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AI OPTIONS include 'AI Standard' and 'AI Super Lead'

In a race at Milwaukee, a fellow driver, Duke Dinsmore, was thrown from his car during an incident in the south turn. Rex Mays was leading the race and saw Dinsmore's body lying in the middle of the south turn. Rex spun his car into the wall, got out of the car, and pulled the unconscious Duke Dinsmore to safety. Because of his selfless heroic action, the June race at the Milwaukee Mile was named the "Rex Mays Classic" (from 1950 to 1987).

Famous Indy car oval over the decades

A near flat wide surface that is a nice contrast to high banked ovals. Different technique, different setup needed to get the most out of this legendary track.


Peace, regards


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Latest updates

  1. All files and names with AI OPTIONS

    To help make things less confusing, on my part, the track is properly named. All proper folders...
  2. Wall Fix

    My apologize. The back stretch wall was not named correctly, hence no collision. This has been...
  3. Realistic pit, bigger paintlines

    Upgrade to Milwaukee style pit and exit. More clarity and paintline tweaks.
  4. Full Pit Features, Improved AI, tweaked cosmetics

    Pits race ready now. New AI lines for improved competition against AI. Changed a couple walls...
  5. Pitlane limiter, shadows

    Further adding of shadows and walls at the turns. Pitlane now active with limiter.

Latest reviews

This is really good. And it's great to have a decent oval with good AI in AC. Thank you :) One thing is really holding this track back though: the colour of the grass, I would say it is really not right.
Yes, this is like a Mario Kart Nintendo version.... I am a novice at track building. So some things are neglected, or exaggerated.
I wanted to get this out there as no one had made it for AC. It led to other projects as you can see. Fine tuning the art of it, well.....let's just say I play guitar a lot better than re creating life like images LOL... Thanks for the review and rating.. Enjoy the oval and the Road course, as my main focus was getting the track as fun as I could for Hi speed racing.

Very fun to hotlap, awesome that you brought this cool style of track into the game.
Yeah cool!! Enjoy. Try a 50 lap race with friends or AI, puts you in the zone.
Thank you so much to keep it better and better and now a "final release"... I'm very grateful !
Thanks a lot too for sharing your talent and your kindness here. ;-)

Hey man, my pleasure all the way. Enjoy!!!
thanks for Milwaukee! Keep it up... looks already pretty cool!
Man, that makes my day!! I'm a rookie builder so that means a lot. If you use CrewChief, you can do a 50% race and get in the zone, big time. Thanks again and share with your friends!
I love the track and gave the UI addition 2 stars accidentally.
(inexperience in doing reviews) I do appreciate that you are
continuing to improve on the track and care about what people think of it. Keep up the good work. Both the oval and the infield tracks are fun to drive. More pits and more variety in the textures would be nice, but the track is very good.
Thank you, sir. Star rating mishap understandable.
I took care in prioritizing the 'feel' of each layout; the most important aspect.
Nice to hear you enjoy them, nonetheless.
If memory serves, Milwaukee was set up for 22-24 cars. It is definitely too small for an Indianapolis pit allowance of 33. But I'll see what can be done to accommodate the masses in regards to sim racing.
As far as textures, I am still learning, so that will take time.
The tracks, however, are pretty much complete.... for now.
Thanks, again!
Excellent track! Good oval tracks for AC are a rarity, and ovals useful for single players are even rarer. Sure, far from being perfect but this mod is clean work nevertheless. Full working and challenging AI, decent graphics, grippy road surface, TV and Heli replay cams, and last but not least a fun and tricky little oval track, what more do you need? I love this mod! :)
Thanks, Niki! Glad you're enjoying it. I sim race myself, so I've tried pretty hard to make this respond as if it's an in game track, not a throw together. Thanks again, Nice 1
This track is starting to look like something. AI has come out for practice. Great to chase someone. Thanks.
Yes, I actually enjoyed my first AI trackday mode LOLOL. If you set the AI to 100% you are in for a well balanced race. Grateful for everyone's positive input, Elvis. I got the mojo now for AI.
i like it because it is an oval (im from europe so, no ovals) and it looks o.k (not bad), but with ai, im always 3 or 4th on finish, even when im last. i hope it is going to progres, great fun.
Thanks, Ivan. This is my rookie track so I get the "ok-ness". I have my work cut out for me in regards to 3D modelling. Though...... the terrain is dead accurate to the real circuit in terms of bumps. In regards to AI, I made the fast.lane as well as the track boundaries; the AI are following (my) line throughout the race.
If you want a winning result, you'll have to drive your arse off. If you want a more even keel, may I suggest lowering the AI strength.
Perfect here works very well now GOOD JOB !!!!!
Awesome! Thanks for the rating. Set AI to max strength, do a Race and enjoy. This small oval has it's place among us Indy car mod racers.
I would like to put 5 stars but it misses a file in the file of the circuit because error track not found ...
Yep, sorry. I tried to rush an update b4
Please give it another chance once the fix is in later today.
Thanks for posting
Wow, thank you! This is really cool - can't wait to see you make more progress on it!
Here is the latest incarnation....
I may be biased here being from Wisconsin, but this mod is gonna be awesome. To have a track I grew up going to with my father in a proper racing sim game is great. I look forward to seeing feature updates and progress on this! Keep at'er!
Kind words, brother from the north! Rest assured I will give it my best shot. Be patient as I am new to this, but the fire is there.
Lots of detail to be done, enjoy a rip around this for now... it will be even better by the newest update..... The Pressure's On!
Really excited about this, thank you!
Coolbeans. I'm glad you and others are stoked about it. Still alot to do, will have to a few things before it's race ready. The track feels good, so the peripherals are needing a lot of attention.
We'll have to withhold final judgement until we see the finished product, but A+ for intent. We now have a trio of really impressive IndyCars from VSC to choose from...and too few ovals to run them on. So here's a pint of Old Milwaukee Lager to you!
Thanks for support. I agree in regards to oval selection.
Trust I will do the best I can at developing. Huge learning curve to build.
Helps to build a track I've loved since childhood.
You're a hero omg, I was just thinking how awesome Milwaukee would be with the Formula NA. Can't wait to see how this grows going forward.
Glad someone wondered the same thing. Gots lots of work to do on it.
I found running the road kit of the 99, softer rear bump, less negative camber, softer rear roll bar makes her manageble.

Any one who offers a one star rating is someone who would rather put down than uplift. Be nice boys, this is WIP.