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  2. piotrulos

    Delivery Jobs 1.3

    Reviews tab are not for reporting problems due to one reply. Also include your output_log.txt to your post. Randomly generated delivery jobs. Deliver stuff from teimo to other houses. Every 3 days you can get delivery jobs from map outside Teimo shop. Jobs are randomly generated, you can...
  3. P

    Apps Looking for AC PRO developer

    We are a company who are organising offline AC championship on a custom motion simulator. We are looking for someone who is willing and capable of doing some modification on the AC PRO: CUSTOM LAUNCHER WITH REMOTE CONTROL UI: - custom design, simplified for hot-seat changing of players -...
  4. ajanhallinta

    Bottle Recycling Machine 1.05

    Bottle Recycling Machine v1.05 by: ajanhallinta Say goodbye to your bad finance and start ecoistic lifestyle by recycling bottles. The Bottle Recycling Machine is located at Teimo's Shop. Put glass bottles to upper hole and empty cases to lower. You can also buy Plastic Bag from Teimo's for...