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Borgloh 2.05

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small sponsor logo fix on pre start banners
  • fixed pit land surface definition
  • deleted some unnecessary files.

    please do a clean install and delete the old track folder before copying over the new version.
  • added collision to last left turn tyre wall
  • 30 pit boxes
  • disabled non working time attack, track day and weekend features
  • lowered start skidmarks
  • completely redone scenery and track with proper LiDAR data (dgm1 grid). So now it's the most accurate I can do without having professional laserscan technology
  • new skin for 2020 online season
  • two skins included 2017 and 2020 (2020 is the default one)
  • a lot of shader adjustments and bug fixes
  • more pit slots (22)
  • some more addtional objects (moving plane, birds, announcer sound, etc...)
  • performance optimisation

this release will not overwrite the old version and cannot continue your existing track records. it installs as a complete new track beside the old version.

If you want to see more spectators in practice go in your CSP settings/track adjustments and disable "Adjust amount of spectators"

For working animated textures (birds) you will need at least CSP v0.1.63 or stFlow shader installed.
Get it here: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/stflow-shader.23999/



added extension\config\tracks\borgloh.ini
for night racing with Sol Mod

added more details in ui_track.json
for better Content Manager integration
https://assettocorsa.club/content-manager.html Screenshot_bmw_m3_e30_drift_borgloh_19-3-119-16-1-6.jpg
Another optimised release.
  • I added 15 pitboxes for online races.
  • you can now disable all movable objects if you have performance trouble with older graphic cards by editing models_layout_a.ini
Ok. That looks like the final release candidate for me.
Optimised tire wall collision.
Here is a cleaned up version of my track.
  • I reduced the number of reflector posts. On real life race day they remove them anyway.
  • I reduced the number of movable objects to 43. This should work.
  • I added non rendered collision walls.
Hi again,
I hope this fix will get us any further.
I have done 2 major things:
  1. I renamed many objects (tire walls, etc..) so at the moment you can't collide with them anymore
  2. I disabled the reflector posts along the track which are all movable objects.
If this help and the track loads correct, can you please test what will happen, if you uncomment MODEL_4 in models_layout_a.ini. This is for the reflector posts.
So . I hope this quick fix will help.
I lowered the resolution for the biggest textures.
Good luck!