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Ferrari F2002 Road Atlanta Tune_by Faded Dreams

Ferrari F2002 Road Atlanta Tune_by Faded Dreams 1.0

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A well balanced tune for Road Atlanta and elsewhere by my pal on Steam, 'Faded Dreams' https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198000874179/.

Here is how badassss he is,

JamesY has tuned with a reputable British team on Forza Motorsports as far back as Forza 2.

He, and other notables of that team (BRT), had superior tunes that held #1's on leaderboards.

In his own right on several other racing games, JamesY has topped the leaderboards with his tunes.

Enjoy and tweak to your needs, as we know tuning is pretty subjective.

To install: (C) drive > Users > Your user name > Documents > Assetto Corsa > setups > ferrari_f2002 > road_atlanta2018

To view a #1 on GRID Autosport by JamesY, use the following link:
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