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Thank you for this one
Great idea,thanks for sharing !
Beautiful, thank you!
Great work, keep it up!
I used this mod as a main source of payment for the first two weeks in game and i was wondering if its possible for grandma and the uncle to be seperated with a MS. or MR. as this would be helpful but Really good mod!
This is an absolute godsend. I've been wanting to separate the new Evo spec from the original Kunos AMG GT3 but it won't work whatsoever....

Thank you so much for this mate, great job...!
I loved the result!
I don't have a high end PC but it tries hard to deliver.
Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

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Cool, thanks.
when i click in the link of all the other parts it just takes me to the goodyear updates and when i download it the archive is the same than i download here in this post
One of the best f1 mods i have driven in Ac ..Simply brilliant
Where can I find the package with the other skins?
Version 1.0! Wasn't sure if it was worth uploading them all again since I only changed one thing.
The track looks pretty good, but like Kimirai said there's no AI line. I tried to make one with the AI dev app but it won't record one at all. The timing works so it's not that. I don't know why the dev app won't work this time. Also is the fbx file needed? I never see those in any other track folders normally.

If U can figure out why the dev app doesn't work to make an AI line on this track and fix it, I'll be glad to make track limits and AI for it
Thanks for your review. This version is what I managed to restore from my crashed PC. When i solve my computer problems i try to fix it, also you may noticed there are some files from other track not related to this (like map file) that left there from other track I used as template to run this track as it is work version.
The skin is very good, congratulations!
This track and all the other 2019 were amazing, congratulations!
Are you still planning to make Brazil and Abu Dhabi 2019 hyper real?
Skyfall, I was unable to answer the publication of the mod F1 2020 (1.5), so I came here to talk.
I restarted the career mode, and the Safety Car has already entered the first race there in Melbourne. it's working normally, Sainz even got the podium there.
If you accept suggestions to make this mod even more fantastic, I would recommend using Daniel Paez's hyper tracks mod. I use all his 2019 tracks, with the exception of Malaysia (2017), Brazil and Abu Dhabi (2018) because he did not make the 2019 versions of these.
Another suggestion is to fix the Williams car. the Cockpit camera swings very nearly impossible to play on this camera, and put the theme of the F1 TV intro into the game.
I tell you again that the mod is incredible, congratulations and thank you very much!
Thanks @N370; I appreciate your comments. I also use Daniel´s tracks, was thinking of including each one as the Season progresses.... (but still no season). I will check the Williams (seems to have a lot of issues).
The Intro (Epic 2020 Intro) and all Driver suits & helmets are done, and I will release in the 2.0 version.
The download file is not the sound file, it's for skin psd!
A grey screen. Too bad =/ Other PPF filters works wonders!
This is very needed things.
Can you add "btcc_bmw_125i_m" from BTCC T7R Mod? Other cars from pack are alredy done.
Amazing track. For some reason the surface isn't creating dust for me though.
Physics is not accurate. Why is it so hard to rotate the car on corner exit in lower gears? It's like it has built in traction control, which this car didn't have.

No matter what I change on the ARB it won't break away the rear on corner exit and rotate. Lift off oversteer is semi accurate though so it doesn't make sense.

Does anyone have a realistic setup for this car or is the physics not accurate? Also there seems to be a throttle delay. Throttle response is not instant.

It's nothing like F1 1991 HE for rFactor which was tested by Mark Blundell the 191 in that has instant throttle response and grip feedback.
Gracias por añadir este circuito, he ido bastantes veces con amigos y es muy divertido
Amazing! Anyway, here's two things apparently no one complained about so it must be just me: 1) the grass sfx kiiiinda sounds like something's catching fire, and 2) the kerb sound is almost mute. Rest of the sound are absolutely top class. Cheers!
Thank you for the feedback. I quiet like the grass samples, depending on your audio system some things may sound sharper etc, so there´s always gonna be differences on how we each judge such sounds. Kerbs are equal to the Kunos ones in terms of output level, however theres a bit more low end, hence why it sounds like it´s lower in volume. I really like the extra bass though, especially in closed cockpit cars.
Great mod i love that its not just a teleport cheat mod but actually progresses time and increases your need bars and can kill you if they get too high.

I just want to know if you have any plans to add the cottage as a fast travel location? thats the only place that has not got an option for fast travel.
Should add support for Lifter. Hate having to drive between the old house and this to use a lift XD.
Really beautiful track, must have!
Simple AWESOME! from 55 to 85 fps on the house :O
Gracias =)
Gracias =)
great thanks