pasada (y eso que yo soy de la época del Mekano) . ¿Conduzco en un Sim o en un "trip"?... Gracias
Oh man,, this is too funny and cool at the same time!!!!
Bloody amazing, was dying in laughter while driving. Attention to detail is very neat. Try to fix the pit boxes so I can get some multiplayer races running. Great work though.
es alucinante ! me he reido muchisimo, te lo has currado muy bien. fantastica idea, y muy bien ejecutada. Arregla por favor el mapa y sera perfecto.
Por la noche hay excesiva luz.