1. Assetto Corsa: Can-Am race at Riverside at Dusk!

    Assetto Corsa: Can-Am race at Riverside at Dusk!

    Using the AC Legends Sports & Prototypes mod, the updated shaders patch and the Sol 1.4 mod, i had a little run at Riverside at dusk int he awesome McLaren M8C!
  2. TinyMage

    Anyone know of some good quality Australian tracks?

    Preferably Albert park, Adelaide GP, Sandown raceway, Phillip island circuit, Bathurst and The bend Motorsport park. Sorry if it is a big ask also tracks not on the list are welcome and some V8 Supercars and F1’s to go with it thanks
  3. rFactor 2, Nissan Supercar @ Bathurst

    rFactor 2, Nissan Supercar @ Bathurst

    Race lap from the Supercars rf2 event 7/12/19 at Mount Panorama, Bathurst.
  4. tonio racing

    MultiplAMG-Vilebrequin 0.3

    Découvrez en avant première, mondiale, internationale... que dis-je planètaire, la version beta du MultiplAMG pour Assetto Corsa. Prenez le volant à bord d'une Italienne d'exeption, de caractère. Mais également d'une voiture de compétition capable de rivaliser avec des supercars! Equipée...
  5. General_Failure

    ME Racing Trucks 1.1

    Hardcore version of the vanilla Montana Cup with accurate sounds and harder physics (basically less aero efficiency and more weight transfer). TECHNICAL SPECS Engine: 5.7L Chevy G12 v8 Power & Torque: 400 hp @ 6500 RPM // 480 Nm @ 5000 RPM Mass & Weight distribution: 1.360 Kg (53% Front / 47%...
  6. phoenix84621

    V12 vs V10 vs V8 Mod 1.0

  7. General_Failure

    RB Holden SuperTourers 1.3

    This series somewhat resembles but differs in many ways from the Australian V8 Supercars, primarily in terms of the level of technology (technically more basic than them), but also tends to be a bit more spectacular with a lot more close-action racing due to limited grip and braking...
  8. E

    MARC Cars Australia 93 2019 1

    Not completely perfect still missing a few logos which i couldn;t find any high res pics to find out what they are, hoping to update at a later date. Obviously it’s not exactly the same car so this isn’t a perfect replica some things had to be moved or missed out unfortunately. Car Link in the file.
  9. Riri59870

    Shelby GT500 Stock & S1 Soundmod 1.0

    Hi everyone, one more sound to add to your collection : The goal was to make a real compressor whine and a brutal V8 exhaust ATTENTION : This soundmod uses a custom revlimiter set at 7020rpm make sure to set rev_limiter in you engine.ini at 7020rpm or just use the car available in a package in...
  10. Riri59870

    Lola T70 MkIII SoundMod [Immersive Replays] 1.0B

    Good evening everyone, today is the day I post my second soundmod, since everyone enjoyed the DFV, I decided to post my Lola T70 V8 project here If you want to use this sound with other cars you must set the revlimiter to 7500rpm, because the sound is using a specific revlimiter sample at this...
  11. Riri59870

    Cosworth DFV SoundMod [Immersive Replays] 1.1_72D

    Hi everyone, I'm a little soundmodder from France, i'm sharing my content on a facebook group and on my Youtube channel. Since a lot of people enjoyed my work with some advice from those people I decided to post my work on RaceDepartment so people can put their hands on my work ! ;) If you want...
  12. Recycle Bin

    My Sound mod suddenly got deleted from RD.

    So i had this semi popular various engine sound mod F1 2017, i just discovered that the download page no longer exists. I was given no warning, no info or anything about that. the mod in question:
  13. A

    Mercedes AMG GT3 Sound Mod 0.8

    Enjoy! ...and if you feel like it, you can give me a small tip
  14. abrimaal

    Jaguar XJ X300 V8 RockStars for Race 07 GTR Evo 201905

    Jaguar XJ X300 V8 Based on the Super Touring Reloaded safety car model by AndreasFSC Cockpit used from Super Touring Volvo 850 Intended to start in V8 Supercars. It may require GTR Evo sounds. known bugs: Sounds not good at full speed Brakelight not perfect Interior driver invisible Cockpit...
  15. GeForce06

    Holden ZB V8 Supercar Dewalt Racing 1.0

    After a long time I finished my next skin. A fictional 2019 Dewalt Racing Holden ZB. Installation: just extract to your AC root folder. Hope you like it :)
  16. Lorencini

    Formula 1 Season 1995 Skinpack - with 3 Engine Sounds (V12, V10, V8) 2019-04-30

    First of all, thanks to all the following contributors who created this amazing original content: Sebby70 for creating the original pack for GSCE [link] mungopark for updated rearwings and extra details on skins [link] arqandrei1977 for the helmet pack [link] Keith Windsor for the talent files...

    Holden VX Racing (Fictional) 1.0

    Holden VX Racing by Skyline Design for Assetto Corsa (fictional) You will need the V8SCORSA mod for this skin to work. Install the file into this location: assettocorsa\content\cars\supercars_holden_zb\skins Be sure to check out https://www.facebook.com/designbyskyline for more designs. You...
  18. A

    BMW Z4 GT3 Sound Mod 1.0

    V1.0 Released! Changelog: -New internal sounds -New internal part throttle sounds -New external idle samples -Reworked transmission and volume adjustments Enjoy! ...and if you feel like it, you can give me a small tip V0.6 Changelog: -Updated rear off throttle external sounds Enjoy! Enjoy!
  19. A

    Chevrolet Corvette C7.R Sound Mod 0.7

    Enjoy! ...and if you feel like it, you can give me a small tip
  20. A

    Audi RS4 Avant Sound Mod 1.0

    Brilliant sounding V8 Always loved the B7s, B8s not too bad either! Great for use with any AC traffic mod Enjoy! ...and if you feel like it, you can give me a small tip
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