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Hockenheimring GP Circuit 2018 update (+ 3 DRS Zones)

Hockenheimring GP Circuit 2018 update (+ 3 DRS Zones) 2018-07-20

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Some updates for original track by me. This is my first experience in modding for Assetto Corsa racing simulator. So don't judge strictly :)
New billboard textures
• New DRS zones with a designation (drs boards)
A few new objects

The Hockhenheimring Track w/Multi-layouts 1.2 for AC ►
Download link:

  • hockenheimring.gif
    5 KB · Views: 836

Latest reviews

Great work! Thank you!

@Lock_Down: You have to install the full track (the link is provided in the description) first and than update he track with the files provided here.
Dont Work....... Try it much times but its doesnt work
Very good track. Very detailed and looks literally like in real life. I was there :)
But for some people, rar file will be a problem to downoalad. Rating: 4 stars
great work. really like this track. Looks good, works fine.
Thank you
Everthing seems fine, AI seems a little wonky in certain corners. And collision is broken on alot of walls.
But both of these are not a huge deal.
Nice work. Thx!

A couple of problems, though:
- DRS ZONE_1 starts too late. It should start very shortly after the end of the right kerb in turn 4.
- I lost object collision so now I can drive through anything. Had a WTF moment first time I went off-road in turn 2 and passed through the barrier unhindered.
Thanx !
I am not interested in DRS. I'm sorry.

However, you've revived this "tired" Hockenheim.

I expect Billboards in different categories.
Thank you!
All work perfect, thank to autor!
It all works correctly just follow the indications of INGV4RRCOREjZ and then judge Thanks for your work
I'm sorry but the track does not work on 1.16 sin. Track must be updated.
First you need to download the original track from the link in the description, then install my update. After that, everything should work.
File size
67 MB
First release
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User rating
4.15 star(s) 13 ratings