NCM_National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park_Bowling Green, KY.

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Sparked by RD member, prizedpork (Gil Winningham), through word of mouth I offered my services to make his rough draft of this popular circuit into an RD worthy Track Mod for AC.
prizedpork has driven there and gives his stamp of approval to release this beta I have been putting in many hours on.

This is our contribution to the community of a home region track that is very popular among novice and pro racers, sport bike racers included!

This is the Grand Full/Race Loop Custom layout by me, custom coloring and paint lines added.

Enjoy my Bluegrass Layout as it is an introduction to what lies ahead.

6 layouts to come of the original track. Kartplex too!
Further enhancements and track cosmetics to improve over updates

Full pit of 32 cars, AI works in all Driving Modes.

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Love it! Have driven the real track a few times. This is shaping up nicely.
Really dope that you made this! Lots of potential and makes for a cool homage. FYI: Going off-track at some corners makes you clip and fall through the map.
LOL, have never heard it put that way...'Really dope..." LOL. Aside from that, yes there are black holes and what not, had to release an update, COVID causing more racing demand. Still slaving over new edition, which will include all layouts.... its well under way. There may be extra walls and paintlines, to make her a little more Grand Prix - ish... bare with me.
Thanks for the review, regardless!!!
I'm thrilled to see this track being developed for AC. It is my "home" track so to be able to play this to memorize the layout will be so beneficial to maximize value at an HPDE.
Thanks Sushi, bare with me... among track building,, I am doing other projects that keep me busy. Trust this will be sweet in the update to come. Actually learning how to build with proper software...huge learning curve. I have music DAW recordings that are just as fun to me,,,,, so bare with me LOLOLOLOLOL
Although I have never raced at NCM in real life, I've watched many hours of in-car race videos and this seems accurate. Please be encouraged to publish another layout that includes the additional "Sinkhole" carousels after Turn 17, which is the preferred ChampCar Endurance Series layout. It would be extremely helpful to sim practice this layout.

Aside from that there's some details missing like rubble strips don't make noise, run off areas are set appropriately (gravel trap or grass), missing the Armcos in areas, and the start-finish flag station looks like its made of 2x4s :D Otherwise, great work and I look forward to your continued efforts! Thank you!
Yeah, I'm not out to make exact details of objects, nor expect money.

If you see, this my custom combo, the sinkhole will be in next update.

Mind you, the word 'beta' does appear in the title.

Thanks for taking time to review.
You're welcome, enjoy... more to come!!!Thanks for rating!
Looking forward to all the updates. this has potential
Yes, gonna bust my hump to get it together for you guys, thanks...thanks for the rating, it fuels the creative juices.