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red bull

  1. N

    Callum Illot Red Bull Helmet concept Helmet 2020-07-15

    A concept helmet for British F2 Driver uses the ACSPRH | Real Helmets For Assetto Corsa Mod.
  2. Madhat

    Red Bull Indy Car (Fictional Livery). 2020-07-14

    Red Bull Indy Car (Fictional Livery) on the dw12 Honda (oval). My name has been removed from the head rest for the download file.


    We are back wiht F1 content and to kick off F1 2020 is the first round of the F2 season starting with the Bahrain feature race!!!! --------------------------...
  4. nicoluffy06

    OMSE Supercar Lite RX2 2019 Red Bull Livery of Oliver ERIKSSON v1.1

    OMSE Supercar Lite RX2 2019 Livery of Oliver ERIKSSON Replace livery_00 Place rxl in steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\cars Don't remove the rxl.nefs
  5. A

    Red Bull Aston Martin Racing 2

    Good time of day! Instruction: Put on everything from "Cars" to .../Assetto Corsa Competizione/Custom/Cars, anouther folder "Aston_V8_1" put on to .../Custom/Liveries Hope you enjoy my livery, thanks for download
  6. nicoluffy06

    208 T16 R5 Red Bull v1.0

    Fictionnal livery of 208 T16 R5 based in 2018 WRX Raymond Livery Replace livery_12 Place 20r in steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\cars Don't remove the 20r.nefs
  7. nicoluffy06

    2020 Red Bull BAUMSCHLAGER Polo R5 v1.0

    2020 Livery of Rajmund BAUMSCHLAGER with the POLO R5. Red Bull livery Replace livery_00 Place pr5 in steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\cars Don't remove the pr5.nefs
  8. Nemesis2805

    Ferrari 488 GT3 - Red Bull Racing 1.0

    Another Assetto Corsa "Import" but the Carbon version is new ;-) I made these skins 2016 for the F488 Cup by "German Simracing Group (GSG)" Hope you like them =) Greetings Stefan
  9. theslamslider

    Red Bull Career Mode Austria Special Livery (Season 2) 1.0

    Donate (invest in me) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This my Special Red Bull skin that I used for my F1 2019 Career Mode in Season 2 for the Monaco GP. The skin was made by me. If you use it give credits. Respect...
  10. TheNikoBellic98

    Honda sound for RSS FH 2019 2020-05-05

    This is my first resource posted here. While this was made around the 2019 FH mod, you can use it in the 2020 mod using Content Manager. It was tested by a friend and it works just fine. I hope you like it! Check my works here: https://www.facebook.com/Thenikobellic-Sounds-104429994227104/ Also...
  11. Ferrari2016

    Red Bull RB9 Sebastian Vettel Livery | RSS Formula Hybrid X | V1.1

    So, here it is. My First Red Bull Racing Formula One skin for Assetto Corsa. The Red Bull RB9 driven by Sebasitan Vettel. Hopefully you will enjoy it, be sure to leave your star rating and leave constructive criticisms in your review! Happy Racing! Credit for helmet goes to: fo2013 team...
  12. Moinlon

    F1 2011 RB7 TEST 0.2 BETA by mhracing 0.2 Beta

    Work in progress : - change able tires - all tire sets - all helmets for each Racetrack - all skins for each Racetrack If you find any errors please report. Feedback and criticism are welcome. UPDATES COMING SOON! Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mhracing___/ Steam Workshop: https...
  13. theslamslider

    Red Bull My Career Mode Monaco Special Livery (Season 2) v 1.1

    Donate (invest in me) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This my Special Red Bull skin that I used for my F1 2019 Career Mode in Season 2 for the Monaco GP. The skin was made by me. If you use it give credits. Respect...
  14. Louis Wedding

    2020 Red Bull Holden Racing Team Liveries 1.0

    2020 Red Bull Holden Racing Team liveries for Jamie Whincup and Shane van Gisbergen, including driver suits and helmets. The rear wing logos and text aren't as good as i'd like but for now these are good enough to be released. Disclaimer. Does not come with ZB Commodore.
  15. Paul Jeffrey

    F1 | Red Bull Marko: Good Idea to Give (Red Bull) Drivers Coronavirus

    Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has recently aired a somewhat controversial view (for a change) - suggesting he would like to deliberately infect the Red Bull stable of drivers with Coronavirus... Yup, believe it or not the somewhat abrasive Helmut Marko can come out with even more ridiculous...
  16. Aitze

    Alex Albon 2020 Helmet 1.0

    Alex Albon 2020 Helmet Details: Version 1.0: - Alex Albon helmet_d file - Alex Albon helmet_s file - Alex Albon visor_d file Change log: - MDM designs and Mad56 logos updated - Updated visor - Updated .d file - Other minor tweaks/color changes Possible future updates: - Minor texture changes...
  17. A

    Freeroam layout for "Red Bull Ring" 2020-01-14

    As if to celebrate Ilja`s new grass I went to test the latest patch on Red Bull Ring. And got completely carried away by the layout of the track`s surroundings. Here you can try to navigate the well made 3D maze that is the freeroam layout of the Kunos track. Looking from the cockpit of F1...
  18. Peter Roche Racing

    2020 Red Bull Racing - Fantasy Camo Livery 1.02

    If you want to support my work you can leave me a tip here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=TRYZ47EY2ZGWS&source=url It's that time of the year when the Red Bull wears camo again. A quick & fun livery that I made today. Drivers gear added now in the...
  19. Faltex

    Helmet Career Red Bull F1 1

    This is my first helmet for F1 2019 Red Bull (Sorry for my english ;))