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For AC+2020 in AC Misc
Very Nice
This is what i needed!
Beautiful McLaren design :) Well done!
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Thanks Kevin!
Wonderful as always! Well done :)
love it! can you do with the number 25 and Canadian flag
Awesome job, I love it
Absolutely fantastic return to form after 2.3.1. The NSX-R seems perfect, and even includes such idiosyncrasies such as high sensitivity to rear toe changes (Acura got sued for too much toe-in on the rear causing premature tire wear - They were trying to make the car safer for us clueless American buyers no doubt). I really enjoy driving it with the 90's tires especially, which give the car just enough grip to handle the relatively low power available. Thank you so much for this.
Awesome !
High quality skins, only nit-pick would be the file size. Amazing work
Thank You!
AWESOME! He’s a good guy, he remembered me ;)
I love it! Only one problem: Fuel consumption. I only managed 26 km on the nordschleife using a full 37 litre tank. Not enough to do an outlap followed by a hot lap. Is there a way I can adjust this. It work out about 2 mpg!
Excellent mod thank you so much for that !!! Just 4 stars because it lacks of feeling in the force feedback.
Thanks, that's a big improvement for VR
Works perfect (and far better than KruFPS) nearly no bugs -only Hayosiko Offroad fails when move away from it- and giving a serious FPS boost. Waiting for "The Rusko Restoration Mod" Support
From my testing, both should work just fine with newest release of MOP.
I think I might be a tad late but... There's no grass textures - you can see through the map ahah. Bar that rather annoying problem it's a pretty great track
Crazy powerful car, and good brakes too. Any idea why the preview's aren't working? They seem to be okay in the directory, but AC client says "Preview not available" for all skins.
I did a mistake with the skin folder naming
Waooou quelle beauté ! merci GG
Thank You d;-)
Looks awesome!
Thanks :)
You are welcome
One of the best Skins I have seen in a while. Well done.
Thank You d;-)
good work. only thing is that the outlines of the BWT logos on the halo are a little visible. nothing that sticks out.
Oh yes, i'll update it soon
dosen't work for me but this is two many errors
Natural_Mod_Sol , work perfect, thanks my friend for update filter custom shadows, thanks and good luck!!!
Thank you for a nice skin. One hope is that the gap between the size of the Mercedes Benz triangle pattern on the side of the car is small and tight in 2019, but larger and wider gap in 2020. I hope this update will be available if possible.
Ah, i see what you mean, i'll try to make it ;-)
Beautiful skin, thank you!
Excellent work! This was one of my favourites in Grand Prix Legends, and I love how you captured the atmosphere!
Having said that, I read through some of the ratings here, because I recalled the track was layout slightly different in GPL.

jokacz is right - the "Gresil" corner was a flat out single apex, which was tightening a little at the end, making it a real "corner of courage" and giving great chance of overtaking on the long straight following, if the guy before you chickened out, or did not get the exit properly.

The "Scierie" corner (the one with cobble stones) is nicely done by you, but before start finish, there was a very fast right hand corner - the "Virage du Paradis" - which in your version is almost a straight line, while in the 1960s, it was also tightening, making it tricky on entry.

To get an idea, what the corners and layouts were like in the different eras, see this link:

And for a feeling of what this layout was like in GPL (which is probably where most people fell in love with this track), have a look at this video:

Again, gorgeous work! If you managed to get that old feeling into the layout, you would be my personal hero! :)
(And probably that of a lot of other vintage racers as well.)

thank you very much to you, rouen les essart was my very first creation, as sebring which was my second project, these are two very beloved circuits! but I know that there are a lot of errors to correct. as soon as I finish the one I am working on, I will go around my old circuits, to update them with corectif, sebring / rouen / charade ... I know that the wait is long for certain (more than a year already to see more !!!) but patience, patience, patience ,,,,
Good Mod but the car has some texture issues. The blue on the airbox is asymetrical and theres a black streak on the left sidepod. Otherwise gread work!