1. PR0JECTNR56

    Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizione VLN 2011 #23 1.0

    Introduction: Following the release of my 24 hours of Nürburgring version, I have decided to create the VLN version as well, offering a significant upgrade over the original AC version. 4k uncompressed resolution, high quality sponsor logos, VLN specific windscreen banner and design layout with...
  2. Ghiaman1334

    Endurance time of day speed?

    Hi there, So I'm arranging my own offline endurance and GT leagues. For these leagues I want to include endurance races. 6, 12, 24 hour stuff. Obviously, though, I don't want to actually sit with my laptop for 24 hours driving. My question, then, is how high do I set the time multiplier if I...
  3. Highlandwalker

    S397 Aston Martin GTE 2019 DCA 2

    A skin I did last night for the Aston Martin GTE 2019. Enjoy.
  4. Jean Pierre Vitabar


    Hi all! I need setup for Ford GT GT3 for Spa. I hope you can help me Greetings from Ibiza Steam: uru87ibz Twitter: urusimracer SRS: Jean Pierre Vitabar Email: uru87@icloud.com
  5. M

    1954 Endurance Sports Cars

    great release by woochoo 1954 Endurance Sports Cars (modded Cobra) - v1.230 Steam workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1213604700 Online icon gallery of the available cars Link
  6. Hi321ih

    BMW Z4 GT3 Blancpain 2012 Skin Pack 1.0

    It's not finished yet! Finished Skins: DB Motorsport #36+#37 Roal Motorsport #29 Race Art #70 Vita4One #66 There are still 3 Skins left. I'm going to update the pack so fast as i can :thumbsup:
  7. Highlandwalker

    S397 GT3 McLaren 720S Castrol-46 Black 1

    Here's another Castrol inspired skin. This time in black.
  8. Highlandwalker

    S397 GT3 McLaren 720S Castrol-45 1

    Castrol inspired skin.
  9. Highlandwalker

    S397 GT3 McLaren 720S Ozone 1.2

    I had a request to do this skin for the McLaren 720S and also for general download. Its roughly based on a Honda touring car paint job. I don't think I will be doing another skin for this car it's a horrible template to use. Probably why there aren't many skins for this car available. Enjoy.
  10. Highlandwalker

    S397 Oreca-Algarve Pro Racing 1

    This is the Algarve Pro Racing car driven by Chris Hoy.
  11. Julio Cezar Kronbauer

    VRC Bradley Project 8 UI Real Name 1.3

    The files compressed in this package modify the Bradley Project 8 mod by VRC Modding Team to show the 2003 Bentley Speed 8 name and info. HOW TO INSTALL: Extract this zip file contents to your Assetto Corsa installation directory (defaults to...
  12. S

    AKKA ASP #87 AMG GT3 - Blancpain GT Series 2019 2019-05-09

    Another addition the the AKKA ASP line up, the #87 Minerva Oil machine. Not much to say about this one really. Enjoy! Credits for numberplate @Isaac Chavira Preview
  13. S

    GPX Racing 991 GT3 R - Blancpain GT Series 2019 2019-04-25

    The Gulf themed #20 which did not compete in sunday's race for a crash during free practice. As before, artistic liberties had to be taken to make the livery "stick" on the older body. Credits to @Isaac Chavira for the Numberplates
  14. S

    Dinamic Motorsports 991 GT3 R - Blancpain GT Series 2019 2019-04-23

    Here's the livery of the winning car from the 3H of Monza. As before, i had to keep an eye out for what could and couldn't be done on the 2016 991 body! Again, thanks to @Isaac Chavira for the number plates
  15. S

    ROWE Racing Porsche 991 GT3 R - Blancpain Endurance Series 2019 1.0

    Recreated the ROWE Racing livery for the 991 GT3 R. Sadly, the old AC model differs greatly from the 991 II used currently in the Blancpain Endurance Series, which means i had to come down to compromises when it came to some parts of the livery. Thanks to Isaac Chavira for the numberplates...
  16. MHS

    Cars VRC Prototype Series

    VRC: Prototype Series Three masterpieces inspired in early 2000s Endurance Racing! Bradley Project 8, already released! Auriel 8, already released! Pavey Longhood S, coming soon... Stay tuned!
  17. Highlandwalker

    S397 Oreca 2019 IMSA Cadillac 1

    This is the 2019 IMSA Cadillac, Juncos Racing Team. Enjoy.
  18. Ace King

    SKIN PACK Addon for Endurance Pack 2.05

    A work around fix was implimented for older skins that were not painted using the new material/shader system so they will be able to display a more glossy finish though may show minor imperfections as bleed-thru in the paint's finish. This GTE Skin Pack consists of the BMW, Corvette, and...
  19. Limão

    Driver swap guide for Automobilista 1.0

    Simple guide on how to swap drivers during online endurance races on Reiza's Automobilista.
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