HTC Vive

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Could you also make this for AC? I would love to see it
Not atm its hard enough doing RF2 skins :-)
You put continental on my car ! of course good tyres !
Fun track, enjoyed driving it on a kart. But the Textures are still a bit strange and the track is lacking in overall details. Also, you can work around the Problem with the Light Source thanks to the Custom Shaders Patch
Hey man, kicka** turbos, I think that a digital speedometer would be awesome, would it be possible for you to make a switch so that I can freely turn off the turbo when I want to?
That is not how a turbocharger works. You can't disable them.
You cant even disable a supercharger.

They just run no matter what you do.

The only "turbo" that could do something like that is an electrical turbo.
Sloppily done and using Kunos Assets, which is illegal
Pure delight!
Good job, thank you!
pepperoni ac24
pepperoni ac24
Thanks a lot :)
ottima skin
Thanks love all the recent track skins you've done
pepperoni ac24
pepperoni ac24
Thanks a lot :)
Very accurate track, coming from a local. Overall perfect!
That is what I have been waiting for! You save my day (month)!
I have reinstalled GTR 2 on my PC and I just tested this circuit. For me, this is remarkable work, a fast track with fast and varied curves, I applause. Also a texture choice for the road that I love, giving a retro side to this track. This circuit joins for me those I prefer with Spa Historique and Le Mans. Keep creating tracks, it’s great!
Thank you !
pepperoni ac24
pepperoni ac24
thanks :)
Love it, thank you!
Thanks mate appreciate it
Yes the one i wanted. Thanks
Thierry Warin
Thierry Warin
thanks ( and another is in préparation...)
Great skin! Looks amazing.
Simply excellent an the best mod ever
BTW someone actually ported this map on car mechanic simulator 2018 without your permission. i am pretty sure they didnt give credit.
Invaluable tool for following your progress in ACC. Great job!
Awesome work, only needs a tweak to the AI regarding them hitting the inside pit exit wall at Turn 1 and it will definitely be 5 *****
With CSP it is not still working, game crashing everytime this app is enabled. After disabling app, game starting to work again properly. So it should be nic app but not working with csp and cm.
I fixed this and the proTyres issue too in the newer version. ^^
After ACC, back into the best sim ever...combined with the best circuit mods ever made. Thanks!!
I think you have attached the wrong files to this download. We get the 3Y Technologie Beemers in stead of the Audi's. But great work anyway!
Absolutely marvellous!
Glad you like it!
Looks like you have modeled Scalextric rather than SCX, but in either case that track is too narrow. It might have been better to model Carrera, being 1/32 cars on 1/24 track.
But anyhoo I'm taking it much too seriously for a neat little April prank.
doesnt even open wow great mod
najlepšie :D