real billboard & stuff

  1. DeltaDox

    Gran Turismo Inspired Billboards for Seattle Circuit 0.6

    Currently a work in progress. I actually didn't plan to do this but I guess someone had to. Features real branding names and Gran Turismo sponsorship across the track providing a more authentic and realistic experience when racing on this legendary fictitious track. Download the track here...
  2. andrea75

    VRC California Raceway (Willow Springs) - Real name and track billboards&stuff 2.0

    ***FOR VRC CALIFORNIA RACEWAY TRACK*** This pack contain a real name, brands and billboards for VRC California Raceway pay track. Installation: Just unzip to assetto corsa folder (make a backup of ui folder if you wish).
  3. DeltaDox

    Realistic Billboards for Bathurst (ACU_Bathurst version) 1.0

    Another billboard mod from me. ACU's take on sponsors and billboard placement is really bothersome so I had the urge to correct as much of it as possible. It is difficult to get it 1:1 because of how the track was made and some of the textures repeat themselves, making inconsistencies that...
  4. DeltaDox

    Realistic Billboards for Fuji Speedway 1.1

    My first mod on Racedepartment. This is a little project I was messing around with. My attempt to make the billboards for reboot teams Fuji Speedway a bit more realistic by fixing/adding correct sponsors. Not totally realistic. I added my own flare to some of the billboards around the trackside...
  5. I

    Hockenheimring GP Circuit 2018 update (+ 3 DRS Zones) 2018-07-20

    Some updates for original track by me. This is my first experience in modding for Assetto Corsa racing simulator. So don't judge strictly :) Updates: • New billboard textures • New DRS zones with a designation (drs boards) • A few new objects The Hockhenheimring Track w/Multi-layouts 1.2 for AC...