1. H

    How can I update ets2 on steam?

    I have downloaded steam. Put ets2 in steam. But when I searched how to update, they told me to go right click on ets2 and click on properties. THen I had to go to betas. But that wasn't available by me. What did I do wrong?
  2. IIhylander

    Bathurst FM7 Version AI Fast Line Test (ALPHA!) 0.1

    This is just a test at the moment that I thought I'd share for the FM7 Version of Bathurst by trying to make the AI Faster. The AI are very slow at the start and awkward and clip the wall at the cutting but once the field spreads out they are quite a challenge. I'm posting this as I need a...
  3. T

    Hungaroring 0.9.5 - CAM and AI Updates 0.0.1

    The Hungaroring 0.9.5 (conversion by Tiago Lima) only has ONE track camera. So I created a CAM file for this track, also took this opportunity to update the AI path as well due to AI doesn't want to start or crash to the wall during start. How To Install: Unzip the contents into your...
  4. mandula

    December Graphics Progress Report: South City and Night Lighting

    Live for Speed developers posted a new graphics progress report - this time we get to see a work-in-progress version of South City and some screenshots and videos about the night lighting. Read the official article here: https://www.lfs.net/report-dec2019-so EDIT: progress report forum thread...
  5. Huete_CR

    Fanatec Podium DD2 FFB Settings - After December Update

    Hi there fellow racers! I decided to create a little guide on Steam with the settings that I am using now in Raceroom. After the December update I have to re-do them all so it is a good chance to start tuning them up again from zero and to share them with you. For all the different sections I...
  6. A

    2 AI layouts and visual updates for "Applecross" 2019-11-24

    The better Scottish track. "Highlands" was fine but small and smooth, "Applecross" is rougher and wider. Except the road which is too narrow for 2-way AI traffic... So to cover every angle on the course I did two separate layouts with start grids far away from the pits. That way when you feel...
  7. Peter Roche Racing

    Haas Update (Driver Suits, Helmets, Racecrew Shirts, Cap) 1.02

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=TRYZ47EY2ZGWS&source=url Install with Ego ERP Archiver. No one in Haas wears a cap and in every store there are only ones with Rich Energy logos. So I've made...
  8. dfghjdrhjrty

    Satsuma DashCamera 1.0.0

    This is a very simple DashCamera for the satsuma My Discord [Add me if you want to request me to make something] BryanJMoDz#5017 [1.0.1] (Coming soon) --Rear Camera --Optimize polys --Add recording option [1.0.0] Release --First Release
  9. SashaF1Game

    F1 2019 "ALWAYS UP TO DATE"| SashaF1Game x TCK MODDER x jburon72 Hungary 1.00

    WELCOME TO THE DEFINITIVE F1 2019 SEASON MOD! With this mod, you'll be able to keep the games always updated with the latest livery of every team, updated every race weekend following the changes appening on the cars in real life* THE LAST UPDATE IS: HUNGARY 1.00 FERRARI: Added 90 YEARS...
  10. Aratbone

    Ferrari F40 Graphics Improvement 1.32

    Updated Exterior AO, maps and shaders New wheel shaders and AO New rim blur textures Some minor interior AO and shaders for misc parts Matched colors to the real car Shader Patch Features/Fixes: Fixed Wheel Shadow problems with Shadowed Wheels extension Toned down brightness of emissives for...
  11. Aratbone

    BMW 1M Graphics Improvement 1.2

    New rim shaders and brake AO Exterior AO and shaders/maps including Exhaust Tips Color matched door handles as per the real car Removed green tint from glass and tyres New rear lights AO, textures and shaders Cleaned up badges Darkened interior a bit(Not much else I could do as it isn't properly...
  12. Aratbone

    RSR Formula 3 Graphics Improvements 2019-04-29

    Graphics Improvements for both Dallara f317 and f312 by RSR Updated shaders on almost every material, new exterior maps Updated Wheels, Tyres, and Brakes Removed compression noise and color artifacts from tyre contact patch area Reworked Interior New glass To install: Just extract into...
  13. Sascha Guenther


    Hi guys, based on patrikpat´s 2018 Bahrain update I created the 2019 version: - updated Gulf Air logos - updated jumbotron LCD from AC to Pirelli Color Edition - updated Podium - updated Rolex pit exit to match correct 2019 GP - corrected misspelling hashtag on pit floor Extract the rar to...
  14. Sascha Guenther

    AC Prato Short & Prato Long Billboard update 2019-03-09

    Hi, A big billboard and texture update for the (fake) Prato circuit (to be found here at RD). I have redone nearly all ads and textures which are mandatory. Just put them into prato_short or prato_long (or both) folders and unrar the file. Then choose with content manager. Things I did: _...
  15. Sascha Guenther

    AC Mountain Peak (Charlotte Motor Speedway) Billboard Update 2019-02-25

    Hi I got rid of the fake sponsors around MountainPeak Raceway; now you can race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. :) I tried to replicate the logos as good as possible and tried to adapt it to the 2018 MENCS. It works on the Oval and as well on the Roval layout. Simply put the skins.rar into your...
  16. BIKER7202

    2019 Update Performance Mod (Beta) V1.0

    A companion mod for my 2019 mod to give more 2019 like performance. Requires My 2019 Mod: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/2019-update.24115/ Requires Career Mode Reset It's in beta so any feedback is appreciated Will be updated soon to fix a couple issues With: Without:
  17. Sascha Guenther

    ACU_Interlagos_SAO PAULO fix 2019-02-22

    Hi, here I upload a quick fix for the spelling error on ACU´s track Interlagos 2018 on pit exit. Just drag into the ACU_Interlagos track folder and apply in Content Manager as a skin. Before: After: Have fun! Sport frei! If you like my work and want to donate me a cold German beer...
  18. Sascha Guenther


    Hi, I replaced some of the billboards to more realistic ones. Also changed the fake sponsor on the blimp. Simply put the folder into your Guangdong track folder and choose the skin via CM. If I find the time I will update the rest also to high resolution ones. All copyrights belong to the owner...
  19. GamerDream124

    MSC Save Game 1.2

    Now I am Arslan Abbas from Gamerdream124 -Added Kilju -Lowest Settings to get fps -New Tuned Satsuma stylish -house not burned yet Note to get these parts install lifter mod recommended Search GamerDream124 on youtube click subscribe to get more saves Because Of This Version is Old so it is...
  20. THL

    Winter update for Aspertsham v0.7 2018-12-22

    It's christmas time in Aspertsham! The road is slippery, the roofs are white—have a drive around! For this update you need the latest version 0.7 of Aspertsham. You can get it here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/aspertsham-public-roads-in-bavaria.10806/update?update=35816...