BMW Z4 GT3 Sound Mod

BMW Z4 GT3 Sound Mod 1.0

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V1.0 Released!
-New internal sounds
-New internal part throttle sounds
-New external idle samples
-Reworked transmission and volume adjustments


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V0.6 Changelog:
-Updated rear off throttle external sounds



File size
20.2 MB
First release
Last update
4.93 star(s) 41 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Various improvements

    Changelog: -New internal sounds -New internal part throttle sounds -New external idle samples...
  2. new ext rear off throttle sample and throttle adjustments


Latest reviews

actually it sounds good, the heights are very dominant. But the engine sound is so much louder than the other effects compared to other cars. For this mod I have to change the audio levels every time. 4/5
Thanks for the feedback. Will adjust this in a future update
great work
with this sound mod, the z4 has the ultimate napoleon complex.
Wow, this one has much better interior sounds than the previous release.

Any plans for the F458 GT2?
Keep up these great mods. Fantastic work thanks
Top notch, Best Z4 GT3 sound mod IMO, Cheers.
Great job mate, Thanks!!
Waouuuuu! You killing me a second time Great my friend thanks for sharing better imo than other mod
Best sound mod I've ever heard for Assetto Corsa.
Thank you.
Please, if possible make a good sound for BMW M8.
make one for M8 BMW rollover Please , Thanks
Nice job as usual, mate!
Awesome update, thanks a lot!
ACFAN strikes again! One of the best in the sound game, well done, sounds incredible. And yes to whoever said below the Rollovers M8. It sounds horrible.
Keep up the great work!
Probably the best balance between brutality and realism in this sound mod. What's in your "backlog" of sound mods just out of interest?
Also I think sounds for the Acura NSX GT3 and the 2019 Aston Martin GT3 (The AMR one on MEGA somwhere, not to be confused with the GTE one by the Rollovers) would be nice (latter even uses a Kunos GT3 sound)

Backlog starts with the amg gt3 and finishes with the 787B, with the gt3 Cup, the SCG 003, the Ford transit (with real engine samples) , the Ford Gt gte, and maybe the 412t2 somewhere in between

So plenty to look forward to providing I can find good recordings of the cars.
Again amazing mate !!! nice job.
you give the m8 GTE from Rollovers also a try?
huge backlog currently but maybe in the future
Thank you, it sounds amazing!
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