Cassette Tapes

Cassette Tapes 2.1

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What's new

  • Flac files support (requires modloader 1.1.11 or later)
  • Made it more compatible with latest MOP version
  • Fixed "Reset cassettes button" to work correctly by resetting position on bookshelf.
  • Mostly bugfixes and optimizations.
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Whats new:
  • Fixed antenna static in statsuma radio when playing cassette
  • Fixed MOP related things
  • Other small bugfixes
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Completly redesigned and optimized version of mod

Whats new:
  • Cassette boxes
  • New cassette model
  • Support for custom label for boxes and cassettes (see \Mods\Assets\CassetteTapes\ folder for examples)
  • Reduced assets size for over half of size.
  • Optimized code (less impact on fps)
  • Cassettes are now buyable
  • Option in settings to disable distortion filters for boombox and ferndale (more clearer sound)
  • Option in settings to enable rewinding status text (if you don't like immersion)
  • Cassettes will no longer fall through ground
  • Car radios will be back playing radio after ejecting cassette (instead of silence)
  • More intuitive cassette insert (it's now same system for all radios)
  • (And much more small fixes and tweaks)
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Due to save file format change, cassettes will be respawned back in bookshelf.
What's new:

  • Updated for MSCLoader 0.4
  • Extended file format support (*.mp3, *.ogg, *.wav, *.aiff)
  • All file formats are streamed from disk (no loading needed)
  • Fixes for GIFU and Kekmet radio. (mostly for all vehicle radios)
  • Optimization and code cleanup
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MSCLoader 0.3.4 or later is now required for this update.
What's new:
  • Working mp3 files
  • Copy mp3 files to folders in Radio folder (like previous ogg files) OR you can create folders.txt in Radio folder and paste full path to your files on hard drive Example:
  • Don't mix ogg and mp3 files in one folder (only mp3 will be loaded)
  • Small changes in cassette model
  • sound fx should no longer loop on play error
  • fixed eject from boombox (always will eject in front of boombox)
  • bugfixes

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Just a bugfix with car radio player
  • Now working with game update 24.10.2017
  • Small bugfixes
This update will not work with any previous version of game.
Update for cassette tapes mod
What's new:
  • Cassettes are now saved when you "save and quit", remember to eject cassette from player before save, or it will be respawned in home. (if you somehow lost cassettes, delete file Mods\Config\CassetteTapes\
  • Added support for cars, radio in cars will play cassette in loop (like Auto-Reverse feature).
  • Support in satsuma for aftermarket speakers (stock also works)
  • Added fast forward to boombox
  • There is small difference between satsuma and other cars, in satsuma you need to "drop" cassette in radio, other cars will eat cassette directly from your hand.
  • In cars there is a "safe eject" system, after eject it will ignore physics until you grab cassette (so it's safe to eject while driving, and cassette will not be thrown somewhere)