1. Col_ed_Viân

    Lego City Race Car 1.0

    About the car: The car is the one from the Lego City Race Car (60322) set and is powered by a 6-stud turbocharged engine that can produce over 400 hp. Into the “templates” folder you can find all the templates to make your own livery. Data is based on the example car provided by Kunos in...
  2. Y

    The Cozzie SR2 - Octan Racing 1.0

    In the 80's, President Business, CEO of the Lego City based Octan Corporation, decided to set up a rally team because rallying is awesome (and also for PR reasons). This Cozzie SR2 was the first car to race under Octan colors. This livery comes in a normal and a clean version. I included...
  3. Lego Speed Champions Assetto Corsa Mod Pack

    Lego Speed Champions Assetto Corsa Mod Pack

    Grid Preset:https://**********/s/8DotVFTrack: R18 E-Tron Quattro 20...
  4. PenguinActually

    Lego Hotrod #2 v1.0

    This project only exists due to 2 awesome members of this Race Department community, The big thank you's go to them, Gevatter, for commissioning this Garyjpaterson, for allowing me to use the data from his Lego Hot Rod Created in LeoCAD during a quiet evening, and now ported into Assetto...
  5. racealot

    LEGO Audi Quattro S1 - Audi Sport Liveries 2021-11-30

    Car-Mod features: * Audi-Sport Quattro liveries The Lego-based Audi Quattro S1 was released on Race Dept earlier in November 2021. The making of the liveries was inspired by driving the Quattro on Pereira's Custom...
  6. PenguinActually

    Lego - Audi Quattro S1 v1.0

    A friend of mine named Wellvos, was keen on creating some fantasy tracks for Assetto Corsa, and he started creating a table top track like what I'm sure we all did as kids, and may still do now. We were thinking of the cars that you could run tracks like that and we thought that Lego would look...
  7. dahil

    Lego Hot Rod Skins Pack 1.1

    Hi, this is a skins pack containing 10 coloured skins for the Lego Hot Rod car by @garyjpaterson ( Enjoy!
  8. jeanvendors

    Lego skin for Lamborghini Huracan GT3 1.0

    Lego skin for the Lamborghini Huracan GT3. You'll need Dream Pack 2 for this. Simply drop the .rar into Content Manager or the main folder into content/cars. ui.json and driver/crew outfits included.
  9. GT3 Rennen auf Lego Strecke | Assetto Corsa Lego Speed Champions Raceway Mod | Stream Highlights

    GT3 Rennen auf Lego Strecke | Assetto Corsa Lego Speed Champions Raceway Mod | Stream Highlights

    Wenn in Lego City die Lichter Nachts ausgehen kommen sie raus: Die Streetracer aus dem Untergrund! Kommt dazu und lacht euch mit mir schlapp in dieser mit Memes vollgepackten Ausgabe der Stream Highlights!
  10. Mit 500 PS durch Lego City | Lego Mod für Assetto Corsa

    Mit 500 PS durch Lego City | Lego Mod für Assetto Corsa

    Wahrscheinlich eine der verrücktesten Mods für Assetto: Hier heizt man mit 500 PS durch Lego City und rammt Steinchen von der Strecke. Den Lego Speedway Chmapions Raceway muss man einfach selbst testen.
  11. Tyrone

    Lego Speed Champions Raceway. 0.1

    Early preview of this track. I want to add another crazy variation, aswell as a jump to replace the crossover fo rthose who don't want massive crashes every 5 or so laps. Extract the assetto corsa file into your main game directory to ensure that all of the VAO patches, and Light configs go to...
  12. Paul Jeffrey

    Forza Horizon 4

    Microsoft have confirmed the acquisition of Playground Games, bringing the Forza Horizon franchise under the banner of the mammoth American technology giants. Having run the development and publishing of the popular spinoff to the Forza Motorsport franchise of games for a number of years now...
  13. Gunnar333

    Lego Caterham 620R 2019-05-09

    The Lego skin for this supercharged beast which can be downloaded here: Jon Barnes drives 50.01s at 2017 Goodwood Festival of Speed in this skin.
  14. Paul Jeffrey

    Lego Bugatti?.. and it Drives!

    Lego have done something pretty epic... built a full size Bugatti Chiron, and even made it driveable! Incredible things can be made from those marvellous pieces of plastic, something I'm starting to understand all over again thanks to my four year old lad, but even a big petrolhead like me...
  15. Amplified

    AmplifiedNL - Lego Engine Soundmod 2018-08-06

    Lego Engine Sound - Revision #1 Made by AmplifiedNL - Jeroen van Iperen A realistic and fun lego engine sound. Use the legocar right here from Racedepartment for max fun... The readme textfile contains the installation instructions for those that need such guidance. Sound Video Thank you...
  16. shadow118

    Lego Hot Rod more colors 1.0

    Made some more colors for the Lego hotrod, also included a fixed shadow texture
  17. DKOliver


    Here is a complete view This also includes the PSD files to edit in Photoshop if you want to make changes!