BMW Z4 GT3 Sound Mod

BMW Z4 GT3 Sound Mod 1.0

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actually it sounds good, the heights are very dominant. But the engine sound is so much louder than the other effects compared to other cars. For this mod I have to change the audio levels every time. 4/5
Thanks for the feedback. Will adjust this in a future update
great work
with this sound mod, the z4 has the ultimate napoleon complex.
Wow, this one has much better interior sounds than the previous release.

Any plans for the F458 GT2?
Keep up these great mods. Fantastic work thanks
Top notch, Best Z4 GT3 sound mod IMO, Cheers.
Great job mate, Thanks!!
Waouuuuu! You killing me a second time Great my friend thanks for sharing better imo than other mod
Best sound mod I've ever heard for Assetto Corsa.
Thank you.
Please, if possible make a good sound for BMW M8.
make one for M8 BMW rollover Please , Thanks
Nice job as usual, mate!
Awesome update, thanks a lot!
ACFAN strikes again! One of the best in the sound game, well done, sounds incredible. And yes to whoever said below the Rollovers M8. It sounds horrible.
Keep up the great work!
Probably the best balance between brutality and realism in this sound mod. What's in your "backlog" of sound mods just out of interest?
Also I think sounds for the Acura NSX GT3 and the 2019 Aston Martin GT3 (The AMR one on MEGA somwhere, not to be confused with the GTE one by the Rollovers) would be nice (latter even uses a Kunos GT3 sound)

Backlog starts with the amg gt3 and finishes with the 787B, with the gt3 Cup, the SCG 003, the Ford transit (with real engine samples) , the Ford Gt gte, and maybe the 412t2 somewhere in between

So plenty to look forward to providing I can find good recordings of the cars.
Again amazing mate !!! nice job.
you give the m8 GTE from Rollovers also a try?
huge backlog currently but maybe in the future
Thank you, it sounds amazing!
Complete transformation, very immersive. Thank you very much
Really nice sound. Perhaps turn the tyres up just a teeny bit. Hard to hear them in external view. Not much mind, just a little.
I really like your videos/sounds!! Unfurtunately my z4 makes no noise after copied your file. Does it not work in VR ? Had this issue with the Fonsecker Sound Packs as there any other adjustment needed? Thx for your support
Thanks for the feedback.

I'm not sure what you could do other than sync your files with steam and try to replace them again.

Try some of my other mods and see if they work on your system.

Otherwise I'm not sure what you could do, sorry
1/2 a second a lap quicker now and i got a nosebleed aswell!!
I use all of Your sound mods in the Asetto Corsa. They are great!!! :) I'm glad You finally made the sounds of the BMW Z4. Do you plan to make other sounds for the Renault Clio Cup in the future?
not sure about the clio cup but hopefully more gt3
Fantastic job, thank you!
The sound itself is great! The exterior volume though is a bit overpowered at least for me racing it against the GT3 R. When onboard the Porsche with the Z4 behind you genuinely can't hear your own car! Thats my only gripe, hope for a fix in 0.7
Thanks for the feedback
good job, as always! thx
Absolutely awesome!!! i find this one of the most dull GT3 cars, but now with this sound its totally changed that, its alive!!!
Sound plays such a huge part in sim racing, nailed it. Transformed the pleasure of driving it for me.
pouaahhh!!! good job clear and clean
Thank you for fixing the off-throttle sound! :-)
This mod makes the old BMW Z4 GT3 definitely one of the best sounding cars - if not the best - in AC.
Outstanding work!
It's a pure joy to drive/race this car (again).
Can you make the Ferrari FXX-K Sound Mod?
I'm open to suggestions as soon as I get through my backlog of sounds
the best, virtual sounds I've ever heard
I love your work ! to me the very best.would you be willing and able to create a true American V 8 sound with header chingle and 383 back off rap.Or even the sound of a strong Ford 427 ? A keith Black Himi would be over the top.But the most needed addition to Assetto corsa is a real ass kicking V-8 reaching into the 10,000 rpm range
As I'm not American, I don't have the slightest clue as to what you're referring to lol but how's a corvette dp sound mod for a v8 which peaks above 10000rpm?
thank you for your work.
It is perfectly improved.
sounds excellent, especially externally.
Game changer, thanks a lot
No worries. I'm gonna release a quick fix for the rear external of throttle samples. Will bump the version number to 0.6 because the new samples is much better
Best engine sound mod for the Z4 GT3 in Assetto Corsa, listening to it and comparing to the real life counterpart is giving the goosebumps. Such an amazing work this has become
This is good, On full throttle I feel that this is an improvement over the stock Kunos sounds. However, off throttle or partial throttle, the engine note has a strange oscilation/distotortion to it that isn't present on the real car, especially in replay cameras when breathing on the throttle pedal lightly (and if it is, it's exagerated in this new sound bank).

From 0:50 to 0:54 in this video (, there is an audio note similar to what you've implemented, but throughtout the video it's isolated to that one snippet, and I think it's a tunnel effect as he's recording from either the bridge looking down towards Ascari Chicane, or from further back at the 2nd Lesmos.

TLDR: I can see it's 0.5, it needs work but not that much. Off throttle sounds a bit wierd and not true to life (atleast in 95% of all circumstances where you would have heard this car)

On a side note, you're other sounds mods are fantastic, the Porsche RSR '17 obviously being your standout work. RE your C7R sound mod, is there any chance you could adapt that to the IER Corvette DP? The original sound shipped leaves a lot to be desired and having been an avid watcher of TUSCC (which is now IMSA) over the past few years, the sound of the Vette DPs is pretty much identical to that of the its GTLM/GTE brother, albeit revving slightly higher i believe (Both engines are Corvette 5.5L NA V8s blocks).

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing this mods progress (as I'm sure alot of other people do to). :)
Thanks for the feedback. Yes the rear off throttle externals need some work. Had to massively shift the pitch to get them at a constant pitch hence the distortion and audible looping.

Could possibly make a corvette dp adaptation but won't be available for a couple of weeks so might have to wait
Well done !
BTW, I have a request : how about Maserati MC12 GT1 sound mod ? ;)
Thanks you so much for your hard work :D
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