Clarksville, Indiana_Sportsdome Speedway_Figure 8 & Oval

Clarksville, Indiana_Sportsdome Speedway_Figure 8 & Oval 1.0

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Latest updates

  1. Major Upgrade for Clarksville Sportsdrome Speedway

    Big upgrade. Grippy surface, minimal bumps, optimized Lighting for night races. Fully functional...
  2. North layout figure 8

  3. Ready for all modes

    Modified terrain, better visuals of paintlines, a working pit, AI works in all modes.

Latest reviews

its a local favorite for me and excited that someone is working on it in assetto
HaHa, yes!!! Glad I'm not alone!! Enjoy it. It may have subtle differences, but not too much. I chose to add a pit In/Out to cater to all sim racers, so it makes a nice addition to the real track, for sure.
If you are familiar with Legend cars, there is a mod available. Dromer and Xtreme cars have yet to be produced.
The best local Kentuckiana track.... you would be surprised how some racers in Europe like it!!
more like this, damn good fun
Yep, once you get in the groove, and time your crossover just right, its a rush... lots of fun and laughs in a server lobby with others... Thanks for review and enjoy!!
lot of fun
AI good
maybe more fun wish vr.
Gracias a lot.
de nada! Enjoy the night racing too. VR, I can only imagine, should look good I would think.
That's pretty wild. AI works incredibly well. Nice job ET
Thanks bruv! Was glad to figure out the sequence and utilizing AI helper app.
with 15 cars, two or three cars never move at the start. From 90% to 100+% AI strength. Sometimes half the group doesn't move.
Am aware of this. The tool I use doesn't work on a track that crosses over itself. I am looking into a remedy for this.
Maing a new AI fast_lane may help.
Not having boundary lines makes it hard when using AI.
Feel like the start for a hotlap should be on the track, or there should be a more obvious track entrance, but, man, this is making me crave for a version of this track with jumps in the middle. And leaf-sprung monster trucks. Because I miss the TNT Louisville Figure-8.
Thanks for the feedback. I am working on adding a pit. Rustic, gravel road as there is no real pit at the real track; just an in/out gap in the wall.
The hotlap car should be on track just past the finish line of the given layout..... I will change this to the new pit area in the future.
I hear ya on the monster truck, thang! Figure 8 is a bit wreckless, but trust me, these drivers are going at it.... racing for the low budget driver
this track designer show a lot of promise. with track layouts that are not seen alot on AC and Race department, build from the ground up. this on is a lot of fun, Remeber, it is in Beta. good job!! Fun factor 100%
Thanks Iwan, yep there are still things to fine tune with it. Glad you enjoy a little risk...….. the real drivers have great yielding skills as you can imagine.