1. F1Anime

    Paul Ricard and Hockenheim track mods for F1 2017

    Guys, is it possible to bring Paul Ricard and Hockenheim for F1 2017?
  2. Paul Jeffrey

    Jenson Button to Make DTM Debut for Honda

    Former Formula One World Champion Jenson Button will debut in the DTM at the season finale in Hockenheim this October. The reigning Super GT champion in Japan, Button has been selected as the driver to represent Honda when the Japanese series joins forces with the DTM for a combined event at...
  3. Daniel Paez


    HOCKENHEIM 2019 HYPER REAL 1.0 Based on 2016 Mod by Neffo's and DP HOCKENHEIM 2018 HYPER REAL - 2019 Update 125 YEARS MERCEDES BENZ MOTOSPORT - Reworked Pirelli Terrain Banner - Reworkrd Rolex Banner - Reworked Parc Ferme Graphics - 2019 Podium
  4. Paul Jeffrey

    2019 Formula One German Grand Prix

    Welcome to the central discussion thread for the 2019 German Grand Prix. Scene of the incident that arguably finally derailed Sebastian Vettel's championship bid last season, the Formula One field returns once again to Hockenheim for the German Grand Prix - but this time in potentially much...
  5. Paul Jeffrey

    Formula W Starts This Weekend - Coulthard and Kravitz on Presentation Team

    The brand new Formula W Series starts this weekend - with David Coulthard, Ted Kravitz and Leigh McKenzie fronting the new C4 broadcasting team. Designed to increase female participation in motorsport, the Formula W series is a category of open wheel racing created exclusively for female...
  6. Paul Jeffrey

    New F1 2018 Hockenheim Preview Images Revealed

    With the F1 2018 hype train well on track, Codemasters reveal some new screenshots from the game at the home of the German Grand Prix - Hockenheim. Promising a more fleshed out offline experience, "new" historic content, improved visuals, improved gameplay and a full representation of the 2018...
  7. Daniel Paez


    HOCKENHEIM RETURN 2018 HYPER REAL 1.2 Based on the Espectacular 2016 Mod by Neffo's - New Sponsors Hyper Real - Box Line Terrain Banner - 2018 Pit Wall - and more ENJOY!!
  8. Kjell81d

    Hockenheimring DRS Zones 1.0

    Links to tracks in the zip
  9. Paul Jeffrey

    Hulkenberg and Hockenheim in F1 2018

    The German Grand Prix returns this weekend, and to celebrate Germany's own Nico Hulkenberg goes for a lap in the upcoming F1 2018 video game... Taking to the returning Hockenheim Grand Prix circuit in his virtual rendition of the resplendent Renault RS18, Nico Hulkenberg gives fans of Formula...

    Hockenheimring GP Circuit 2018 update (+ 3 DRS Zones) 2018-07-20

    Some updates for original track by me. This is my first experience in modding for Assetto Corsa racing simulator. So don't judge strictly :) Updates: • New billboard textures • New DRS zones with a designation (drs boards) • A few new objects The Hockhenheimring Track w/Multi-layouts 1.2 for AC...
  11. Paul Jeffrey

    2018 Formula One German Grand Prix

    Welcome to the central discussion thread of the 2018 FIA Formula One German Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel retook the lead of the World Championship last time out at Silverstone, stealing the points from under the nose of Lewis Hamilton at his home Grand Prix, can the British driver recover lost...
  12. hummer444

    Adpack Hockenheim 2001 Layout 1.0

    Hi, For those who like some real life adverts on Hockenheim 2001 i created an adpack. This pack leaves all other layouts untouched. New adverts are: Deutsche Post, Firestone, see screens. ReadMe is included for installation notes and backup notes. Original file is included.
  13. hummer444

    Adpack Hockenheim Modern Layouts 1.0

    Hi, For those who like some real life adverts on Hockenheim i created an adpack. Adverts will appear in modern GP layouts / National / Short. This pack leaves the 1977/1988 and 2001 layouts untouched. New adverts are: Allianz, Rolex, Dekra, see screens. ReadMe is included for installation...
  14. Miancomasa

    Sprint Cup with Renault Clio at Hockenheim National + setup

    A good run with a decent setup to help those who need it. Cars with front-wheel drive need to be well managed during the race , because the overheating of the front tires, especially the left tire in this case. I hope you like it, leave your "like" and subscribe the channel
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    AMS Updated, Hockenheim and Formula Ultimate Released

    Automobilista has today received a sizable update and the new Formula Ultimate race car, plus Reiza Studios have made available the third 'Legendary Tracks' DLC - Hockenheim. Included as part of the build 1.40 release comes the brand new 2017 specification 1000hp open wheel formula car designed...
  16. Paul Jeffrey

    New Hockenheim Automobilista Preview Video Released

    Reiza Studios have released a nice looking new preview video of the upcoming Hockenheim DLC due to drop for Automobilista very soon indeed... Forming the third "Legendary Tracks" DLC package for the excellent racing simulation Automobilista, the Hockenheim DLC pack will consist of four versions...
  17. Paul Jeffrey

    New Automobilista Hockenheim Previews, Track Released to Beta Backers

    Brazilian overachievers Reiza Studios have released preview images from the upcoming Hockenheim DLC for Automobilista as beta backers of the sim receive access to this interesting new addition. The latest in the line of 'Legendary Tracks' DLC packs, Reiza's impending Hockenheim DLC will...
  18. Bethonie Waring

    Liberty Keen to Keep Traditional European Tracks

    Formula One is moving to new and… “exciting” venues almost every season now in areas like the Middle East, whilst traditional Western European races have struggled. The German GP is the most recent victim of F1’s move to new destinations, but Liberty are keen to stop the trend. Whilst there...
  19. CerfPlace

    Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 1.1

    Hello everyone! Small career mode in Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017. It comprises 7 races of about 60 km. The races take place with: - 25 min test Free. - 20 min Qualification. - 60 kms of Course. 1st race: Barcelona, Spain. 2nd race: Monaco, Monaco. (In the Folder) 3rd race: Spielberg, Austria. 4th...
  20. Sergio Loro

    60's Hockenheim Grand Prix Circuit - F3 Classic Tracks 1.1

    Hello to everyone! Now is time to present the Hockenheim full GP circuit, as it was at mid 60's, thats mean "NO" chicanes. Track is great for racing, and I hope everyone enjoy it. This track is special for all lovers of 60's era, since here Jim Clark found death. I try to build track as it looks...
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