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Excellent job mate, thanks! Just got a question: How can I just add the specific DDS that I want (Ferrari's in this case) without change the other default helmets?
Look here on the forum or on youtube for a tutorial on how to import a dds. You will need to use Ego ERP Archiver
Williams! Conguito_ is faster than you!
Great work, thank you very much!
This is fantastic! Cars sound more powerful as they should be! Is there anyway you can add the turbo whistle sounds during downshifts?! They don't really sound right on this game.
should I feel bad for enjoying the fruits of your insomnia? thank you!
not work with mod loader 1.1.6
Beautiful skin, original and creative. Thank you !
Great update, however, no luck with are not showing up in the roster.
An update will be live soon.
Just love it THANKS!
Really well made! (o゜▽゜)o☆
Nice livery. (o゜▽゜)o☆
That looks sick! Can´t wait to try it. Can you do it for the Focus 2007?
I think I might need help installing these skins as I'm used to packages. I've followed the instructions in the readme ('simply copy & paste the UserData folder into your root rF2 installation directory'), but I'm having no joy. I feel I need to do something to activate them, but I not sure what. I've tried looking around for an answer, but I've had no luck. Does anyone have any tips?
Actually there isn't more to do. I'll add a rfcmp package installation soon.
nice work, could you maybe do a Ricciardo-like Mercedes helmet?
Töttös Dani
Töttös Dani
Thank you :)

I think yes 2020 helmet should i base or 2019?
Fantastic car.
Pure beauty.
Glad you like it.
Thank you - great work - that's 3 down and 7 to go overall from RD contributors
not sure if its me. but the mclaren livery looks very rushed in my opinion. other than that. its perfect!
Thank you, it looks great!
Is it correct that the Arie Luyendijk is so bumpy?
If you watch the movie from Max at Zandvoort it seems really smooth.
Great helemts, used in previous patch but can't get working on 1.22 using the copy and paste files in the correct places. Is it just the ERP files that are working 1.22?
the copy and paste files are working. A message will appear to replace the files. If this message does not appear, you are pasting in the wrong location.
Good work. Thanks.
Thanks, good work.
Thanks mate
Good work and thanks for the separate skin.
Another cool skin! Thank You!
Very nice skins. Since years the Wochenspiegel cars are eye-catcher. Thank You!
When trying to open file using WinRar I get a message saying it is corrupted. Already downloaded a couple of time. Would you mind checking it? Thanks!
Daniel Jimenez
Daniel Jimenez
your win rar is old, you need the latest version of it. Or install it via CM. Nobody else has had that issue. Let me know if it worked
Looks amazing, thank you!