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BMW M235i: Jean vs. zerobandwidth Challenge 2019-06-30

A complete skin pack for an online series.

  1. zerobandwidth
    This is a quasi-official skin pack for the Jean vs. zerobandwidth Challenge series which will be hosted on SimRacingSystem on Monday nights (USA time) from 01 July to 06 August 2019. It includes both Jean's and my "series sponsor" skins, plus a selection of 36 color-swapped variations for general use by anyone who joins the races. Use of these skins isn't required for participation, but it sure would be cool, and hey, there were only like 8 stock skins for the thing, so more is better, right?

    __custom_showroom_1561836843.png __custom_showroom_1561848574.png __custom_showroom_1561852657.png
    __custom_showroom_1561909809.png __custom_showroom_1561909842.png __custom_showroom_1561909874.png
    For more information about this and all the series that are being hosted in this season, check out the SimRacingSystem forum.

    If you'd like to make your own custom livery that uses the series' official number plaques, then you're in luck! The latest version of my Universal Number Template for GIMP includes it!
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