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Hello everybody! The long-awaited modification of the HALO for all cars. This a part of my global F1 Reborn mod.


When I first started to dive into the world of modding old F1 games, the most important drawback was the lack of HALO in the cars, now this problem has been solved.

I was glad to give a fresh look at such an old but beautiful game, I hope people will take the initiative.

INSTALL ONLY ON RB10 Chassis liveries.
Support F1 2013/2014.

Pay attention:

, DATABASES, i don't have permission to use them and in general, my mod ONLY ABOUT HALO
The pilot numbers may not match your database, there are many different mods in internet, I can't keep track of all of them. I wrote instructions at the bottom on how to change them manually.

If the HALO mod conflicts with other global mods, this is not a problem of my resource. Write about this in a separate thread.
( Added fix for Skyfall 2020 mod )

If your computer is a potato, then use the version with the old chassis. (without sponsors, sadly).
This is not my problem, the model requires a larger number of polygons, there is no need to write a negative review about it. Thanks.

- If you find a bug, report it to a
special mod thread, not to the review. One way or another, I will fix them.
Link thread )


VER 1.5

-Added all sponsors for every 2021 car, the list of sponsors will be updated..
- The nose of the car has been re-modeled, the height of the car has been reduced, an individual airbox shape for each car, the rear wing has changed the height and angle of slope, front deflectors have been added, the rear pipe is narrowed.
- The materials for each car have been changed, Red Bull has a matte shade, Aston Martin has a glossy one, and so on.
- There is still support for the most popular liveries from the community (on RB10).
- Added PSD template for livery creators.
- If you don't like the new chassis (or your game is laggy), then there is a folder with the 2014 chassis inside, but without sponsors.

Fixed several small bugs:

- Fixed wrong rear tyre position for several cars.
- Fixed tyre color for wheel type. ( Red for Soft, Yellow for Medium)
- Added raceload.jpk for custom liveries for every pilot. This file fixes a bug with pilot numbers. Place the file in the folder with the game, after making a backup.
-The file responsible for the color of the tyres was deleted, due to a conflict with various user databases.
- Added a separate fix file to support the modification of Skyfall. It is located in the Fix for Skyfall folder, put the cars folder with the replacement.

VER 1.1:
- Reworked 3D model halo, more closely to real life shape
- Fixed too black halo color for Ferrari and Williams, now its more grey.
- Update frontwing, fixed a glitch with a flying piece
- Added tutorial and template file for creators livery and for those who want to adapt the mod to the old liveries. (In folder and last picture in screenshots)

Known bugs and plans:

- Please only play with high LODs, otherwise the mod will not work properly.

- The mod is adapted for the patch for the new season 2021 from Thang Nguyen. Be sure to install it. As a last resort, use liveries only for the RB10 chassis.
I know about mirroring sponsors on sides, You need set own HALO texture for other liveries (look at tutorial).
Renault 2019 livery replace Marussia team (lol).

I know that the sponsors ' logos are mirrored on the sides, it's not about my modification, this is the problem of all mods for liveries. Fixing the UV map will require reworking all the liveries from the community, which is unrealistic.

( Tutorial for swap pilot number :
- If your car number pilot didnt match with my mod, try to swap files. Livery_00 folder is main pilot, Livery_01 is second. Each _gen file with 00 and 01 prefix define numbers pilot. Just swap-rename files with each other. )

- If you sees gray picture before start racing (in pitlane boxes), you just need edit cameras.xml, or download other mod with cameras.

- The reference shape was modeled by me on the basis of Red Bull 2021.

- If possible, do not put a low rating on the modification, this is the first 3d mod for this game, be patient and dont toxic, improvements are required.

- If you use the mod in your works, specify my authorship @Smokey17 of HALO. I will be very grateful.

Special thanks:
@Petar Tasev for the most valuable contribution to the modding industry. Thanks to such people, great mods are created. ( For a lot of useful EGO tools)
@Thang Nguyen for a patch for the 2021 season and a lot of liveries.

And a few more people who are still taking part in the modding of the game. ;)
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Latest updates

  1. Fixed tyres colors for HARD and MEDIUM

    - Fixed the color of the tyres on tracks like Monza, when the HARD type were yellow instead of...
  2. Fixed numbers for every pilot

    - Added raceload.jpk for custom liveries for every pilot. This file fixes a bug with same pilot...
  3. HALO MOD 2021 / ADDED SPONSORS / F1 Reborn

    Whats new: -Added all sponsors for every 2021 car, the list of sponsors will be updated.. - The...

Latest reviews

Absolute MEGA job. You ara amazing bro! I cannot wait for the other mods of the F1 Reborn.
Great job. I think halo looks great on f1 cars
It is impressive, I thought that nobody would do it, there were no problems when replacing the files, all good. 10/10
All good. Are you able to fix the liveries so the wheel rim colours are accurate? for example, in real life williams is running with a black rim in their livery, but on the game the williams livery has white rims. are you able to fix that for all teams?
Thanks for review. Better write in Ask a question.
I am not the author of the livery, only HALO and models. Better ask to Trung Nguyen for it
for some reason all the halo's are just black. i did it correctly but its still black. why is this?
Write about errors in a separate thread! ( Ask a question ).

You probably have a mod from Skyfall. It conflicts with the modified render_materials file. To fix this problem, download this file and replace it in the cars folder.

Hi! the mod is working nice. But I think I have a problem for my end. I am installing the halo with sponsors, but still its black. I am new to modding so i may be doing something wrong. Can you please tell me what to move to the F1 2014 folder, the cars or the interiors pack? i have the steam version. I know its a problem from my end as for others its really working well.
Thanks for review, but you need publicate any bug in Ask a question thread.

You probably have a mod from Skyfall. It conflicts with the modified render_materials file. To fix this problem, download this file and replace it in the cars folder.

Man, you are a genius, thank you so much
Thank you, mate!
How can install this mod on F1 2014 Steam?
Just drop cars folder in main directory game folder
it worked perfectly, everything as promised, I really liked it and recommend it
Thank you a lot
You will stop mods in case these idiots just ignore them
Thank you, dont worry
im playing this game with my kids every day...they scream we whant to play formula 1 ......Thank you for giving us a chance to have fun like were playing f1 2021 thank you thank you thank you
It's very nice to hear that, buddy. Thanks!
This is excellent work mate......Also is skyfall working on the 2021 mod for F1 2014??
Thanks. Unfortunately, SkyFall modder has not appeared on the site since 2020... but there are modifications for the 2021 season from Thang Nguyen and an adaptation of IidaMods2k1. But after installing their mods, you need to reinstall the Halo mod again.
Please don't stop updating the mod bro. I will still be here checking for your updates every single day. There are a lot of people who really love your mod.
Thank you, if you found a bug or you have any suggestions, write to a separate thread (ask question) for the mod and I will update it sometimes.
amazing work
Thank you, mate
Can I use this mod online? or just offline?
Again, you are very talented, its sad that toxic people stop you from modding in this game, but thank u for this great input
Thank you, dont worry. Unfortunately, I do not have the opportunity to check this, use it at your own risk.
Amazing mod! I've been looking for months for a decent mod from f1 2021 to f1 2018/f1c/ams1 and rfactor and I haven't found any that I like.
already this f12014 was wonderful
a suggestion, if you can make it clear in a possible version 1.6
1 - exchange the Renault team for brawngp or lotus [black]
2 - try to change the images of the 2014 teams and drivers to the new ones from 2021 [haas, alpine, alfa romeo, etc...]
3 - if possible the names of the pilots too
Thank you very much! The main purpose of this modification was to create a Halo mod and use liveries (with the permission of Thang Nguyen). I don't usually do this. You can ask for this on the forum for other mod creators.
This mod is really well-done! Thanks for uploading this.

Just a recommendation (if possible):
Is it possible to get the models from the newer F1 games and use them here? That would be cool tho. Thanks!
Thank you! Unfortunately, the rules of this site do not allow making modifications based on ripped models from other games. Perhaps in the future, someone will post models for free use.
Excellent work.
Thank you, I'm glad that the problem was solved.
Perfect mate i did not think it could work
Thank you)
Absolutely great!. F1 2014 was reborn !. Some problems with the Skins will be solved easily. Congratulations!
It's nice to hear this from you, thanks
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