1. DarthRAYzie

    How can I appeal my ban on sim racing system?

    Hello all, I'm sure there are plenty of people going around saying "I didn't do anything! I should get unbanned!" even though they cheated or wrecked a ton of people. I am NOT one of these people. I had a whopping 0 incidents/negative ratings on my profile before the race I got banned for...
  2. dahil

    Fiat Tipo Competizione #7 skins by dahil 1.0

    hello everyone, this is the first time I add a resource and I decided to share with you the skins I created to participate in the last season of the Fiat Tipo Competizione on SimRacingSystem. Inside the package there are two variants, gray and black. I hope you enjoy them! Preview:
  3. zerobandwidth

    BMW M3 GT2 templates for GIMP 1.0.20200419.01

    The BMW M3 GT2 car occupies a turbulent point in the history of top-tier IMSA racing, as the nomenclature of the GT classes was shifting toward an eventual merger of ALMS and Grand Am. This can present a challenge when trying to decide how to customize the car's livery in AC. Also, we'll be...
  4. zerobandwidth

    Club race livery set for Abarth 595 (1964) 1.0.20191214.2

    This is a set of liveries for the Abarth 595 (1964) in Assetto Corsa, intended for use in the SimRacingSystem series that is about to use the Stage 2 version. They are inspired both by the simple vintage liveries of yesteryear, and by specific liveries used by current SRS members. The GIMP files...
  5. F

    IER 2014 Corvette Daytona Prototypes Skin Pack SRS zerobandwidth Vs Jean Series 1

    Some skins for the upcoming simracingsystem's zerobandwidth vs jean challange series using the IER daytona prototypes. Each skin is less than 10mb. Dont forget to change the folder name if you want to use it on SRS and edit the ui_skin.json file.
  6. Syndrami

    Tatuus FA01 BWT SRT DarkBlue 2k (SRS) 1.2

    BWT / Racing Point / Mücke Motorsport Skin for Tatuus FA01. Something different from the standard pink skins. Based on the dark blue merchandise based on the Racing Point Formula 1 team. Edited size to be used in Sim Racing System (Under 10MB) Follow me on instagram! bwt_srt Install...
  7. zerobandwidth

    BMW M235i: Jean vs. zerobandwidth Challenge 2019-06-30

    This is a quasi-official skin pack for the Jean vs. zerobandwidth Challenge series which will be hosted on SimRacingSystem on Monday nights (USA time) from 01 July to 06 August 2019. It includes both Jean's and my "series sponsor" skins, plus a selection of 36 color-swapped variations for...