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Great job!!! Thnaks!!
This latest update is fantastic, well done!
(Maybe change the preview pictures on the main page? They still show v1.0 with the very vibrant red color and people might be confused as to why the skin looks different now...)
Very Good. Nice Job
It doesn't work for me...
ok mod is good but i have a problem whit the satsuma and the trailer:then the satsuma if I leave it somewhere and go far away and then I find it either upside down or as happened to me today upside down and all the pieces around. I always find the trailer attached to the ground, that is, I tried to move it with the grabanything and it went back to where it was and it didn't move there unless I could attach it to the tractor.
Thank you. But why is it in the section
"rF2 Misc"? If there is section "rF2 Cars".
Geniale Mod für Assetto Corsa! Tolles Fahrgefühl, geile Strecken und jede Menge Competition! Habe direkt eine Serie auf meinem YouTube-Kanal gemacht! Hier könnt ihr die Wagen auch mal in Bewegung sehen:
The best tool for clean racing.
Beautiful, as always
Awesome Racecar so funny !!! thank you
great work , fun to drive now , thanks
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks mate ;-)
Beautiful skin, thank you!
Thanks for your kind comments
Very nice skin! Thanks for sharing!
Very good model. I have a question. Does anybody know how to change devon butler and lukas webers´ helmet? i mean. if theres any way to export those files and customize the helmets it would be great. Thanks!!!
What an experience I had! Thanks for sharing! For those who cannot load the track, do what our friend here bellow said "change roc.kn5 file as rocv1.kn5 in tracks\rocv1" it worked for me, saved my life, thanks!
absolutely love these packs. are you going to make a wec version?
Maybe I will but don't expect anything soon.
Another work of art! 0.2?! Simply stunning! Thanks!
One of my favorite tracks! Perfect for showcasing any car and it's a light track at the same time - doesn't need powerful pc specs! Thanks for sharing! I love it!
These luts makes the cars much more lively and correct feeling. I haven't hardy touched AC in years and now can't drive anything else.
Plus this mod list is fun to look through.
Thank you.
The mod is very nice but I couldn't. Is there a copy and paste file?
Peter Roche Racing
Peter Roche Racing
Glad you like it! There won't be a copy and past version. Use the video tutorial and you'll be more than fine.
The mod is pretty good, but where is the small turbo on the new patch?
Read the overview or update changelog
looks good on my build with custom skin (knightrider 2000 in works "KITT light") but sadly i can not use any longer b/c api version conflict. I have not had the "glow fx" issue and wanted to say the only reason 4 stars is that accidents and not securely fastened at this time but to anyone reading i do recommend to check these out if compat.. Thanks for your work
Im working on V2 with re model units the bolts are non functional but they shouldn't fall of as they are a rigid part but ill check on that the new version will use the latest version of MSCLoader due to the amount of work i have done already and further testing on the logic i'm unable to release a fix
Excellent job. Thanks
So cool! Thank you!
You never cease to amaze with your great tracks! Amazing job on this one!
Very nice work thank you Denver is amazing
Works perfectly on 1.22, but a question, the mod is purely visual? Because I'm in McLaren and my times dropped almost 0.5 and it uses Williams chassis, or i'm just paranoid about that?