HTC Vive

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Beautiful helmet...can u make Ferrari next?
fantastic job
Great track!
For Sol in AC Misc
Just amazing work!
Great app!
Great app!
Great work!
It says it needs mod loader 1.15 or higher but I have 1.16. Also when i go in the game i have less than 20 fps.
For Sidekick in AC Apps
Combining multiple stock apps in a compact and solid package.
Thanks!! ... I've been looking for a mod for a while that solves the problem of the gear box.
Great job, thank you!
Nice to see Mario finally make the podium! :-)
Thanks !
great version of the track
Seems top quality, thanks for sharing!

A couple of notes:
Error in log: INIReader: content/cars/alfa_romeo_giulietta_spider/data/suspensions.ini > KEY_NOT_FOUND: [FRONT] PROGRESSIVE_SPRING_RATE

default driver eyes position is not great for vr
Great job!!! Thnaks!!
This latest update is fantastic, well done!
(Maybe change the preview pictures on the main page? They still show v1.0 with the very vibrant red color and people might be confused as to why the skin looks different now...)
Very Good. Nice Job
It doesn't work for me...
ok mod is good but i have a problem whit the satsuma and the trailer:then the satsuma if I leave it somewhere and go far away and then I find it either upside down or as happened to me today upside down and all the pieces around. I always find the trailer attached to the ground, that is, I tried to move it with the grabanything and it went back to where it was and it didn't move there unless I could attach it to the tractor.
Thank you. But why is it in the section
"rF2 Misc"? If there is section "rF2 Cars".
Geniale Mod für Assetto Corsa! Tolles Fahrgefühl, geile Strecken und jede Menge Competition! Habe direkt eine Serie auf meinem YouTube-Kanal gemacht! Hier könnt ihr die Wagen auch mal in Bewegung sehen:
The best tool for clean racing.
Beautiful, as always
Awesome Racecar so funny !!! thank you
great work , fun to drive now , thanks
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks mate ;-)