1. jqob

    Better Ai for canada_21 track 1.0

    More realistic racing line for Ai, suitable for any vehicle you like.
  2. leclettico

    Fast lane for AI - Canada 2021 (Marc_13000) 1.0

    IMPORTANT: Make a backup of the original files before using these. I had bad fast lane and pit lane that didn't fit the Canada_2021 circuit by Marc_13000 and Raceking2016 changes for the 2022 layout (2022 F1 Canadian GP - TRACK UPDATE (NEW podium, accurate sponsor boards) (For canada_2021))...
  3. Automobilista 2. When The A.I. Are Really Good!

    Automobilista 2. When The A.I. Are Really Good!

    My Patreon Account: Discord Server: Rig:FANATEC CSL Pedals + Loadcell brakeClubsport 2...
  4. Wickd51

    Assetto Corsa Content Manager No Red Lights at Race Start

    Hello, I start a race on Content Manager. When I'm in the acutal game and press on the play buttom the "red race lights" should pop up as they did all the time. I didn't know what happend to my game but as i started my pc like all the time and launched into an race against AI I had no red race...
  5. notaseel

    Project Dunaujvaros v0.01

    Hey! I am creating my first track! It's going to be an exact recreation of the Hungarian city called Dunaújváros. I've been there more than once and I can say that this city has very fun roads to drive in. I haven't seen any good assetto corsa mods that contain intersections with ai traffic to...
  6. A

    Traffic for fukuoka_wmmt5 2022-05-23

    Recently I've been asked by Alex Mail if I can make AI for Fukuoka. So I found the track and here's the normal and reverse AI loops made as additional layouts. If you use Content Manager try them in "Track day" and enable "AI flood" in CSP settings. Install: open this "fukuoka_wmmt5.7z" and...
  7. A

    AI fuel Bug

    Dont Know If anyone of you has this issue too: racing offline AI with fuel consumption 1.5x, max fuel car.ini set to 50liters. Now, all this set and practice and qualifying on so that AI can calculate how much fuel they should use and obviously they need to refuel at any point (~80l whole race)...
  8. bart99p

    Pudsey AI mod 0.8

    AI mod working for whole race weekend. From what I know works best with 100% agression and small street cars. Here's my replay cam mod for Pudsey: INSTALLATION: Unpack the files and copy folders into Assetto Corsa folders - that...
  9. B

    Improved AI Lines and Track Limits - Barcelona - F1 1.1

    This will make racing the AI in F1 cars around Barcelona much more consistent and enjoyable. The AI race much more cleanly with each other and avoid crashing due to kerbs and taking bad lines. AI pole sitter Pace in a 10 minute Qualifying on 100% difficulty in the low 1:22s - High 1:21s in the...
  10. O

    Scotch Bonnet Ai line & track limits for Dragon Trail 2022-04-20

    *** ALL LINKS TO MODS AVALIBLE IN DESCRIPTION OF THE YOU TUBE VIDEO BELOW Please feel free to give me feedback, so I know what people want before I complete all the layouts for this track. This time I used Kunos GT3 cars to create the racing line and track limits, which have to be driven...
  11. O

    Ghost Pepper Ai line & track limits for Dragon Trail 0.1.0

    *** ALL LINKS TO MODS AVALIBLE IN DESCRIPTION OF THE YOU TUBE VIDEO BELOW PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME FEEDBACK - I WANT TO GET THIS ONE RIGHT BEFORE DOING MORE. Loved the Mod, hated the Ai, so I've revised the Ai Line and Track Limits for more aggressive opponents when playing against the...
  12. New Automobilista 2 AI Logic

    New Automobilista 2 AI Logic

    Reiza Studios has made their AI a bit livelier. Here is an extract from a race with the new Stock Car Brazil 2022 at Goiânia that shows what human drivers ca...
  13. max kagan

    Las Vegas GP F1 AI 2023 0.1

    Updated AI and sidelines for las vegas mod AI can lap in the 1:25s for race pace and has good side by side racing AI optimized for RSS formula hybrid 2022 and EVO Need to hold shift when loading the sim to load sidelines properly use 7zip for extract
  14. MJQT

    AI Improvement Plugin by JR 1.2

    NOTES This is not my mod. All credits to JR for his game-changing AI work! But I thought this plugin was worth sharing for others to better enjoy the original rFactor in 2022 (and beyond) and for modders working on AI improvements (through game files or CrewChief) in rFactor and other ISI-based...
  15. B

    AI Cars pit every lap in SOL Heavy Rain

    It seems with whatever car I use and at whatever track, using the Heavy Rain (Sol) makes cars pit every lap without fail. Mechanical damage, tyre wear and fuel consumption are all turned off, does anyone know anything about this? Cheers
  16. W

    F-USA Gen 1 Indycar season 1995 AI drivers 0.5

    Want to race against real drivers from the Indycar 1995 season? Are you nostalgic of the Indycar racing 2 game from Papyrus back in the days? Then this AI is for you! I have to say that Reiza was a little bit lazy with the stock liveries this time but I did my best to fit drivers to the most...
  17. W

    F-USA Gen 3 CART season 2000 AI drivers 0.5

    Tired of racing against unknow AI? Here are the CART season 2000 AIs for the recent Formula USA Gen3 cars! I did my best to try to match the right chassis and engine to their respective teams but a lot of Reiza skins are not really like any Cart 2000 team livery... One exemple is that one of the...
  18. Lernardeau

    I broke the best japanese racetrack.

    Hello everyone, I have a little problem with the race track Suzuka Circuit. A few days ago, I installed a mod to replace the original Suzuka's AI because of the weird behavior they have on some parts of the track. But instead of improving the AI it broke it, they doesn't move from the start...
  19. H

    Issue when creating new AI Lines

    When recording new AI lines for any track, my side lines (in red) become messed up and obviously causes the cars to crash on the start line as they think its the edge of the track. Not sure what's causing this or how to fix, I tried to record new track edges with the AI Line Helper but it...
  20. Gran Turismo Sophy - A breakthrough in AI?

    Gran Turismo Sophy - A breakthrough in AI?

    Gran Turismo Sophy is a new take on AI within a driving game. The project is a collaboration between Sony AI, Polyphony Digital, and Sony Interactive. According to the development team, GT Sophy is the next level to AI and recent results would suggest they are right. They are claiming GT Sophy...