BWT Ferrari 488 GT3 Skin (2k) 2019-02-11

BWT / Racing Point (?) / Force India Skin for Ferrari GT3

  1. Maikel Bevers
    BWT / Racing Point (?) / Force India Skin for Ferrari 488 GT3

    Added everything I love about the BWT 2018 liveries.

    This skin really has a special place in my 2018 collection, so I really hope you enjoy it.

    Install: Copy/extract folder "162_BWTFerrari488_2018" to steamapps/common/assettocorsa/content/cars/ks_ferrari488_gt3/skins

    Note: This skin can also be used for the Ferrari 488 GTE mod. Same model, so it can use the same skin.
    Regards, Syndrami


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